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100000PSI - Chapter 87.3: You Want Me To Become Ji Fanyin’s Substitute? (3)

Soon after that, her phone rang again. This time, it was from Shen Qi. “I sent Bai Zhou home safely. His father was there.”

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows shot up.

Bai Zhou’s father was a mysterious figure to her. Despite having heard about him from many different people, she hadn’t met him in person thus far. Her ‘encounters’ with him had mostly been limited to finance news, in which he was a frequent guest.

But for someone who could introduce his illegitimate son to his lawful son, he was definitely not a simple person.

“How did he react to the drunk Bai Zhou?” asked Ji Fanyin.

“He was quite upset,” replied Shen Qi. “It would appear that he visited Bai Zhou after hearing that he was in a bad condition lately.”

Bai Zhou’s drunken state further lent credence to the claim that he was in a ‘bad condition. Mr. Bai must be fuming after seeing that.

It didn’t take much for Ji Fanyin to figure that this was the doing of Mr. Bai’s mistress. The latter had started to fan the flames.

“Are you still there?” asked Ji Fanyin as she turned a corner.

“No, I’ve left.”

“Let Bai Zhou be. He can resign whenever he wants. Until then, his pay will be the same as the other interns.”

“I understand.”

Right before she was about to hang up, she suddenly recalled the call she received from Bai Zhou. Thus, she asked, “Did you know Bai Zhou called me earlier?”

Shen Qi replied calmly, “I was not aware of that.”

Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows. “Noted. Rest well when you get home.”

Upon reaching home, Ji Fanyin washed up and headed off to bed. She was exhausted having worked for an entire day. It was a relief that she didn’t have much work the following day, so she was prepared to sleep all the way till the next afternoon.

Unfortunately, her sweet plan was cruelly shattered by the ringing of her phone at midnight. It was from Secretary Fan.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

It took a great deal of effort for her to crack her eyes open and look at her phone. She noticed a message from the bank dated a minute ago.

A competent secretary indeed. He chose to transfer the money before making the call. 

It was just that Ji Fanyin was exhausted after going through an entire day of meetings. She wasn’t in the mood to entertain Li Xiaoxing to relieve his phantom pain.

Besides, Li Xiaoxing was practically a ‘perpetual emotion machine’ for her by this point. She would rake in huge amounts of Emotion Points from him even if she didn’t bother with him. There was no need for her to push herself tonight.

Thus, she rejected Secretary Fan’s call and refunded the money. Then she switched off her phone and returned to bed. It took only two minutes for her to complete this series of actions.

It feels good to skip work. 


StarveCleric, Stephen Honor's Notes:

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.