Chapter 0020: Big Sister Lanxin
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Apex War God Chapter 0020: Big Sister Lanxin

Neither Yang Wu nor Wan Lanxin had ever imagined a reunion here.

The two had been born into nobility and had been playmates at a young age, forming a close bond. Wan Lanxin had taken on the role of gang leader, dragging him along as she played with the other children. They had caused trouble wherever they went. Later, Wan Lanxin and her father had left Royal City, effectively ending all communication.

Wan Lanxin had been the most talented cultivator among their old playmates. If she had not missed Mount Emei’s recruitment, which happened once every three years, she would have joined the nation’s most powerful sect.

Despite walking away from such a fine opportunity, the girl had followed her father into the military, then to the prison. She had never stopped cultivating, becoming an Inferior Grade General at a young age. She had earned one merit after another, and due to her performance, she became an exception to the rule, earning her rank as a captain and management of a cellblock on her own.

Of course, working and living in the prison for the past years had cut her off from the happenings in Royal City. She did not know about the misfortune that had befallen the Yang Clan, nor had she been made aware of Yang Wu’s imprisonment. Seeing his face now had caught her off guard.

Naturally, Yang Wu had not expected to see her here, either, and tried to hide his face in shame.

As a viscount, he was arrogant and proud. He had a hard time lowering his head, but he did so before the woman he had played with as a child. She was one of the few people he had worshiped since his youth, and she had been his first crush.

He had not had the courage to do anything about it, though. A couple of his friends had talked about doing the things Yang Wu only fantasized about, but she had beaten them black and blue for their trouble. With such a harsh lesson so deeply engraved on his memory, he had not dared act on his feelings.

Besides, he had enjoyed far better treatment than his childhood friends. He had walked hand-in-hand with Wan Lanxin when she had dragged him along for a stroll. Yang Wu even remembered the few times she had encouraged him to venture into a brothel, joking that she wanted to take his virginity.

That kind of thing had happened numerous times, but he had been too shy to accept. Thus, she had teased him for being a “little virgin.” Helpless, he had always replied with “old virgin,” earning his own merciless beating.

The relationship these two had had in the past was undeniable. They had even addressed each other as siblings and had been the best of friends.

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