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100000PSI - Chapter 87.1: You Want Me To Become Ji Fanyin’s Substitute? (1)

While Ji Fanyin was the one who often gave out red packets in their work chat group, as well as the youngest of the three bosses, the employees still maintained a level of respect for her even though they would joke with her from time to time.

For one, they were aware that Ji Fanyin had driven here, so no one tried to pressure her into joining their drinking session.

Soon, the waiter came over to take the orders from them.

Ji Fanyin took the menu and ordered some of her favorites before pushing the menu toward Shen Qi. However, on second thought, she passed the menu to the young ladies sitting on the same table instead.

Let’s indulge the girls a little.

Shen Qi wasn’t too bothered with Ji Fanyin skipping by him. Propping up his glasses, he made use of the opportunity before the food arrived to inform Ji Fanyin of some work-related issues.

Ji Fanyin sipped some plain water while listening, occasionally nodding her head in acknowledgment.

Noticing their conversation, the others at the table subconsciously lowered their volume.

Cheng Yunsheng and Bai Zhou were seated with their respective departments, but their attention was hardly on their own table.

In fact, Bai Zhou wasn’t even a fan of hot pot in the first place. While perfunctorily answering a couple of technical questions posed by his colleagues, he specially picked out a seat that provided the best view of Ji Fanyin.

He suddenly felt that something was amiss about the scene before him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. He must have eaten with Ji Fanyin almost a hundred times now, but there was something incongruous about her actions right now

What could it be?

He pondered for a very long time till he finally saw Ji Fanyin fishing out some cooked spinach from the boiling broth.

… Ji Xinxin doesn’t like spinach, claiming that it tastes weird.

Bai Zhou stared at the scene with widened eyes. The sheer impact from it left his chest feeling congested.

He had always deluded himself into thinking that the interactions Ji Fanyin had with him as a stand-in were at least, to a certain extent, genuine, but to think she was that thorough with her act…

Ironically, the two female colleagues beside him began discussing the lousy storyline of the recently released music video of ‘The False Truth’.

He had hired Ji Fanyin to play the person he liked, but he ended up falling in love with the actress beneath the persona.

How did something like this even happen?

Bai Zhou suddenly found himself losing his appetite. He put down his chopsticks and started scrolling through his photo album. It didn’t take him long to find the neoprints he had snapped a photo of.

Just then, the Art Director downed another cup of wine before curiously peeking over to see what Bai Zhou was staring at. He lurched in shock at what he saw and exclaimed, “Isn’t that…”

“It’s not her. That’s her younger sister,” replied Bai Zhou coldly.

After saying those words, he gritted his teeth and tapped on the ‘Delete’ button.

The middle-aged Arts Director couldn’t comprehend the complexities behind Bai Zhou’s actions. He simply scratched his head and replied with a casual “Oh” before calling out to his buddies for another round of alcohol.

Bai Zhou stuffed his phone back into his pocket and flipped over the empty cup in front of him. “I’ll drink too.”

“Hoh!” The Art Director expressed his acknowledgment. “You have backbone, Bai Zhou! Don’t worry, I’ll pay for your valet later on!”

“Would he even mind that bit of money? I mean, just look at the car he drives…” someone whispered.

Bai Zhou was no stranger to alcohol, but this was the first time he was using it to drown his sorrows. It didn’t help that there were three old geezers at his table who were skilled at getting him to drink more. It hardly took any effort for them to knock out the youth.

It was only when they tried to call a valet for Bai Zhou that something very important finally dawned on them.

… No one knew where Bai Zhou lived.

Heck, he hadn’t even submitted his resume to the company yet!

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