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PBS - Chapter 2258 - Unrest and Conspiracy, Part Two

The great storm had finally ended.

The news about Cang and Ye Zhaoxian's return and the fact that Qin Nan was the reincarnation of both Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue spread across the entire Nine Heavens Immortal Realm like a great calamity.

Many cultivators below the Peerless Ruler Realm only realized there were more cultivation levels above the Master Realm!

Initially, they thought the Masters of Dao were the strongest cultivators in the world.

At the same time, the storm had impacted the Supreme Daoism factions, ancient tribes, seven Heaven Highness Clans, and the disciples of other factions the most!

The authorities immediately told everyone under their leadership to reveal everything about the current circumstances as long as they did not go against the oaths they had sworn.

The disciples of many factions were astounded.

They only realized how bizarre the situation in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was!

They began to sense a new order was being established. The fallen era finally began to sprout, bringing new glimpses of hope to the cultivators.

The hearts of many began to pound heavily.

The new era would provide them with a lot more chances to alter their destiny. The dream they had might even come true!

Meanwhile, a mysterious place inside the Undying Cycle Mountain...

Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, the Masters of Dao, and the Nine Heavens Supremes continued to train themselves and improve their cultivation in the second and third stages.

The whole mountain was brimming with energy from afar.

On top of it, a few hundred new palaces were built in the first stage. They were close together in clusters with a lot of new shops being opened. The place was bustling with life.

Almost every cultivator in these palaces had yet to achieve the Peerless Ruler Realm.

They were here because they were close with the Masters of Dao and Nine Heavens Supremes.

Close families and children were many strong cultivators' greatest worry. The Masters of Dao and Nine Heavens Supremes had brought their families and children with them to prevent their enemies from harming them. The Undying Cycle Mountain would give them the best protection and also provide them with resources. 

However, there were always conflicts wherever people were.

The adults with mature thinking would be more mindful of their actions, but the kids who were overly pampered were reckless and arrogant. 

In just more than a year, these younger generations had established the Great Emperor Alliance and the Giant Feather Guild! 

The leader of the Great Emperor Alliance was Zhang Tianyi, the great grandson of Progenitor Mingchu. He had just reached the age of seventeen this year. The other members were also the grandchildren of the Masters of Dao and Nine Heavens Supremes from the Sky Taihuang Sect.

The leader of the Giant Feather Guild was Yang Fanglong, the great grandson of Progenitor Qingyu. He was fifteen this year, and his members were mostly the grandchildren of the experts from the Sanqing Ancient Sect and the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect. 

Zhang Tianyi and Yang Fanglong were treating one another as their nemesis. They always ended up in fights and trouble. They insisted to recruit the other as their underling.

Both sides had won and lost the fights at times, and none of them were convinced the other was better than them.

However, things were different on this particular day.

Zhang Tianyi and Yang Long were each leading a huge group of people in a valley.

The two nemeses surprisingly did not fight one another after they met. They nodded at each other sternly before sitting on the chairs their men had brought along. One was enjoying tea while the other was drinking wine. They both remained silent like they were mimicking their great grandfather's way of putting on airs.

"Boss, those two assh**** are here!" a young teenager yelled.

"Humph, I can't wait to see who it is that dares to beat up my men and steal my woman!"

Zhang Tianyi harrumphed coldly while unleashing his aura. He was already an Earth Immortal despite his young age.

Yang Fanglong did not say anything, but his eyes had a cold look too. He was pleased when the two kids that appeared out of nowhere were picking on Zhang Tianyi's men.

To his surprise, those two assh**** suddenly teased his woman and beat his men too.

He knew the two kids had an extraordinary background. Otherwise, the Nine Heavens Supremes would not side with them after they learned what happened.

Even so, there was no way he and Zhang Tianyi could not take care of the two kids after they joined hands.

A few moments later, the group of young cultivators saw two handsome kids around the age of ten in long robes approaching from the distance. The two kids were only Martial Progenitors, but they were not afraid to face the huge group of cultivators waiting for them.

Zhang Tianyi raised his brows and said, "You two have been causing a huge scene in less than a month. You are a lot more impressive than I was when I was your age."

Yang Fanglong asked, "How should we address you two?"

They could roughly tell the two kids' background from their surname.

The kid who was slightly older chuckled, "I'm the one and only Big Demon King!"

The kid beside him scratched his head and said, "Then I'm the Second Demon King." 

Zhang Tianyi: ...

Yang Fanglong: ...

The rest: ...

Big Demon King picked his nose and said, "Did you invite us here to acknowledge I'm your boss? I must tell you first, we don't just accept anyone to be our lackeys. It depends on how sensible you are."

Second Demon King nodded in agreement, "Big brother is right. It's pretty simple, the prettier the women you offer to us, the better your chance of getting picked!"

Zhang Tianyi and Yang Fanglong held their breaths with twisted expressions.

These two little jerks were being too arrogant!

Not only did they want them to be their lackeys, they were demanding them to offer them their women too?

"You are acting so arrogantly at such a young age when you are only Martial Progenitors. It might cause you your lives in the outside world!"

Zhang Tianyi clenched his teeth and said, "Today, I'll teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents!"

A strong aura burst out of his body.

Yang Fanglong shared the same reaction too.

"Hang on!"

Big Demon King suddenly reached out his hand.

"Now you are afraid?"

Zhang Tianyi grinned coldly.

"Afraid of you? What a joke! Do you know who my father is?"

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Big Demon King placed his hands behind him and lifted his chin like a proud rooster.

"Humph, it might scare you to death if we tell you the answer!"

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Second Demon King did the same thing too.

"Hah, I don't care who you father is, but I will change my surname if I don't teach you a lesson today!"

Zhang Tianyi did not care what they said. The two little jerks were so arrogant and full of themselves. Even if the two had formidable backgrounds, his great grandfather would never blame him.

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