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100000PSI - Chapter 84.2: At Least A Few Hundred Millions (2)

More than an hour had passed since Ji Xinxin and the medical team had been told to leave Li Xiaoxing’s room. The group waited patiently by the door.

Ji Xinxin anxiously searched through the internet in a bid to gather information. Secretary Fan simply sat still, neither saying a word nor doing a thing. The medical team gathered by the corner to have a hushed but intense discussion about Li Xiaoxing’s condition. 

The atmosphere felt exceptionally tense.

The landline phone beside Secretary Fan suddenly rang and immediately caught everyone’s attention. Secretary Fan took a deep breath before picking up the receiver. “Hello?”

He quietly listened in for a long while before his expression relaxed a little. At the very end, he replied with an “Alright” before hanging up the phone. He turned to the medical team and relayed the results, “Mr. Li is feeling better now. We’ll have to trouble you to run some checks again.” 

The medical team immediately leaped to action. Ji Xinxin trailed at the back of the group, feeling nervous and disorientated. She knew that she was in a bad position, but she wasn’t planning to sit around idly and allow everything slip through her fingers. 

It hadn’t even been that long since her engagement with Li Xiaoxing! She had great ambitions for the life ahead of her, so there was no way she would content herself with becoming a mere trophy fiancé for Li Xiaoxing.

That was why she was so passionate in bed with Li Xiaoxing last night. She had made the calculations beforehand to ensure that it was her fertile window. The process was cumbersome and riddled with troubles―it was the first time for both of them and Li Xiaoxing’s constitution wasn’t fit for such activities―but Ji Xinxin still pushed for two shots.

How could Li Xiaoxing suffer from such a weird ailment just hours after our engagement?!

But what infuriated her the most was how she was utterly incapable of soothing Li Xiaoxing’s pain, but a mere call from Ji Fanyin was enough to placate him. 

This was greater humiliation to her than being thrown onto a busy street naked.

Ji Xinxin took a few deep breaths to compose herself before entering the room.

She rushed past the doctors to get to Li Xiaoxing’s side first and worriedly grasped his hand. “Are you still in pain? Do you feel better? Was my big sis able to help with your pain? If so, that’s truly a blessing…”

“Mm,” Li Xiaoxing replied distractedly.

A few seconds later, he suddenly raised his head to look at Ji Xinxin. He first studied her features before staring deeply into her eyes.

Ji Xinxin returned his gaze with innocent eyes that were glimmering with tears. 

Li Xiaoxing smiled at her. 

Ji Xinxin should have felt affirmed by that smile, but she instinctively felt a shiver running down her spine instead. Her sharp intuition told her that Li Xiaoxing wasn’t looking at her with the same gaze as earlier. He was seeing someone else through her. 

The thought of it filled her with terror.

To conceal her emotions, she quietly positioned herself beside Li Xiaoxing and leaned on his shoulders, not allowing him to see her expression. 

However, her mind was already flown into overdrive. She desperately racked her mind for a solution to resolve the current situation and make a comeback.

Meanwhile, the medical team performed yet another series of tests on Li Xiaoxing. The results eased their nervous faces. 

“Mr. Li’s vitals are much better than before,” announced the doctor-in-charge. “Still, I’d like to recommend Mr. Li to undergo psychiatric treatment. The occurrence of phantom pain is always linked to the patient’s mental state. Other than that, I think that it’s worth giving acupuncture a try too.”

Secretary Fan nodded in acknowledgment. “I’ll review the treatment plan with you later.”

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.