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AWG - Chapter 0019: If You’ve Got a Problem, Come at Me!

The arrow threw the wolf spirit into the air, displaying a power ordinary people were not capable of.

Turning their gazes toward the arrow’s origin, everyone watched as a valiant woman rode into the block atop a massive leopard. She carried a war bow in her grip, while her spear was strapped to her back.

Although she was young and stunning, she also burned with a heroic spirit. All of the guards, and even the inmates, were smitten with her.

Regaining his composure, Xu Ziyang led his guards toward the woman, saluting her. “Greetings, Captain Wan.”

This woman was none other than Wan Lanxin, who had rushed over from cellblock 8 after watching the three spirit wolves break away from the pack. Before reaching block 8 and shooting the Warrior wolf spirit, she had slain two more along the way.

“Skip the formalities. I want the area sorted out immediately, and don’t you dare let any inmates escape,” Wan Lanxin ordered.

Skinny Monkey and the others crowded around Yang Wu, only calming down once they knew his life was not in danger. Seeing that he was fine, they were even more impressed by his performance in the battle against the wolf spirit.

“Big Brother, that heroic woman killed the wolf spirit. We should go and offer her our thanks!” Skinny Monkey suggested, fascination flashing in his eyes as he gazed at Wan Lanxin.

The woman was so beautiful that she could entrance anyone with her beauty, even outside of the prison. Moreover, finding such beauty here was nearly impossible, and before her rarity, most men’s behavior degenerated.

Yang Wu froze when he saw the woman his companion pointed to. A thought crossed his mind for a moment, but he quickly regained his senses and smiled. “Indeed, she is a gallant woman!”

“Lower your voice, Big Brother. The guards will punish you if they think you’ve profaned their goddess!” Skinny Monkey whispered a warning.

“I know my limits.” Yang Wu nodded slightly.

He lowered his head, hiding his face behind his disheveled hair. He used his appearance to suggest that he was seriously injured.

Nearby, a guard barked, “Get back to mining, you bastards! Anyone who tries to escape will find a merciless end!”

Although many prisoners were still in shock, they trudged back to their tasks. This kind of hardship was beyond what an ordinary person could endure.

To curry favor with Wan Lanxin, Xu Ziyang carried the slain Warrior wolf spirit, presenting it to her. “Captain Wan, you’ve truly inherited the warden’s divine archery skills. Killing such a powerful wolf spirit with one shot is remarkable! You’re an inspiration to us all.”

The captain had no time to waste. As she turned her leopard to leave, she glanced down at the beast. Raising her gaze, she told him, “Bring me the inmate who had been fighting this wolf.”

“Right away, Captain Wan!” Xu Ziyang agreed, jogging toward Yang Wu as the inmate began to wander off. “Brat, get over here!”

Someone with authority had instructed Xu Ziyang to take ‘good care’ of Yang Wu. With no reason to hold back, he kicked the inmate as everyone watched.

The young man had not been facing Xu Ziyang at the time, and although he was alive, he was badly injured and had almost completely depleted the energy in his dantain. Thus, the kick had caught him off guard, and it sent him tumbling to the ground.

“Bastard!” Skinny Monkey instantly went berserk. As far as he was concerned, that was his elder brother. Watching Yang Wu treated in such a way had pushed him too far, and Skinny Monkey could no longer contain his anger. Furious, he swung his crowbar at Xu Ziyang.

Xu Ziyang was not the run-of-the-mill prison guard. A warrior, his reactions were lightning-fast, and the man easily avoided the attack. He even managed to land a blow in response, striking Skinny Monkey in the gut and making him spit blood.

“This is an act of defiance toward your superiors! How dare a lowly inmate attack me, a squad leader?! I'll make you beg for death!” Xu Ziyang’s fuse was already short, and the attack only served to enrage the man, driving him to beat Skinny Monkey mercilessly.

With how little strength Skinny Monkey had, he was defenseless. It did not take the squad leader long to beat him to a pulp, although he never cried out.

“Let him go! If you’ve got a problem, come at me!” Yang Wu pushed himself up from the ground, glaring at Xu Ziyang with red eyes.

Several guards had already surrounded their leader, and the tails of their whips flew at Yang Wu for his insolence.

“Damned low-life! Kneel and apologize to the squad leader!”

“Beat him to death! Do you think that you’re strong enough to ignore this prison’s rules?!”

Yang Wu did not resist. He stood stock-still, allowing the whips to land. As he took his beating, his eyes held unyielding defiance, and he muttered, “There will come a day when this viscount reclaims his former glory. When that day comes, I will replay this humiliation tenfold.”

By the time Skinny Monkey had been beaten half to death, Xu Ziyang was satisfied. He then approached Yang Wu with a sneer. “You think you're still a viscount? You're just a prisoner. If I ordered it, you’d have no choice but to eat shit, yet here you are, brazenly defying me! Do you doubt that I could have you executed on the spot?”

The man slapped Yang Wu in the face, contempt clear on his own.

This time, Yang Wu dodged the blow. Glaring back, he hissed, “If you think you can, then try to take my life, you bastard!”

Yang Wu engraved the image of Xu Ziyang’s face on his memory. This man had targeted him again and again since his imprisonment. Once he regained his freedom, he would definitely repay the favor.

The young man was fully aware that the squad leader was a mere puppet and that his true enemy was among the Imperial Family.

Unfortunately, before he had had the chance to avenge himself, this vile creature had intervened, making his life miserable and forcing him to face mortal danger. The situation was unbearable.

“You still have the audacity to speak against me? I’ll make you wish you were dead!” Xu Ziyang spat, swinging to hit the young man again.

Suddenly, Wan Lanxin’s voice reached the men, “What are you dawdling for? I told you to bring him to me!”

Xu Ziyang knew better than to disobey the captain. He instantly held his hand, shouting at Yang Wu, “Follow me! Captain Wan wants to see you.”

The other inmates helped Yang Wu up, supporting him. He was not particularly fond of the idea of meeting Wan Lanxin, but the situation was beyond his control. Thus, he lowered his head and stumbled over to her.

Xiaoman watched from nearby, growing anxious. She scooped up Sooty, saying worriedly, “Please be alright, Young Master.”

After so many struggles, she had found someone to protect her. She would not find another if she lost him, and this young master had already found a special place in her heart.

Sooty had been watching the situation as well. It seemed more impatient than usual and had been pawing at the ground, its claws leaving furrows in the dirt. The little pup was still radiating an intense, ferocious aura, which was not something an ordinary puppy could manage. To top it off, the look on its furry face indicated that the black dog might become a vicious beast if something were to happen to Yang Wu.

Yang Wu arrived before the captain, who still sat atop her leopard. He straightened his back, though his head was still lowered. He intentionally let his hair fall to cover his face, making it hard to see his features clearly.

“What are you waiting for? Kneel before Captain Wan!” Xu Ziyang snarled, kicking the back of Yang Wu’s knees.

The man was taking advantage of the opportunity to torture the inmate.

Yang Wu's knees buckled, but he did not fall fully to his knees. He slid into the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance and began to absorb the surrounding water-attributed Profound Energy, slowly healing his injuries. Xu Ziyang may have been a Warrior, but Yang Wu would not yield so easily.

“On your knees!” the squad leader shouted again, frowning as he prepared to land another kick.

“How audacious!” Wan Lanxin said suddenly, kicking toward Xu Ziyang. The movement launched a flash of blue light that struck the squad leader square in the face. With a bang, the man spun twice, and several of his front teeth flew from his mouth.

Xu Ziyang was stunned.

The attack even shocked the watching crowd.

What was going on?

Had Wan Lanxin hit him by mistake?

“Cap … Captain Wan …!” Xu Ziyang clutched his cheek, looking bitter. He opened his mouth to say something, but Wan Lanxin ignored him completely.

Looking down at the prisoner before her, she addressed Yang Wu, “Raise your head.”

The young man kept his head down. Voice hoarse, he replied, “I’m afraid my dirty face would be an affront to the Captain’s gaze, so I think I’d better keep it down.”

“Are you deaf? I said ‘raise your head!’” the captain shouted, annoyed.

But Yang Wu clenched his fists and continued, “Captain Wan is a person of prestige. Why bother with a prisoner like me?”

Done wasting her breath on the inmate, Wan Lanxin slid out of her saddle. She grabbed Yang Wu’s chin and lifted his head. The young man’s hair fell to the sides, exposing his upset, yet handsome, face.

Softly, he asked, “Sister Lanxin, didn’t you already know? Must you trample on the last of my dignity? Do you want to see me die that badly? Will it finally make you happy?”

Wan Lanxin's pupils constricted, and her delicate hands trembled. Stunned, she cried out, “Brother Wu, why are you here?!”


Translated by: Demarsin
Edited by: FluffyGoblyn
Checked by: DragonInWhite

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Written by I Am Pure 我本纯洁. Translated by DragonInWhite. Edited by FluffyGoblyn.