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AWG - Chapter 0021: This Is Not Appropriate

Wan Lanxing had returned, and she made an unforgettable sight in full armor atop her leopard. Soon, she pulled her mount to a stop, hopped off, and approached the stone hut.

Seeing this, the guards silently complained, I can’t believe the captain is lowering herself just to see that pest! Lucky bastard!

Xiaoman had only seen Wan Lanxin from a distance earlier. Seeing the woman close up, she was suddenly insecure and lowered her soot-covered face.

Bare-chested, Yang Wu stood, looking Wan Lanxin in the eyes. His expression grew complex as he spoke to her. “Why are you here, Big Sister Lanxin? This place is an insult to your presence.”

“How is it an insult?! I have other reasons to be ashamed, anyway. My little brother had been imprisoned, and I didn’t even know. You have suffered in vain. It is I, your big sister, who let you down.” Wan Lanxin explained, feeling guilty. She strode forward, taking Yang Wu by the hand. “I will get you out of here.”

This was not the first time she had taken his hand, but this time, the gesture moved him.

Rather than following her, he pulled his hand free. “I have a brother here who is seriously injured. I have to stay and protect him.” After a pause, he continued. “I’m also considered a dangerous prisoner. Pledging to free me will only cause you trouble.”

“Have you ever known me to be a coward? Besides, my father controls this prison. Who would dare speak out against him? They’d have to be tired of this life!” As she spoke, Wan Lanxin raised her voice, frightening the guards outside.

She then ventured to Skinny Monkey’s side, examining his wounds. Retrieving a small pill, she said, “This is a healing pill. Giving it to him should save his life.”

Yang Wu accepted the pill before handing it to Xiaoman. “Watch over Skinny Monkey. I’ll be back soon,” he told her.

She took the pill, assuring him, “Don’t worry, Young Master. I’ll take good care of him.”

Satisfied, Yang Wu followed Wan Lanxin out of the stone hut.

“Climb on!” the captain insisted.

Yang Wu glanced at the mighty leopard. Its intense gaze was frightening, and the long fangs hanging from its maw could kill a man in one bite. He swallowed hard. “Um, Big Sister Lanxin, I … I’d better walk. Walking seems safer.”

“Hey, what happened to your immense courage? Now you won’t even ride my Xiaohua?! How disappointing!” she teased, laughing. She then reached for Yang Wu, grabbing him by the shoulder and pulling him atop the leopard whether he liked it or not. Pinning him between her arms, she rode off.

The leopard was as fast as the wind. Wan Lanxin settled Yang Wu in front of her on the saddle, and he could feel the great beast purr under him. It was frightening.

Wan Lanxing held onto him tightly, and her laughter sounded like silver bells in his ear. “You grew up, Little Brother Wu, but your courage has waned. You used to be so small, yet you were braver. You even dared to climb on Xiaohong and ride with me.”

Yang Wu recalled Xiaohong, the fiery colt with a roan coat, quite well. It had been Wan Lanxin’s first mount. At the time, she had teased him, promising, “If you can climb on Xiaohong, I’ll let you ride with me.”

The thought of riding with her and wrapping his arms around her thin waist had emboldened him. The thirteen-year-old Yang Wu had grabbed the saddle to pull himself up, but the horse responded by throwing him, leaving him battered and bruised.

He had tried to mount the horse thirteen times, failing all and breaking several bones in the process. Finally, Wan Lanxin had helped him up, holding him as they rode, just as she did now.

It was a memory he would never forget.

Now, it felt as if he had traveled back in time. Once again, he rode with Wan Lanxin. She was still his sexy, glorious big sister, but this time, he was no longer a child.

No, she has changed, he thought. She had grown even more ravishing. Her temperament is outstanding, and her chest has grown, too. The last fact made him forget his panic over the leopard’s speed. Her care and concern gave him a sense of security he had not felt in a very long time.

Yang Wu calmed down, leaning into Wan Lanxin’s embrace. Lazily, he said, “It is good to see you, Big Sister Lanxin. Even if I die today, I can rest in peace.”

“Save these sweet words for your Younger Sister Yuyue.” She snorted.

Even as she said that a charming blush climbed to her cheeks.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again,” Yang Wu replied, overcome with emotion upon hearing the name ‘Yuyue.’

That statement worried Wan Lanxin, and she hoped the young man had not lost himself to despair over his imprisonment. So, she encouraged him, “With your big sister here, I guarantee you’ll taste freedom again.”

Yang Wu smiled but did not answer. He doubted she could keep that promise.

He leaned back, enjoying her warm, fragrant embrace. It helped ease his mood, and soon, he gradually passed out.

These past days had been too tiring. He had gone through one battle after another. With how relaxed he currently was, it was hard to stay awake.

Wan Lanxin looked down at the sleeping young man. She noticed his unique masculinity, the hard edges and corners. She sighed, thinking, I had intended to return to Royal City in three months to see you. I never expected to find you here.

Yang Wu did not know how long he slept, but he awoke warm in a woman’s bedroom.

Rubbing his eyes, he noticed a woman sitting in the room with him. Her hair fell like a waterfall, and her eyes were bright. Her fair skin was white as snow and stretched over solid muscle. She had a thin waist, and her long legs were stretched before her, half exposed. The light in the room only accentuated her beauty, and the longer he stared, the more beautiful she became.

“Big Sister Lanxin!” Yang Wu cried out.

Looking up, Wan Lanxin noticed him getting up. She then stood and approached him. “Are you awake?”

“Big Sister, why am I in your room?! I’m … just a prisoner. This is bad luck!” he insisted shyly.

[TL Note: A person who went to prison is seen as unlucky. When prisoners finish their sentence and return home, they normally hold a simple ritual to wash away the bad luck before they enter their house. There are various rituals like stepping over a basin of fire, burning one’s clothes, having a haircut, taking a thorough shower, and many more.]

It did not take Yang Wu long to realize someone had changed his clothes. He was also now clean and comfortable. The realization only intensified his gratitude toward Wan Lanxin. 

However, he was still a criminal, and he had offended someone of great importance. He did not want to cause her trouble, and he said as much.

Wan Lanxin rolled her eyes. “I haven’t seen you for three years, and you are already being so formal with me. Indeed, you have grown. Do you not wish to acknowledge your big sister anymore?

“What are you saying, Big Sister Lanxin? We grew up together. How could I refuse you? You knew me so well that you could even guess how many worms were in my stomach,” Yang Wu said, smiling bitterly. “But I am a prisoner now, and you are a captain in the Smoke Signal Mountain Prison. There is a difference between our statuses.”

“I’m responsible for bringing you here, so why worry? Now, tell me what happened,” Wan Lanxin demanded. After a pause, she said, “Forget it. You’ve been asleep for two days and nights. Eat something, and we’ll talk after you bathe. We have plenty of time.”

Yang Wu was not an overly fussy person. Naturally, he wanted to accept Wan Lanxin’s help to earn his freedom, but he did not want her hurt in the process.

Glancing over, he saw food had been prepared for him, and his stomach growled in protest. “Alright, I’ll eat!” Not caring about his image, Yang Wu wolfed down the food before him.

Resting her cheek in her hand, Wan Lanxin watched, unblinking, as he ate, pity flashing in her eyes.

She remembered the young boy who had fallen off her horse thirteen times just to ride with her. She remembered the young man who had led a dozen guards to toss a rude man into the river as fish food because he teased her. She even remembered hurting herself in the ice and snow when something went wrong with her cultivation. His small frame had carried her over five kilometers to find help. By the time they had, he was frozen and sick, almost near death ….

The past had not changed; their friendship was stronger than metal.

Once Yang Wu had eaten his fill, a servant fetched a wooden bath, placing it behind a screen.

Shyly, he asked, “Big Sister Lanxin … is it really okay to bathe here, in your room?”

“If you keep complaining, I might eat you up, little virgin!” Wan Lanxin purred, overbearing.

“Okay! Taking a bath now!” Yang Wu replied, shrinking into himself. Undressing and slipping into the tub, he whispered to himself, “I wonder who could subdue an old virgin like Big Sister.”

Suddenly, he heard the rustle of movement and noticed a rich fragrance. Wan Lanxin then appeared before him, and he trembled in fear. He shrank into the water, stammering, “S-sister Lanxin! What … what are you doing?!”

“I want to sleep with you!” the young woman abruptly declared.

Yang Wu nearly fainted from the shock. His hands shot down to cover his crotch, and he blushed. “Big Sister, don’t do this! I …! This is not appropriate! If you insist, I …! But please, be gentle. I’ve heard it hurts the first time.”

Embarrassed, Yang Wu almost completely submerged himself in the warm water. He was really weak against her.

“Tutt! You, a little virgin? I’m not interested. Keep babbling, and I might cut it off!” Wan Lanxin dismissed the young man. She turned away before Yang Wu noticed that she was blushing like a drunk.

“I may be a virgin, but how am I ‘little’? How ridiculous.” He looked down at his robust lower body, unconvinced. 


Translated by: DragonInWhite
Edited by: FluffyGoblyn
Checked by: DragonInWhite

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Written by I Am Pure 我本纯洁. Translated by DragonInWhite. Edited by FluffyGoblyn.