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PBS - Chapter 2259 - Unrest and Conspiracy, Part Three

"Alliance Leader Zhang, I'll let you handle the older one. The younger one is mine!"

Yang Fanglong rubbed his palms. His body was emitting loud crackles.

"Wait!" Big Demon King yelled.

"Big brother, I think we should tell them our true names! We don't have a choice, so our mothers wouldn't blame us," Second Demon King said.

Zhang Tianyi and Yang Fanglong exchanged glances. They did not mind waiting a little longer.

They wanted to know who the two little assh**** were.

"Mm, you're right!"

Big Demon King nodded and said arrogantly, "Listen carefully..."

The young cultivators straightened their ears. Big Demon King paused for two seconds before he said, "My name is Qin Shaoyu, and he's my brother, Qin Shiyan!"

The two kids immediately wore a disdainful look.

"Qin Shaoyu? Qin Shiyan?"

Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the rest of the cultivators were confused.

They could not recall any expert with the surname Qin!

The only one they knew never had any wives and kids too.

"Could they be the children of the Masters of Dao from the Dao Seeking Land?"

Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the others shared a thought.

Apart from the three Supreme Daoism factions, the Undying Cycle Mountain also had another group of people, but these people were relatively weaker as they did not have any Ruler of Dao among them, so the young cultivators never treated them seriously.

"HAHAHA, I thought you two have a formidable background, but it turns out you are only the descendants of some Master of Dao! Don't you know my great grandfather is Progenitor Mingchu of the Sky Taihuang Sect?"

Zhang Tianyi burst out laughing as he collected his thoughts.

Yang Fanglong and the others shared the same reaction too.

"Humph, I'm afraid you have misunderstood. My father is Qin Nan!"

Qin Shaoyu could not wait any longer. He revealed his true identity.

The smiles on Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and everyone's face froze.


"What did he just say?"

"Qin Nan is his father?"

"Oh my, I'm dying of laughter. These two assh**** are claiming Qin Nan is their father? They must be crazy!"

The crowd burst into laughter.

Who was Qin Nan?

The reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses!

Everyone would know if he already had wives and kids.

However, they did not hear any rumors about it. How could these two jerks possibly be Qin Nan's kids?

Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan were stunned.

What was wrong with these people?

Why did no one believe them when they were saying the truth?

"Tsk tsk, you two are pretty bold to pretend to be Senior Qin Nan's kids. I shall break your legs to teach you a lesson!"

Zhang Tianyi approached the two kids with a menacing grin.

Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan's expressions sank.

They had been stirring trouble for a month, yet they had messed up when they finally told the truth!

What now?

They would have to ask Grandpa Changxiao for help!

However, if Grandpa Changxiao was involved, their mothers would definitely learn what they did. Mother Miaomiao was fine, but Mother Bilan would definitely...

Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the others assumed the two kids were afraid after seeing their reaction. They were very pleased with the outcome.

At that instant, the young cultivators clearly sensed two formidable auras descending on the first stage. They immediately felt great pressure.

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Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the rest subconsciously turned their heads.

They immediately saw a man and a woman in the air.

Huge ripples appeared around the man and the woman. Zhang Tianyi saw his great-grandfather Progenitor Mingchu while Yang Fanglong saw his great-grandmother Progenitor Qingyu, not to mention the other reputable authorities.

The women Qin Nan was close with according to the rumors, Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan, were with them too. 

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"Senior Qin Nan is back!"

"Is the woman beside him the legendary Empress Feiyue?"

Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the others were startled. They rarely see Qin Nan, Empress Feiyue, and the others showing up at the same time.


Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan were stunned for a moment before their eyes were filled with joy.

Ever since they had grown up, they had been hearing all kinds of legends about their father. They were looking forward to meeting him.

"Father, we are here!"

Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan immediately waved their hands and yelled. They completely tossed their plan of recruiting lackeys and putting on airs in in front of the young cultivator aside. They just wanted to see their father.

"Did they really lose their minds?"

Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the others took a deep breath.

Those two assh**** were still trying to pretend Qin Nan was their father under the circumstances. Didn't they know they were asking for their deaths?


Qin Nan turned when he heard the voices. His eyes widened.

He vanished into thin air and reappeared above Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan.

"You two..."

Qin Nan's hands were trembling when he saw the two young kids' face.

He immediately realized the definition of blood was thicker than water.

"Brother Nan, he's Qin Shaoyu, Princess Miao Miao's son. The other one is Qin Shiyan. Father came up with their names," Jiang Bilan appeared beside Qin Nan and said gently.

"Humph, weren't you two being naughty again? Why are you standing there like logs now? Why aren't you calling your father?"

Princess Miao Miao came over and hit the two kids on the head.


Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan had no fear of strangers. They immediately hugged each of Qin Nan's legs and yelled.

"HAHAHA, this is great!"

Qin Nan rubbed their heads and burst out laughing. His laughter echoed in the Undying Cycle Mountain like deafening thunder. Many experts who were cultivating in seclusion opened their eyes and scanned the area with their Divine Sense.

It had been so long since Qin Nan last laughed like this.

Unlike Qin Nan, the smile on Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the others' faces had vanished. Their faces gradually turned pale.

Their skinny figures were trembling in the wind.


Were they just thinking of beating up Qin Nan's kids?

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