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100000PSI - Chapter 86.5: Feigning Obedience (5)

Meanwhile, Ji Fanyin was in the midst of revving her car engine. She glanced at Chen Yunsheng and reiterated, “This is the last time you’re buying your way into my car with a cup of iced latte.”

“Mm.” Chen Yunsheng nodded his head obediently.

“Don’t bother trying other beverages either.”

“... Orh.” Chen Yunsheng retracted his gaze from the rearview mirror, where another expensive looking car was seen. He buckled up his seatbelt and said, “I remember hearing Bai Zhou’s voice in one of my phone calls with you.”

Ji Fanyin couldn’t recall this incident at all, so she offhandedly replied, “Is that so?”

“Mmhm. It was on the day following your birthday, when you returned my call.” Chen Yunsheng placed his hands on his thighs, assuming an unusually obedient position. “I heard his voice in the background right before the call disconnected.”

Memories of her time in Greece with Bai Zhou came to Ji Fanyin’s mind.

“You told me it was work-related,” said Chen Yunsheng, “so I thought Bai Zhou was also working for the studio.”

“It was from my other job,” Ji Fanyin briefly explained.

Chen Yunsheng did not reply.

Many thoughts ran through his mind that very instant. To be frank, Ji Fanyin didn’t deliberately conceal the matter from him, and Bai Zhou had revealed some crucial information during their previous confrontation.

Chen Yunsheng had once obliquely broached the subject with her, but he didn’t dare probe any deeper. He did have a conjecture in mind, but he never made any attempts to verify it.

Is this a good time to do so?But it might unravel the obedient image I have been putting up in front of her…

At a loss as to what he should do, Chen Yunsheng traced his finger across the seams of his pants. Eventually, he raised his head and flashed a smile at Ji Fanyin. “I’ll be graduating from my cooking class in a month’s time.”

“Mmhm.” Ji Fanyin glanced at him. Having seen through his intentions, she replied with a chuckle, “I haven’t forgotten about it.”

Those words were more than enough to lift Chen Yunsheng’s spirit. He relaxed his clenched fingers and tossed He Shen, Song Shiyu, and Bai Zhou into the depths of his mind.

To hell with them!

He knew that it didn’t matter what others did. Ultimately, the only one with the power to make the final decision was Ji Fanyin herself.

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.