Chapter 2260 - Unrest and Conspiracy, Part Four
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2260 - Unrest and Conspiracy, Part Four

" was our two are our big brothers from today onward!"

Zhang Tianyi and Yang Fanglong's voices were trembling. They completely admitted their defeat.

"Big...big brothers!"

The young cultivators did not dare to raise their heads.

"Humph, now you know to be scared?"

Qin Shaoyu spread his arms proudly, "Why didn't you believe us at first? Weren't you mocking us and trying to fight us? Why did you admit your defeat so quickly? Now, if you're a man, you shouldn't be scared. Let's fight to the end! Come on!"

Qin Shiyan yelled behind Qin Shaoyu, "That's right! Don't be scared if you are a man."

However, the two brothers cried out in pain before they could finish, "Ouch!"

They felt a huge blow on their heads. They subconsciously lifted their heads.

Their faces turned pale as they realized something.

They were being too full of themselves. Their father, and their two mothers were still around.

The two brothers trembled in fear and slowly turned around. They saw Jiang Bilan with an expressionless face but a surging aura, while Princess Miao Miao had a dark expression.

"Tianyi? What are you doing here?"

"Fanglong? Why are you here?"

Progenitor Mingchu, Progenitor Qingyu, and the authorities immediately saw their beloved grandchildren when they arrived. They instantly realized what was going on.

"Adding insult to injury, misfortune does not come singly, adding oil to fire, looting a burning house..." 

The young cultivators immediately came up with several idioms. They somehow understood the meaning of these idioms better at this moment.

"So this is, life?"

Empress Feiyue came to her senses. She observed the scene while recalling Qin Nan's laughter. She immediately recalled the little girl with the nickname Nai Nai and the gentle smile on the middle-aged woman's face.

Her heart was pounding heavily.

She suddenly felt her legs were being hugged.

She lowered her head and saw Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan looking at her with wide eyes.

"Shaoyu, Shiyan, she is..."

Qin Nan had collected his thoughts. He was about to introduce Empress Feiyue with a smile.

"Father, we know who she is. Our two mothers have already told us. Only our great mother has such a stunning appearance. She's our great mother, the people call her Empress Feiyue, right?" the two brothers said simultaneously.

"Great mother?"

Empress Feiyue's faint blue eyes flickered with astonishment.


Qin Nan almost spat a mouthful out.

"Princess, did you teach them that?" Qin Nan asked Princess Miao Miao in a displeased tone.

"Father, Mother Miao Miao told us that. She says you are getting fickler, and great mother is the only one that can control you. Princess Miao Miao also told us to tell great grandmother to keep you in check. If you don't listen, she will beat you up," Qin Shaoyu said while chuckling. 


Progenitor Mingchu and the others burst into laughter.

"Qin Shaoyu!"

Princess Miao Miao stomped her foot blushingly.

"Father, Mother Miao Miao also says Mother Feiyue is number one, she is number two, Mother Bilan is number three, and we also have a fourth mother with the surname Xue. Where is she?" Qin Shiyan asked naively when he saw his brother's signal.


Qin Nan almost spat a mouthful again.

What did Princess Miao Miao even teach them?

Empress Feiyue reached out her hands and rubbed the two brothers' heads. The rare expression in her eyes grew stronger.

She was oddly in a great mood.

"Miao Miao, as someone who is experienced, I should remind you that it's normal for a powerful cultivator to have a few wives and concubines in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, not to mention someone like Cultivator Qin with extraordinary talents. You should be more open-minded," Progenitor Mingchu said with a smile.

"Progenitor Mingchu, it's a misunderstanding. I...I've never...why would I be so narrow-minded? I've always been..."

Princess Miao Miao blushed. She tried to explain herself.

"Miao Miao, don't listen to him. Three or four is plentiful for a man. You can't let him have more women, so it's right to keep an eye on him!"

Progenitor Qingyu rolled her eyes at Progenitor Mingchu.

"That's enough everyone, it's their family matter. Why are you two meddling in their affairs?" 

Progenitor Shuangdao stepped forward with a smile, "Cultivator Qin, we didn't want to intervene with your reunion with your sons, but we are currently running short on time. We should come up with a plan as soon as possible. You can spend time with your sons after we are done. Are you fine with it?"

Qin Nan straightened his face and nodded, "You are right. Let's go and discuss it now."

He looked at the two brothers and said, "Don't you two stir up any more trouble. I'll come see you after some time. Do you understand?"

The two brothers nodded obediently.

"Fellow seniors, let's go."

Qin Nan and the others vanished into thin air.

The overwhelming auras lingering in the area dissipated too. Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the young cultivators were relieved.

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Qin Shaoyu immediately placed his hands behind him to put on airs. He looked at the crowd and said, "I believe you have seen how my brother and I have resolved the situation with just a few words to make them forget about us."

"If it weren't for us, I believe everyone here will receive a terrible beating tonight."

Qin Shiyan stepped forward and said, "My brother and I might be inferior in terms of cultivation, but are you convinced of our capabilities and background?"

Zhang Tianyi, Yang Fanglong, and the rest nodded and said, "Yes, we are convinced. From today onward, you two are our bosses!"

They were being utterly sincere.

The two brothers were very impressive just then.

Qin Shaoyu and Qin Shiyan exchanged glances with a pleased look.

It turned out that the Primary Upper Realm and the Secondary Lower Realm were the same!

They were able to subdue the powerful young generations in the Secondary Lower Realm, and they were doing it in the Primary Upper Realm with ease too.

"We can have fun with plenty of beautiful sisters!"

The two brothers swallowed their saliva with glittering eyes.

"Xiaoyu, Shiyan, what are you two thinking about?"

A gentle voice suddenly spoke beside them. The two brothers froze and slowly turned around. They saw Princess Miao Miao looking at them indifferently.

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