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100000PSI - Chapter 87.4: You Want Me To Become Ji Fanyin’s Substitute? (4)

Meanwhile, Secretary Fan saw the bank message informing him of the refund. He tried dropping a call to Ji Fanyin again, but the call wouldn’t connect.

He let out a deep sigh before turning to look at Ji Xinxin.

Ji Xinxin looked flustered. “What should we do? Xiaoxing looks like he’s in a lot of pain. Should we send him to the hospital? I’m afraid something bad might happen at this rate…”

Secretary Fan looked like he was about to suggest something, but he didn’t think that it was appropriate for him to do so. In the end, he hesitantly murmured, “… I know that it isn’t right, but I think this might be the only way.”

“Do you have an idea in mind?” Ji Xinxin noticed hush hesitation and immediately pressed on. “You can say whatever you have in mind. We brought in an entire team of doctors the last time, but they couldn’t do anything at all…”

“I have a terribly demeaning proposition in mind,” Secretary Fan nervously fiddled with his nose, “and it’s likely to be something you don’t want to hear.”

Ji Xinxin’s heart sank.

Before her mind could process what Secretary Fan was driving at, her subconscious had already started feeling a tinge of unease.

She nervously chewed on her lips and asked, “… What is it?”

Secretary Fan frowned, his internal struggle apparent from his expression.

The nerve-racking screams of pain echoing from the master bedroom hadn’t ceased over the past hour. It sounded like the cries of a criminal undergoing death by a thousand cuts; the sheer agony relayed through his voice sent chills down the spine of anyone listening.

Secretary Fan paced around the room for another two minutes before he finally made up his mind. He turned to Ji Xinxin and said, “Mr. Li… had also engaged the services of your older sister, Miss Ji Fanyin.”

Ji Xinxin’s eyes widened in surprise.

She did have her suspicions about it. There was no way she wouldn’t have any.

She was aware of a missing link in her knowledge of events: How did Ji Fanyin and Li Xiaoxing come to know each other?

But if Li Xiaoxing had engaged Ji Fanyin as a stand-in too, everything would make perfect sense.

Ji Xinxin was stunned for a brief moment, but she quickly calmed down. “Was it… to act as my stand-in?”

“…” Secretary Fan chose to offer an ambiguous response. “I was able to see it up close twice. Her rates are exorbitant, but her acting is on the mark. It can be easily confused for the real thing.”

Ji Xinxin felt blood rushing into her head. Without careful thought, she blurted out the question weighing heavily on her heart, “How much did she make from Xiaoxing?”

Song Shiyu said that Bai Zhou had spent at least a few hundred millions on Ji Fanyin. What about Li Xiaoxing, who was even richer than Bai Zhou?

Secretary Fan: “… That’s not important.”

Ji Xinxin yelled, “… That’s not important?!”

Secretary Fan quickly added, “What’s important is that you could have the ability to act as a stand-in for your older sister to soothe Mr. Li’s pain.”

Ji Fanyin leaped up from her seat, unable to believe what she had just heard. “You want me to be Ji Fanyin’s stand-in?!”

… I’ve spent many years trying to imitate her, only to lose it all to her within months. How could I possibly substitute her?

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