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100000PSI - Chapter 86.1: Feigning Obedience (1)

The meeting to decide on the next project for their studio was getting dragged on, to the point where the group had to take a break in the middle.

The managerial employees trudged out with exhausted faces to take a puff outside. Meanwhile, Ji Fanyin and Zhang Ning used the short break as an opportunity to have a small chat.

They started talking about work, but the two of them were so familiar with each other’s working style and ideas that they were able to cut right through the negotiation phase and come to a consensus.

Having settled their urgent business, they moved on to the next topic.

Zhang Ning took a puff of smoke and began gossiping, “I heard the new intern comes from a formidable background. I don’t even know how much I should offer him for wages.”

“150 a day,” replied Ji Fanyin without hesitation.
(23 USD per day)

“Whoa!” exclaimed Zhang Ning. “Are you a demon? Even a watch worn by young masters like him is easily worth several million dollars!”

Ji Fanyin closed her file and took a sip of water before refuting, “Exactly. Do you think that it would make a difference to him if he’s making 150 a day or paying us 150 a day to work here?”

Zhang Ning burst into laughter. “You really are a demon. I’ll order some coffee. What do you want?”

“Iced vanilla latte,” Ji Fanyin casually answered.

Zhang Ning fumbled around with her phone for a moment, but barely a few seconds later, she placed it back on the table.

Ji Fanyin eyed her quizzically, “You’re done ordering?”

“Someone already beat me to it.” Zhang Ning winked at Ji Fanyin.

A few minutes later, Chen Yunsheng popped up outside the meeting room.

The meeting room featured glass walls all around, making anyone standing outside the meeting room extremely visible.

Even so, Ji Fanyin was so absorbed in reading her documents that she didn’t notice him.

On the other hand, Zhang Ning stifled her laughter and curled her finger to beckon Chen Yunsheng over. Halfway through her movement, she thought that her finger curling gesture wasn’t exactly appropriate, so she switched to waving instead.

Chen Yunsheng directed a nod at Zhang Ning before entering the meeting room. He placed the several paper bags of Starbucks coffee he was carrying on the table.

The disturbance finally drew Ji Fanyin’s attention, prompting her to raise her head. She made it just in time to see Chen Yunsheng placing a cup of iced latte in front of her.

Not wanting to disturb Ji Fanyin in the midst of her work, he glanced at Zhang Ning to check if the choice of drink was appropriate, but the latter was too absorbed into enjoying the real-life romance drama before her to respond to him. In the end, he could only turn to Ji Fanyin and ask in a low voice, “If I recall correctly, iced vanilla latte is one of your favorites, right?”

“That’s right. Thank you.” Ji Fanyin picked up the iced latte and took a sip.

Zhang Ning tactfully took a cup from the paper bag herself as she said, “Yunsheng, you can make a claim at the Finance Department with your receipt.”

“It’s okay, I’m treating everyone.” Chen Yunsheng shook his head.

“Treating ‘everyone’?” Zhang Ning looked at him with an amused smile. “Let’s not conflate work expenses with private expenditure. Any expense you incur at work should be borne by the studio. Even if you don’t lack money, we can’t let you treat us for free.”

“It’s really alright…”

Ji Fanyin interrupted Chen Yunsheng mid-sentence, saying, “Let him treat us if he wants to. Go drink your coffee.”

“Hmph!” Zhang Ning pouted in indignance. She uncapped her cappuccino and gulped down a huge mouthful. Then, she turned to Ji Fanyin and protested in a high-pitched tone, “Darling, you’re being too biased! Is it because I’m not as good looking as your little friend here?”

Ji Fanyin ignored her. She looked at Chen Yunsheng and said with a much gentler tone. “Ignore her. Go do your own stuff.”

A smile formed on Chen Yunsheng’s lips, revealing a small dimple in his left cheek. “Big sister, all the best for your work.”

He walked out of the meeting room afterward. For some reason, his tall departing figure seemed to be beaming with sunshine.

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