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100000PSI - Chapter 86.4: Feigning Obedience (4)

Bai Zhou had always disliked crowds, so he wasn’t planning on joining the gathering. However, he changed his mind right away when he learned that Chen Yunsheng was going to participate in the gathering.

What if Ji Fanyin got drunk? I can’t possibly let Chen Yunsheng send her home!

Ji Fanyin was extremely thorough in keeping her new address under wraps, such that Bai Zhou wasn’t able to find the slightest clue of it despite having asked around. That left him incredibly frustrated.

But there was nothing he could do. The current Ji Fanyin wasn’t someone he could treat carelessly.

There were many attendees at the gathering, so they had to split into multiple groups. Some of them had their own cars while others hailed taxis. Bai Zhou happened to drive over, so he took on the responsibility of ferrying his colleagues from the Art Department to the restaurant.

Bai Zhou felt that his temper had improved greatly after his relationship with Ji Fanyin. He responded to his colleagues when they tried to strike up a conversation with him, albeit perfunctorily.

“Yunsheng? He’s a smart and hardworking person.” An elder from the Editing Department shot out a huge thumbs up. “He doesn’t have any experience in movie production, but he was able to quickly pick up the ropes by taking the initiative to learn. If only all our interns were like him!”

Someone from the CGI Department gave his two cents on the matter too. “It’s rare for someone of his age to be so mature. If he stays with our studio, I bet he’ll reach a managerial role within a few years. ”

Another female colleague from the Scriptwriting Department buried her face in her hands and murmured dreamily, “Totally agreed! Men with personalities like his tend to be loyal to their partners. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll fall for others or have an extramarital affair.”

Bai Zhou was tempted to retort, but he stopped himself before words could roll off his tongue.

… What right do I have to comment on this?

It was then he caught sight of Ji Fanyin walking out of the studio building with a group of people. Chen Yunsheng was right beside her.

Ji Fanyin got into her sports car. Chen Yunsheng said something to her before climbing into the passenger seat.

Bai Zhou tightened his grip around the steering wheel.

“What about you, Bai Zhou?” Someone suddenly asked, “Why did you join our studio? I’m from the Human Resource Department, but I don’t remember receiving your job application or resume.”

“I…” Bai Zhou stuttered. There was a stifled feeling in his chest that he couldn’t get out. In the end, he had to close his eyes for a brief moment to calm down. “… I wanted to get closer to someone.”

“Ah, you must be a hardcore fan. I guess it’s much easier for people in our trade to meet stars.”

“But working with them will burst your fantasy’s bubble.”

“That’s true…”

Bai Zhou’s eyes remained glued to Ji Fanyin’s car.

All of a sudden, he noticed Shen Qi walking over and knocking on his car window. Thinking that there was some important information about their gathering, he wound down the window.

Shen Qi bent down slightly and asked, “Did you see that?”

“See what?” Bai Zhou was confused by Shen Qi’s incomprehensible question.

Shen Qi pointed at Ji Fanyin’s car, and Bai Zhou’s face darkened.

Shen Qi assessed Bai Zhou’s reaction before nodding in satisfaction. “Make sure to take a closer look if you can. It’ll be best if you think about it too.”

Bai Zhou felt an urge to bellow at him.

What’s wrong with this fellow?

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