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100000PSI - Chapter 84.3: At Least A Few Hundred Millions (3)

In the meantime, Ji Xinxin grabbed a wet towel and quietly wiped the cold sweat off of Li Xiaoxing’s forehead as she gently asked, “You’re soaked in sweat. Do you want to take a bath before resting? You might feel better that way.”

Secretary Fan met eyes with Ji Xinxin. Catching her drift, he ushered the medical team out to have a private chat with them.

Ji Xinxin supported Li Xiaoxing into the ensuite bathroom.

It was then that the cruel realization finally struck Ji Xinxin. 

It was one thing to become friends with a disabled person, but it was a whole different thing to become their full-time caretaker. It might seem doable at first glance, but the difficulty often far exceeded what one had in mind. 

By the time Ji Xinxin supported Li Xiaoxing back onto the freshly made bed, she was already exhausted and out of breath. Nevertheless, she tried her best to squeeze out a smile for Li Xiaoxing and said, “Have a nap first. I’ll make us breakfast. It should be done by the time you’re awake.”

Ji Xinxin made her way to the kitchen counter before sprawling her head onto it. Her hands were aching from having to wipe Li Xiaoxing down, and her legs were trembling from overexertion. She was also feeling exhausted from hardly catching any sleep last night. 

She felt like her body was going to crumble at this rate.

Ji Xinxin took another deep breath to pull herself together before taking out her phone to take a look at the time. It wasn’t even 8 AM yet.

She began scrolling through her contact list, browsing through row after row of names. She was hoping to find a person who could help her turn things around. Yet, she could barely find anyone reliable to fall back on. 

While she was still hesitating over her choices, her phone suddenly rang loudly. It was a call from Cen Xiangyang. Horrified, she instinctively tapped on the ‘Reject’ button right away before nervously glancing in the direction of the master bedroom. 

I don’t hear anything. Li Xiaoxing must not have heard it.

Cen Xiangyang was aware of her secret, which gave him a handle over her yesterday when he approached her. But now that the truth was out, there was nothing he could do that frightened her anymore. At the very least, she could ignore his threats. 

Anyone who mattered had already found out about her impersonation anyway. 

Ji Xinxin coldly blacklisted Cen Xiangyang on all platforms, determined to cut all ties with him. Considering that Cen Xiangyang was still held back by the Cen Family and Ji Xinxin now had the Li Family backing her, she no longer had to worry. 

Think. Think. Think! I can’t be defeated this easily!

What’s Ji Fanyin’s source of strength? As long as I destroy that, I’ll be able to turn the tables… 

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.