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MCAB - Chapter 88

It was Valentine's Day yesterday, and Jun Zishu did not come home.

Under normal circumstances, it would've been normal for an adult like Jun Zishu to stay outside during Valentine's Day. However, before leaving home, Jun Zishu had clearly stated that she would be breaking up with her boyfriend, so it was strange for her not to come home.

Yun Zizhou didn't sleep well because of this situation, waking up several times throughout the night. Even when she fell asleep, all that would greet her would be nightmares that caused her to grow restless in her sleep.

While making lunch the next day, she even slipped and dropped a bowl.

Yun Zizhou realized that her mind was in bad shape. Reasoning told her that this situation was abnormal, but her emotional side suppressed her reason and caused her to fall into inexplicable agony. Meanwhile, accompanying this agony was an inexplicable sense of jealousy.

What was she jealous of?

Even Yun Zizhou did not know herself.

The mini-market's shopkeeper kindly offered to give Jun Zishu a new set of clothes. Even though the clothes didn't match her body, Jun Zishu still paid the shopkeeper and bought some bread and water while she was at it.

Fortunately, her identification remained in her handbag. If Shi Yu had taken this away as well, she might go back and start a fight with Shi Yu. At that time, she wouldn't stop at just slapping the other party.

After changing her clothes and filling her stomach, Jun Zishu ordered a taxi online. Shi Yu had abducted her out of C City, and she was already close to reaching the neighboring city. So, she decided to ride to the next city and take the train there instead.

Jun Zishu was in a miserable state. When she got into the taxi, the taxi driver thought that she had been robbed.

Throughout the process of getting into the taxi, Jun Zishu did not spare Shi Yu even a glance.

Jun Zishu did not hate Shi Yu for what he did to her. She simply felt relieved that she was one step closer to completing her mission.

Jun Zishu did not feel guilty over the harsh words she said to Shi Yu, either. At the end of the day, she was merely here to help settle Jiang Wentong's debts and earn the EPs necessary for her to live a better life in the Department of Transmigration.

Now that she had achieved her goal, it was time they parted ways. Hopefully, though, they would never meet each other again. Otherwise, she wouldn't mind giving Shi Yu a beating if he came to find trouble with her.

It was already half-past five in the evening when Jun Zishu arrived back home.

When Yun Zizhou heard movement coming from outside the door, she hurriedly ran over with a smile and opened the door, meeting Jun Zishu face to face.

However, Yun Zizhou's smile quickly faded when she saw the state Jun Zishu was in.

"What happened, Sis?"

The woman in front of her wore an oversized military green padded jacket and a pair of cotton shoes. If not for the face, she would've thought that the other party was a rural woman who had just entered the city.

"I'm fine. Let me take a shower first."

Jun Zishu felt very uncomfortable right now. After taking off her shoes and throwing her bag and jacket onto the sofa, she went into her room to take a shower.

In the meantime, Yun Zizhou sat on the living room sofa pondering over Jun Zishu's situation. Rather than having enjoyed a romantic Valentine's date, Jun Zishu looked more like she had been robbed instead.

Moreover, in the short conversation they shared before, Jun Zishu had said that she had lost her SIM card.

How did Jun Zishu manage to lose her SIM card but not her phone? If someone had stolen her phone, there was no way the thief would get rid of the phone and keep her SIM card.

Yun Zizhou found herself unable to make sense of the situation no matter how much she racked her mind.

After Jun Zishu had cleaned herself and partially dried her hair, she walked out of her room in her pajamas. There was an air conditioner in the living room, so she wasn't afraid of catching a cold.

After washing up, although Jun Zishu's face still looked a little pale, she looked much better overall compared to before.

Two more before I can be done with this mission. May be world be free from yanderes, Amen, Jun Zishu inwardly prayed. Then, she looked at Yun Zizhou and asked, "How are the wounds on your face? Did they get any better?"

"They're already healed," Yun Zizhou said. She only suffered light scratches on her face, to begin with. By now, her wounds were hardly visible. "Have you eaten yet, Sis?"

"I didn't eat much. I'm going to cook some noodles. Do you want some?"

It was already past 6 PM, so it was just the right time to have dinner.


Afterward, Jun Zishu entered the kitchen while Yun Zizhu stood by the kitchen entrance and watched.

The noodles were placed in the top cabinet. So, when Jun Zishu opened the cabinet with her left hand, the sleeve of her loose pajamas rolled down and revealed the wounds on her wrist.

"What happened to your hands, Sis?" Yun Zizhu immediately asked when she saw Jun Zishu's reddened wrist.

"It's nothing," Jun Zishu said, shaking her head. She did not plan on letting Yun Zizhou know how she got injured.

"How did you get hurt?"

Yun Zizhou wasn't about to let this matter slide, so she walked over to check Jun Zishu's wound.

"It's fine. Go outside and wait while I cook the noodles," Jun Zishu said, her calm demeanor making it hard for anyone to imagine that she had been kidnapped and nearly killed.

"Let me see."

Yun Zizhou ignored Jun Zishu's words as she grabbed Jun Zishu's left arm and rolled up the woman's sleeve.

Jun Zishu didn't put up a struggle. After all, doing so would only make it look like she was trying to cover something up. Not to mention, the injury wasn't anything serious.

"You call this fine?" Yun Zizhou said in a raised tone, looking to be very upset. "What about the other hand?"

Jun Zishu obediently let Yun Zizhou check her right hand as well, the revelation of a similar wound causing Yun Zizhou's complexion to darken.

"What happened to you, Sis? Who hurt you like this?"

Not only had Jun Zishu's wrist grown swollen, but there were even bruises covering them. It looked as if someone had tightly squeezed her wrists before tying them up with a coarse rope.

"I'm honestly fine. I'll go and cook the noodles now."

"Noodles?! Why are you still thinking of cooking noodles in such a state?!"

"You don't need to fuss over such a small matter, my dear little sister."

Jun Zishu couldn't help but feel helpless. She also found the sight of Yun Zizhou being worried and angry to be a little funny.

"How is this a small matter?! I'm telling Godmother about this if you keep this up! We'll see what she thinks about this!"

"Alright, alright; I won't cook anymore, okay?"

The original Jiang Wentong's Achilles' heel was her mother. Jun Zishu naturally didn't wish to worry her mother, who was currently living abroad.

"Is there any medicine at home?" Yun Zizhou asked. Then, when she saw Jun Zishu shaking her head, she said, "I'll go out and buy some. Stay at home and wait for me."

"I can do it myself. You should trust me when I say that I'm fine. I am a doctor, after all," Jun Zishu said exasperatedly.

"Let's go out together, then. We can also buy some ingredients while we're out. Eating instant noodles won't do your wounds any good," Yun Zizhou said. Although she didn't know what had happened to Jun Zishu, she was certain that the woman must've encountered a bad experience.

Jun Zishu chuckled and nodded. She was naturally more than happy to agree if she could eat something delicious.

Afterward, Jun Zishu returned to her room to change her clothes while Yun Zizhou washed and cooked some rice in the meantime.

When Jun Zishu was done changing her clothes, Yun Zizhou had already started up the rice cooker.

After the two left home, they first visited the nearby pharmacy to buy some medicine. Then, they visited a mobile agency to get Jun Zishu a new SIM card while also halting the service of the old one. Lastly, they visited the nearby supermarket to shop for ingredients.

They ended up buying a lot of ingredients, each of them carrying a big bag home.

After returning home, Jun Zishu said, "I thought you were going to make western food for dinner."

"Although I've been living abroad all this time, I still prefer local dishes. I also worked part-time at a Chinese restaurant during high school and learned many things from it," Yun Zizhou said as she took the bag in Jun Zishu's hands and placed it on the dining table. Then, she pulled Jun Zishu by the hand to the living room sofa and started applying the medicinal ointment for her.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu obediently let the girl do as she wished.

Yun Zizhou was very careful in her actions, gently applying the ointment using a cotton swab. While applying the medicine, she also blew on Jun Zishu's wound in the hopes of easing her pain.

After Yun Zizhou was done applying the medicine on Jun Zishu's wrists, Jun Zishu conscientiously extended her feet to Yun Zizhou and revealed the wounds on her ankles. Although the swelling on Jun Zishu's ankles wasn't as severe, it still made Yun Zizhou feel worried.

"Be honest with me, Sis. Did you get kidnapped or robbed?"

"Something like that, I guess?" Jun Zishu answered in a hesitant tone, unsure of how she should describe the incident. Should she say that her boyfriend had proposed to her, and, she had rejected him. Then, her boyfriend had proceeded to knock her out and kidnap her?

If one ignored the matter of her infidelity, her encounter indeed sounded tragic.

However, Jun Zishu did not wish to reveal the whole truth to Yun Zizhou. She did not wish to let Yun Zizhou know that she was a scumbag. She wasn't one, after all. The one who was a scumbag was the original Jiang Wentong.

"How can you be so calm? Did you lose anything?" Yun Zizhou asked. She couldn't help but be exasperated and astonished by her godsister's calmness.

"Apart from a SIM card? Nothing else. It's no big deal."

"Could the other person be a pervert?"

Who in their right mind would steal only a SIM card?

"It's fine. You don't need to think about it. You just need to know that I didn't lose anything important or get injured seriously," Jun Zishu said. As for mental trauma? Nothing like that existed.

"What about the thief? What happened to him? Did you call the police?"

"I gave him a beating, and he ran away."

"Didn't you go out for a date? How did things turn out like this?"

"I went out to find trouble, but I managed to return alive," Jun Zishu jokingly told the truth with a smile.

"Did your breakup go well?"

Although Yun Zizhou didn't know why Jun Zishu would describe her meeting with her boyfriend as "finding trouble," something must have happened in the middle. The only question now was whether Jun Zishu had broken up with her boyfriend successfully.

"Mhm. I guess you can say that."

Although Jun Zishu had successfully broken up with Shi Yu, she hadn't managed to become single yet. She still had two more partners to take care of, after all.

—Yu Biling and Mi Rou.

However, after experiencing Shi Yu's sudden assault and kidnapping, Jun Zishu couldn't even begin to fathom what Mi Rou would do should she try to break up with the girl.

"Was that person unwilling to break up?" Yun Zizhou asked with a raised eyebrow. After thinking it over, though, she felt that it was reasonable that Jun Zishu's boyfriend was reluctant to break up with Jun Zishu. After all, Jun Zishu was rich, talented, and beautiful. She even had a gentle personality on top of that. Who would be willing to break up with such an excellent person?

"This involves a complicated story," Jun Zishu said before going silent. Now that she thought about it, there should be a high chance for Yun Zizhou and Mi Rou to meet in the future. At that time, what should she do if Mi Rou told Yun Zizhou that she was her girlfriend? She honestly didn't wish to leave the impression of a scumbag to Yun Zizhou.

"I'll go and cook dinner, then. Stay here and wait for me."

Yun Zizhou could tell that Jun Zishu didn't really wish to share her story. Since the other party wasn't willing to share, she wouldn't continue insisting.

"I can help you," Jun Zishu said as she followed Yun Zizhou into the kitchen.

Thus, Yun Zizhou was responsible for washing the ingredients while Jun Zishu was responsible for cutting them up.

While working, Yun Zizhou found her attention inadvertently drawn to Jun Zishu's hands. Even though she didn't have a hand fetish, she couldn't help herself from looking at those beautiful and delicate hands. And although she felt angered and uncomfortable when she saw the bruises and swelling on Jun Zishu's wrists, she also had an inexplicable urge to kiss Jun Zishu's hands.

"What's wrong?" Jun Zishu asked when she noticed Yun Zizhou staring at her hands.

"Does it hurt?" Yun Zizhou asked, her eyes filled with concern.

"It doesn't."

Jun Zishu smiled and shook her head. She found that her godsister was truly cute.

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