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100000PSI - Chapter 87.2: You Want Me To Become Ji Fanyin’s Substitute? (2)

Someone suggested checking Bai Zhou into a hotel room, but the idea was quickly shot down. It was inappropriate to leave an intoxicated person alone in a hotel room.

Unable to find any good solutions, the team eventually sought Ji Fanyin’s advice.

Ji Fanyin shot a glance at Shen Qi.

Shen Qi immediately caught her drift. “I know where Bai Zhou lives.”

It went without saying that Shen Qi didn’t know Bai Zhou’s address, but Ji Fanyin secretly sent the address to him, so all he had to do was to forward it to the team.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, lavishing praises on the almighty Assistant Shen.

“Give him a lift home,” Ji Fanyin told Shen Qi.

Mrs. Bai would be hopping mad if something were to happen to Bai Zhou while he was drunk. Shen Qi was the administrator of the reservation app and knew the backstory here, so there was no one more appropriate to do the job.

Shen Qi replied with a nod and supported Bai Zhou out of the restaurant.

Bai Zhou wasn’t the only one who was knocked out by the wine, so his departure with Shen Qi wasn’t abrupt at all. Everyone simply laughed it off and continued with whatever they were doing.

When the meal was finally over, the relatively sober Ji Fanyin footed the bill with a swipe of her card.

The intoxicated Art Director happened to be walking behind her. He learned from the other youngsters and raised his hands up high, shouting at the top of his lungs, “Thank you, boss!”

Ji Fanyin laughed at the absurd sight. “That’s enough of you. Hurry back home and sleep!”

The Art Director shouted once more like a broken record, “Thank you, boss!”

His daughter who came to pick him up keeled over with laughter. “Sure sure, dad. Can we leave now?”

Chen Yunsheng trailed behind the crowd, his twinkling eyes fixated on Ji Fanyin.

“Did you drink too?” Ji Fanyin shot him a glance as she made her way out of the restaurant.

Chen Yunsheng quickened his footsteps to take his position beside her. “Just a cup.”

His voice was singing with happiness, almost as if a musical note would float out from him the next moment. It put his listeners in a good mood.

“Have all of you gotten a cab yet?” Ji Fanyin asked the employees waiting on the sidewalk.


“Argh, I got one that’s quite far away. Ahh, nine more minutes till its arrival…”

Chen Yunsheng bent down to whisper into Ji Fanyin’s ear, “I’ll wait for you to get into your car before flagging a cab.”

Ji Fanyin looked at the youth who looked a little tipsy after drinking a mere cup of wine and chuckled.

Her car was parked just by the roadside, not far from where they were standing. She looked at the time before waving the crowd goodbye. “Make sure you all rest early when you get home. If you have nothing urgent to work on, you’re allowed to come in an hour later tomorrow.”

“Really?! Whee! I get to enjoy nine full hours of sleep!”

“I just want to ask. Can we have more of such team bonding sessions?”

Ji Fanyin flashed them a smile before leaving those drunkards behind for her car. While she was turning out of her parking spot, she glanced at the rearview mirror and saw a group of people standing under a lamp post, vigorously waving at her car.

On her way home, Ji Fanyin received a call from Bai Zhou. Thinking that he was safe in Shen Qi’s hands, Ji Fanyin rejected it.

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