Chapter 0019: If You’ve Got a Problem, Come at Me!
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Apex War God Chapter 0019: If You’ve Got a Problem, Come at Me!

The arrow threw the wolf spirit into the air, displaying a power ordinary people were not capable of.

Turning their gazes toward the arrow’s origin, everyone watched as a valiant woman rode into the block atop a massive leopard. She carried a war bow in her grip, while a spear was strapped to her back.

Although she was young and stunning, she also burned with a heroic spirit. All of the guards, and even the inmates, were smitten with her.

Regaining his composure, Xu Ziyang led his guards toward the woman, saluting her. “Greetings, Captain Wan.”

This woman was none other than Wan Lanxin, who had rushed over from cellblock 8 after watching the three spirit wolves break away from the pack. Before reaching block 8 and shooting the Warrior wolf spirit, she had slain two more along the way.

“Skip the formalities. I want the area sorted out immediately, and don’t you dare let any inmates escape,” Wan Lanxin ordered.

Skinny Monkey and the others crowded around Yang Wu, only calming down once they knew his life was not in danger. Seeing that he was fine, they were even more impressed by his performance in the battle against the wolf spirit.

“Big Brother, that heroic woman killed the wolf spirit. We should go and offer her our thanks!” Skinny Monkey suggested, fascination flashing in his eyes as he gazed at Wan Lanxin.

The woman was so beautiful that she could entrance anyone with her beauty, even outside of the prison. Moreover, finding such beauty here was nearly impossible, and before her rarity, most men’s behavior degenerated.

Yang Wu froze when he saw the woman his companion pointed to. A thought crossed his mind for a moment, but he quickly regained his senses and smiled. “Indeed, she is a gallant woman!”

“Lower your voice, Big Brother. The guards will punish you if they think you’ve profaned their goddess!” Skinny Monkey whispered a warning.

“I know my limits.” Yang Wu nodded slightly.

He lowered his head, hiding his face behind his disheveled hair. He used his appearance to suggest that he was seriously injured.

Nearby, a guard barked, “Get back to mining, you bastards! Anyone who tries to escape will find a merciless end!”

Although many prisoners were still in shock, they trudged back to their tasks. This kind of hardship was beyond what an ordinary person could endure.

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