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100000PSI - Chapter 82.2: Give Me Money Instead (2)

Ji Fanyin took her leave without waiting for Li Xiaoxing’s response. Secretary Fan hesitated for a brief moment upon seeing her, but he decided against stopping her.

Most of the exciting shows had already played out, so there was no longer any reason for her to remain here. Thus, she devi left the premises straight away.

If Li Xiaoxing knows what’s good for him, he should transfer me a fitting sum to compensate me for the emotional distress I have suffered.

But before she left the hotel, she tapped into the ‘Temptation of Home’ app to view her progress. The progress bar was already nearing the halfway mark, reflecting the figure ‘-5,912,219,633.88’.

“...” Did I just earn one billion today?

Ji Fanyin gasped at the sheer wealth she had earned from today’s hard work.

Rounding up the Emotion Points she had gained, it would appear that almost all of the guests had undergone an emotional tsunami.

… I pray that there’ll be more of such events in the future.

Ji Fanyin began wondering what kind of situations it would take to trigger another round of emotional tsunami of such scale.

Song Shiyu’s marriage? Doesn’t seem too plausible.

What about Li Xiaoxing’s marriage and a divorce afterward? That’ll probably take quite a bit of time…

She was deep in thought when a shocked feminine voice pierced across the air, “...What did you say?!”

Ji Fanyin recognized that voice to be Li Mingyue’s.

The Li Family has faced enough ordeals for today.

Ji Fanyin was planning to feign ignorance and walk away, but an even louder voice echoed right afterward, “That’s why I told you that you wouldn’t believe what I have to say!”

It was Cheng Lin.

It just so happened that from where Ji Fanyin was currently standing, she could see Bai Zhou squatting at the other side of the hotel’s glass wall.

Thus, she halted her footsteps and stopped to consider her options.

I have a strong feeling that if I leave right now, a stray cat might just latch onto me.

But at the same time, it’s obvious Li Mingyue and Cheng Lin are talking about something related to me, or to be more exact, ‘Ji Fanyin’.


I guess I’ll choose the latter after all.

Ji Fanyin made her way toward the designated smoking area, where Li Mingyue and Cheng Lin’s voices had echoed from. She first fanned away the smoke lingering in the area before addressing the two of them, “Aren’t you being a little too loud for a secret conversation? I could hear you from a distance away.”

Her sudden interjection made Li Mingyue and Cheng Lin turn their heads around in shock.

This scene was oddly reminiscent of how Li Mingyue interrupted her conversation with Cheng Lin earlier in the day. This similarity induced a chuckle from her. She waved at them and said, “What a coincidence.”

Li Mingyue looked at her with an inconspicuous frown. “Ji Fanyin.”


Li Mingyue turned her gaze back to Cheng Lin.

“It’s just your speculations so far. Wouldn’t it be better for you to confirm it with the person in question?” asked Li Mingyue. “She seems to be a candid person. I believe she’ll answer your questions.”

Ji Fanyin looked at the two of them with a smile, waiting for them to continue on.

Cheng Lin awkwardly cleared her throat.

Ji Fanyin turned to look at her. “Yes?”

“…” Cheng Lin took a deep breath before finally asking with a resigned look on her face. “Are you really Ji Fanyin?”

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