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PBS - Chapter 2200 - The Scariness of Eternity, Part One

Zheng Hou, Wang Tianfang, and the others gasped.

Xiang Qi who was ranked third on the Supreme Leaderboard was defeated by two punches and one kick. What would happen if they were fighting the duel instead?

Would they be able to resist an extra punch?

Or would they be defeated instantly by a single move?

Their eyes suddenly widened when they saw Xiang Hun going toward Xiang Qi who was covered in blood.

"Xiang Hun, you..." Xiang Qi said when he sensed Xiang Hun approaching.

"What about me? Why didn't you forfeit when you know I'm your opponent? Are you trying to prove you are brave? Or do you think you have a chance to beat me?" Xiang Hun said coldly and kicked Xiang Qi in the chest. 

Xiang Qi was not sent flying like before. Countless runes began to spread on his body. They were emitting a strange glow.


Xiang Hun did not cry out even when he was in great pain after receiving the two punches and one kick. However, he was now crying in agony with a pale face.

Qin Nan and the others also felt the power in Xiang Hun's body being shattered into pieces.

Xiang Hun had crippled Xiang Qi's Shidao Flesh!

"You must pay the price if you dare to challenge me," Xiang Hun said. He then looked at Zheng Hou, Wang Tianfang, and the rest and said, "You have no right to take part in the duels. Just surrender. Otherwise, I'll turn you into cripples if I am to fight you."

Zheng Hou, Wang Tianfang, and the others wore twisted expressions.

The duels were the key to claim the possessions of two Supreme Highnesses, but Xiang Hun's words were putting them to shame without any mercy.

They admitted that they were no match against Xiang Hun, but they were the Saints and Patriarchs of their respective factions. How could they not have any pride?

There was a reason Xiang Qi did not forfeit the duel. It was not like he was naive enough to think he could defeat the Sixth Immortal.

Xiang Hun burst out laughing, "Don't feel bad about it. I'm merely stating the facts. People might call you a genius in the current era, but your talents are just subpar back in our days."

"You are far from being a qualified contestant."


"What's the point of wasting your time on these duels? You might have a better chance to join hands and pick on the victor in the end."

Zheng Hou clenched his fists. He was trembling briefly before he loosened his grip, "Patriarch Xiang is right. I forfeit."

"Me too."

The Saints and Patriarchs lowered their gazes.

"Are you sure? You won't be able to regret your decision later," Li Yangfan asked calmly.

"I'm sure!"

Zheng Hou and the others nodded before falling into silence.

"The losers will have to leave."

Li Yangfan waved her sleeves. A magnificent force emerged inside the palace and kicked Zheng Hou and the others out before they could react.

However, Xiang Qi who lost the duel was not forced out of the palace. He was moved to another spot before a green light encapsulated him to aid his recovery.

"Qin Nan, come, there are only two of us left!"

Xiang Hun was staring down at Qin Nan from the stage.

A hint of excitement flickered deep in his eyes.

Qin Nan's gaze sharpened too. His aura skyrocketed as he unleashed the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking in his body.


Qin Nan made his move without uttering a single word. He slashed forward as if he had merged with the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

"Qin Nan, your Arts of Dao Seeking are quite impressive, but that's all about them. You couldn't even make me fight with my full strength."

Xiang Hun's eyes flickered with disdain. Wisps of white light descended upon him as if he had returned to the world as a sacred being.

He remained still in his spot. He only reached his right hand forward before grabbing in Qin Nan's direction.


The slash shattered into tiny light dots.

Qin Nan did not seem surprised as if he already knew what was going to happen. He charged at Xiang Hun from another direction and slashed at him again.

The surroundings turned into a sea of scorching flames.

"The previous attack was only a feint. The Combination of Nine Arts? Oh Qin Nan, the Dao Arts, Master Arts, and Rules I've seen and the fights I've been through are beyond your imagination!"

"Not to mention the Unbeatable Flesh I now possess!"

"Do you think your petty tricks are going to make a difference?" Xiang Hun spoke in a thunderous tone. His aura had reached an unimaginable strength.

He only took a step forward instead of using any moves.


The palace shuddered as runes spread rapidly with him at the center. Their force shattered the Combination of Nine Arts with ease.

Li Yangfan wore a stern look.

Xiang Hun's words might be annoying, but she could not deny that he was telling the truth.

He was like a bottomless abyss that could devour everything.

"What about this little trick?"

Qin Nan was soon engulfed in blood-red auras. A unique will merged with his Heaven-Shattering Saber and the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.

A great power burst out of Qin Nan's body. The runes which Xiang Hun had summoned broke into pieces when they were three zhang away from Qin Nan, like they had stumbled into an invisible barrier.


Qin Nan slashed at Xiang Hun again!

The palace was overwhelmed by its force!

"The power of the bloodlines of the Heaven Highness Clans? Did you refine them with the Ownerless Heaven Pattern?" Xiang Hun was startled, but he soon burst out laughing, "I didn't expect you to achieve such a feat with the Ownerless Heaven Pattern! Unfortunately, it's still too weak to pose a threat to me!"

Xiang Hun began to make his move. He threw his fist forward. The palace was soon drowned in a series of explosions.

Qin Nan's slash immediately bent out of shape with cracks on it. The destructive force which Xiang Hun exerted forcibly shattered the slash into pieces.

"Qin Nan, that's enough struggle. I know every move you have! I've given you the chance, but you didn't treat it preciously. You're going to die today!" Xiang Hun unleashed a strong tide as he attacked Qin Nan.

Li Yangfan frowned.

"I wonder if you know about this trump card that I have."

Qin Nan's eyes reddened as an ancient demonic will woke up in his body.


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