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ZL - Chapter 1113- Amelia

As the Crescent Moon Nuns were hidden, we moved really slowly. We had to scout for them before we could attack if not we would easily get insta killed. Jian Feng Han, Meng Yao and I were still okay as we had high defence and health. As for Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Old K, Bai Qi etc Berserkers, they really might.

Fortunately, these Crescent Moon Nuns looked good and it wasn't so boring to kill them.

Close to 4 hours and we wiped out most of them on the level three corridors. Lin Wan Er screenshotted one of them. Like that, she could spend 100 Rage value to turn herself into the Crescent Moon Nun and then sneak attack NPCs or players.


"Where is the Boss?" Jian Feng Han held his sword and said with a serious expression.

Fang Ge Que shook his head, "I don't know, the Boss is probably hidden."

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Yan Zhao Warrior said, "Let's split up and keep each other informed."


The group split up once more. Due to the Boss being in stealth, I formed a ten men group with Meng Yao, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Li Mu, Wang Jian etc core Zhan Long players. We pushed to find the newly spawned boss. We had to be close, if not once a Boss in stealth caught us we would be dead.

In just three minutes, someone from the party screamed. Han Bei Song's voice spread in, "Not good, the boss is here, come over quick! Coordinates (4677, 1030)!"

My body shook as I led everyone over to the coordinates that were 2 minutes away. When we arrived, we noticed that Han Bei Song, Who’s Blue and eight others were dead.

"Be wary!"

I looked towards Dong Cheng Yue, "Dong Cheng use Starry Night!"

Dong Cheng Yue waved her arm and flame light surged into the sky to light up all invisible targets. However, we didn't see the Boss. It seems like the Boss was far away. This was actually a smart boss that could move about. Darling Duck raised her staff and revived Han Bei Song and Who’s Blue. Han Bei Song's expression wasn't good and he mocked himself, "Damn, we actually got conned."

"How is the Boss like?"

"Like the Crescent Moon Nuns, their bodies are around the same but they are even bigger. Her chest is even bigger and holds a red dagger. She insta killed me with a set of skills and she also knows the Assassin's Spirit Stealth skill, each attack will let her get into 0.5 second stealth."

"Follow us and don't split up."



Thus, the 10 of us became 20. After we gathered, voices spread from afar once more. This time it was Bai Li Ruo Feng's team. But when we arrived there were still 10 corpses. After reviving all of them, they were shocked. They didn't expect this Boss to be so strong.

In the party channel, Fang Ge Que said decisively, "Move towards 3111, 0912. I will wait for all of you here. Be careful, the Boss might be anywhere!"

The Mage's Starry Night CD was at least 40 seconds.

They could use it intermittently but definitely not permanently. This meant that the path would be filled with many dangers.

I held my swords and grabbed the reins, "Let's go, move forwards slowly."


The 30 men party moved forwards slowly but we were really careful and no one tried anything. Along the way, we suddenly heard Enchanted Painting shouting, "Sister, come over, we are attacked. The Boss is here, come quickly if not boss will get killed!"

This time even Fang Ge Que was in danger!

I made the God Dragon Horse speed up. Mocha grabbed my wrist and jumped onto my horse too while Lin Wan Er slapped the Silver Dragon's spine. The dragon flew into the distance. We had to be quick if not Fang Ge Que and his group might not be able to defend. Moreover, Fang Ge Que's party lacked a real tank. Enchanted Painting was an attacker and didn't have much defence. Although Xuan Yuan Feng's defence was decent but his attack wasn't high enough to draw aggro. Jian Feng Han and I had to be there if not we won't be able to fight this Boss.



God Dragon Horse neighed as we arrived at the location. AS expected it was chaos. A green armored, red-caped girl was waving her dagger and slashing about in the middle of Legend's party. She directly killed the Flagbearer Little Polite.

"Ah, so painful!" When Little Polite was dying he was still cursing, "This bitch's Attack is so high, be careful!"

The Boss's hair was tied up into a bun and there was an eastern style to it. Her face was really exquisite and there was an ancient kind of beauty to her. But her gaze was violent and that affected the aesthetics. Fang Ge Que shared the Boss's stats into the party channel, finally, we were facing the first 1 star God Boss--

Shura Goddess Amelia (5 star God Boss)

Level: 209

Attack: 36000-48000

Defence: 32000

Health: 250000000

Skill: Hiding Tracks, Sweet Kiss, Seven Strike, Crescent Moon Storm

Introduction: Amelia, the empire's goddess a few thousand years ago. She lost her life during a war and after being buried, her soul didn't rest. Before dying, she had Holy Domain Strength and after her soul entered hell, she continued to cultivate and she finally stepped into God Realm. Amelia is good at sneak attacks and refined two daggers in hell. One is called Heartless, one is Cruel. She cultivated for so long but failed to break through the life and death tribulation. Azure took her in and will bring him back into the human land. The current Amelia is controlled and she has become a cruel killer.


"Be careful, don't let the Boss enter stealth again!"

I locked onto Amelia with Great Realm of Desolation and three Gan Jiangs stabbed into the Shura's body!


Not bad, at least I could break through her defence easily.

Fang Ge Que retreated while waving his fan to toss skills out. The moment Legend saw me it was as if they saw a savior. I also saw Xuan Yuan Feng and Lu Chunyang's corpses on the ground. How sad, if I didn't come probably even Fang Ge Que would get killed.

I entered Icy Wings state as I flew towards the Boss. I smashed onto her body like a cannonball. At the same time, I waved my swords and used Double Hit+Wind Carrying Slash. That was 20+ attacks and I instantly grabbed all the aggro.


Amelia looked at me with a mocking expression. She was flying in the air. Her dagger pressed onto my shoulder and as she brushed past me she gave me a kiss. The system notified me that I was charmed but my equipment effect immuned me.

The Boss's combo came. After a basic attack, her daggers shone bright and she dealt a seven-hit combo. After which she attacked once more and triggered Crescent Moon Storm. In truth, this Boss instantly used 10 attacks. I got into a defensive stance and my arms started to hurt as my health decreased. This set of skills actually caused me to go from 430 thousand health to less than 20 thousand.

Moreover, after every attack, she would enter stealth. She could actually move and attack at the same time. This was such a mechanical super boss!

I didn't even think and used Cleansing Rain to heal myself--


The heal that was based on my basic attack was still decent, similar to a top healer's heal. At the same time, I used Strength of a Thousand Men on her chest. I dealt 600 thousand damage and also healed me for 200 thousand health. Enchanted Painting praised, "So strong..."

Fang Ge Que continued to damage and at the same time, he was silent. Yan Zhao Warrior and Drunken Spear joined in and I was still the main tank. After all, there were a few people with my Attack and healing. Actually, Jian Feng Han was the only one but he was still slightly weaker.

Simple raised her staff and sighed while damaging.

She was probably thinking about the past when Jian Feng Han invited me to kill the first purple Boss. The moment the sword was dropped, they already said that no one apart from me was suitable to tank bosses. Those words could be used now. In truth, no one was better than me in tanking bosses.



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Amelia entered stealth after attacking. At this moment, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and Li Mu's attacks all missed and that made us helpless. Lin Wan Er used a set of skills and said, "Dancing Forest, use your Cursed Arrow to mark the Boss, that skill can break stealth."

Dancing Forest marked. As expected it was such a great skill. Her stealth was now totally ineffective.

The sky lit up and a silver moon appeared beneath my feet. It was here again!

Crescent Moon Storm!

Not only me, even Yan Zhao Warrior and Jian Feng Han were attacked. The damage was really high and I got hit for 160 thousand while the others took 200 thousand. Jian Feng Han and Li Mu retreated but the moment it was used, the players were slowed. The Shura Goddess's face was filled with killing intent as she used Seven Strike on the Prague Guild Leader!


Yan Zhao Warrior was only able to say that before his throat was pierced and he fell off the horse.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.