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100000PSI - Chapter 85.1: What Are You Apologizing For? (1)

Building a strong foundation is the key to success. 

There was no better idiom to describe Ji Fanyin’s current situation. 

The first film produced by her studio had been scheduled to be released at the start of the next month. Judging from the positive reviews of the teasers and film preview, the film was likely to rake in big bucks for Ji Fanyin.

On top of that, she wasn’t going to receive monetary rewards out of just the tickets. This film was her production, which meant that she could earn Emotion Points out of it, just like her movie reviews. 

Other than that, she was still earning a flood of Emotion Points from the various key figures involved on Li Xiaoxing and Ji Xinxin’s engagement day. While these Emotion Points were unlike cold, hard cash, the swiftly increasing figure in her ‘Temptation of Home’ app still felt incredibly satisfying.

She almost felt like she was watching the total sales figure of Alibaba Singles’ Day Shopping Gala. All it took was a single toilet break for the number to leap to new heights. 

At this rate, she might be able to reach her goal of ten billion before the end of the year. 

Much credit must be given to Li Xiaoxing and Ji Xinxin for that. Those two would remain gold mines to her as long as they remained unsatisfied with their current situation.

Ahh, how refreshing it is to see money pouring in!

That was why Ji Fanyin had been in high spirits recently.

Even when she spotted Bai Zhou squatting outside the studio the other day like an abandoned kitten, all she did was raise an eyebrow. From afar, he was hugging his own knees, which made him look oddly innocent. 

Had she been unaware of the profanities that could come out of his mouth, she might just have pitied him. 

… He still looks pretty pitiful though. But it’s none of my business. 

The key problem right now was that the car park and the studio weren’t connected, which meant that she still had to pass through the entrance after parking her car. 

Knowing that it was impossible to hide from Bai Zhou, she decided to simply go ahead and pull into her usual parking spot. Sure enough, Bai Zhou casually glanced over the moment she opened her car door. 

He immediately sprung to his feet and approached her.

“Yes?” asked Ji Fanyin as she opened her car trunk.

“…” Bai Zhou took a deep breath before speaking meekly, “I was wrong. I’m here to apologize to you.” 

It sounded like he had rehearsed this speech many times before.

While Ji Fanyin understood the emotional turmoil Bai Zhou was going through, she was still intrigued by his apology. Anyone from Lakeside University to Yandu who knew Bai Zhou, was aware that the word, ‘apologize’, didn’t exist in his dictionary.

“What are you apologizing for?” asked Ji Fanyin.

“… I’m apologizing for the terrible attitude I’ve had toward you ever since our first meeting. You changed afterward, but I demeaned you by saying that you betrayed yourself for money. In Greece, I mixed up your birthday. I knew that we were equals, but I always stood before you with an air of superiority…” 

Bai Zhou was still struggling at the start, but he slowly got into the flow of things. It was hard to tell just how many times he had thought over these points and rehearsed them at home.

Ji Fanyin listened to his apology as she took out two boxes of cupcakes from her car trunk. 

Bai Zhou immediately reached out to help her carry the boxes of cupcakes, but he continued with his speech in the process. “When I realized that I have been hurting you all along, my first thought was not to reflect on my own actions but to find excuses to absolve myself…”

“Stop.” Ji Fanyin raised her hand to stop him as she closed the car trunk.

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