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ZL - Chapter 1110- Hellfire Skeleton

At 5pm, I woke up and headed online after dinner. Time to continue God Demon Well!


I appeared on the first floor of God Demon Well and people flashed around me. Simple, Jian Feng Han, Don’t Be Foolish, Goodbye Tears etc all appeared. It seemed like they had formed a game base offline if not it wouldn't be possible for them to head online at the same time.

Not long later, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Li Mu, Wang Jian etc came online and the hundred of us formed up very quickly. We buffed each other and prepared to begin. Lin Wan Er summoned her Little White and was planning to lead people to the second floor. Suddenly, Li Mu said, "CBN battlenet rankings refreshed an hour ago, let's take a look..."

Everyone was stunned. Most people here were famous CBN people. Although we didn't care much about it but CBN was really too valuable and one had to pay much attention. I clicked on it and as expected, there were huge changes. At least Mocha had contacted the official server and her ID For Love replaced Little Demon. From now onwards China region would not have a Little Demon, only Zhan Long's For Love!

1. Fang Ge Que

2. Xiao Yao Zi Zai

3. For Love

4. Q-Sword

5. Cang Tong

6. Jian Feng Han

7. Ye Lai

8. Simple

9. Cang Yue

10. Mu Xuan

11. Drunken Spear

12. The Seventh Tang

13. Li Mu

14. Bai Li Ruo Feng

15. Yue Qing Qian

16. Yan Zhao Warrior

17. Misty Clouds

18. Dancing Forest

19. Wang Jian

20. Lu Chunyang


The 2nd country war was what changed CBN battlenet the most. This time the rankings really changed a lot. I jumped from 4th to 2nd. As for Xue Rou, she had just returned and managed to maintain her 3rd spot. Q-Sword dropped 2 places and Dong Cheng Yue jumped by 3. Drunken Spear was the fastest and due to her performance in the country war, she went from 17th to 11th. Li Mu, Dancing Forest etc names changed. The one that dropped the quickest was Bai Li Ruo Feng from 8th to 14th. Lu Chunyang dropped from 13th to 20th. If he didn't perform well after this, he might fall out of the top 20.

Game rankings were like sailing against the current, if one didn't improve, one would fall behind. That was the truth. The players highly ranked had to continue fighting and try to gain points if not their rankings would end up falling.

After seeing the new rankings, everyone was filled with many emotions, some were happy and some were sad. Dancing Forest and Li Mu were naturally happy and I was finally able to get into the top three. Due to my great performances in the second country war, I climbed to 2nd. Bai Li Ruo Feng and Lu Chunyang's faces weren't nice, especially Bai Li Ruo Feng. Dancing Forest was about to steal his thunder as the top Archer. Moreover, Dancing Forest was smart and recently she had been bugging Mocha and Wan Er to spar to learn how to kite close combat players. Although she lost many times but she was growing. Along with Zhan Long nurturing her, her equipment, skills and levels were no lower than Bai Li Ruo feng. It was just a matter of time before she exceeded Bai Li Ruo Feng.

"Cough cough time for the second floor!"

I coughed and broke the awkwardness. Jian Feng Han raised his sword and Yan Zhao Warrior's big bat grabbed him and charged towards the second floor. I brought Mocha towards the second floor. When I was in mid air my body had to suffer from the flames of the seventh floor. Although it didn't deal damage but it was really unbearable. Mocha could only squint her eyes, "Boss, 10 oclock, there are fewer monsters there."


I changed directions and flew over. As expected, there were only two monsters. One was a red skeleton holding a rusty sword. Its bones were covered in red rust and it was wearing decomposing armor. It looked around with holes as its eyes. Although it didn't look much but this was a level 8 Hybrid Demon. I grabbed its stats and shared it with the party--

Hellfire Skeleton (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 207

Attack: 30100-35700

Defence: 21000

Health: 3700000

Skill: Double Hit, Breaking Dawn, Heartflame explosion

Introduction: Hellfire Skeleton, this was an undead being from hell. When they were alive, they were strong flame cavalries and after dying, they lost their honor and their mounts. Their armor started to rust so that no one could recognise them. However, their heart was filled with determination. Blood Abyss Azure sensed their rage and formed an army with them. These Hellfire skeletons would definitely cause a calamity. If you face them, don't try to flee as even if you try, you would have to die.


"Be careful..." I told the girl in my arms, "Mocha, this Hellfire Skeleton has high Attack, be careful, don't get insta killed. After all your defensive equipment isn't the best."

Mocha smiled, "I know boss, let's attack!"


When I dove towards the corridors of the second floor, I let go and we split up. One of us dealt with the Hellfire Skeleton and behind us, Wan Er and the few on her silver dragon were here. One of them was Quick Thunder Swift Wind. Maybe because he died in the last floor, he was furious with embarrassment. He held his axe and charged towards the third Hellfire Skeleton.


With Berserker Intent, he used Battle Axe Throw+Whirling Battle Axe. After which he launched Fierce Axe Strike. Three damage numbers rose up. The deputy guild leader of House of Prestige was decent, especially since he was attacking such a monster with lower defence---




"Tsk tsk..." The skeleton was forced back and it was furious too. It charged towards Quick Thunder Swift Wind and its sword shone golden. It was Double Hit and it was the level 20 one, instantly dealing 6 attacks. That dealt 170 thousand damage. That wasn't it, the skeleton held its iron sword and flames surged around it. He started to channel Heartfire Explosion.

Quick Thunder Swift Wind's body shook and a ball of flames exploded from his chest. He had less than 70 thousand health left so he was about to die.

I raised my hand and used level 20 heal, 3000 health to show my sincerity--

Fortunately, Darling Duck healed in time and helped him recover 80 thousand health. Heartfire Explosion's damage numbers appeared and it actually dealt 110 thousand.


Quick Thunder Swift Wind was forced back and his face was ashen white. He was humiliated by a level 8 Hybrid Demon once more. He probably didn't expect a level 8 Hybrid Demon to insta kill him with one combo right.

In truth, this Hellfire Skeleton gave up on defence and focused on attack. The three skills were all attack skills and luckily it didn't use Breaking Dawn if not, even if Darling Duck's heal, Quick Thunder Swift Wind would have been killed.


The Hellfire Skeleton in front of me attacked too. I wasn't overconfident, instantly placing Gan Jiang in front of me to defend. 6 attacks, each dealing 5000 damage. But the Hellfire Skeleton used Heartfire Explosion. I saw that they paired up Double Hit+Heartfire Explosion. If I could block them then I would win, if not then I was dead. Quick Thunder Swift Wind was too overconfident and he belonged to those that would die.

"Be careful!"

Mocha blocked the skeleton's attacks and broke the Heartfire Explosion's channel, "Defend the level 20 Double Hit if not you might get insta killed. Not everyone has as much defence as Boss."

Don’t Be Foolish held up his shield and nodded, "Yes my queen."

Mocha smiled, her smile was filled with confidence and pride. This was the true Little Demon, the killing god that won all battles.


Very quickly the 100 of us were gathered on the second floor and we started to split up to kill Hellfire Skeletons. Even if Mocha and I warned them, some people didn't listen. Drunken Moment attracted 3 skeletons and instantly he was insta killed by 3 Double Hits plus two Heartfire Explosions.

Heartfire Explosion's attack was based on their physical attack but were actually magic damage. They also dealt extra armor penetration damage towards heavy armored players.

The further we walked the more there were. We had to attract 2-3 of them at once. Luckily the Zhan Long cavalry was smart and could defend and attack. After Drunken Moment's death, Fang Ge Que walked to the front of the party and used Ice Rock Blast+ Spiral Ice Dance to lock up the skeletons. That helped to ensure that there were no casualties.

We continued forwards and at the same time gained large amounts of experience. God Demon Well was Azure's home and this was the most dangerous place in the continent. Fortunately Azure was still rising up, if not he would just charge up to wipe us out.

Three hours passed and after we cleared all of them, the corridor was without a single monster. At that moment, a bell rang and the boss appeared--

We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.


System notification: Please note, the God Demon Well's second floor boss has spawned!

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

Goh Shao Feng Ryan's Notes:

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.