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100000PSI - Chapter 79.2: Look Closely, Stupid! (2)

During her speech, her gaze casually lingered on Ji Fanyin for a few seconds. 

It was almost as if she was trying to convince herself that the identity swap was nothing but an impetus that kickstarted their relationship, and that she was the one whom Li Xiaoxing truly loved. 

Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows, not bothering to say a word. 

However, Ji Xinxin’s words had tipped quite a few people off about the truth. 

One of them was Bai Zhou, who rudely shot to his feet and stared at Ji Fanyin in disbelief. 

Song Shiyu, Father Ji, and Mother Ji were also aware of the details behind Ji Xinxin’s hospitalization, and they could hardly control their expressions once they realized the truth. 

Thankfully, the banquet hall was incredibly massive, such that those seated at the far back would have trouble seeing the newlywed’s faces. As a result, hardly anyone noticed their anomaly. 

It was also around then that Ji Fanyin spotted Li Mingyue, who was seated in the main table as the groom’s direct kin, rising to her feet and inconspicuously leaving the banquet hall. Following closely behind was her assistant with two folders tucked under her arm.

Ji Fanyin thought about everything that had happened since her arrival at the hotel, and she stroked her lower jaw in anticipation. 

Li Mingyue is truly a smart person. The highlight of the show is about to begin. 

Isn’t Ji Xinxin trying so hard to convince herself that the person Li Xiaoxing is in love with is the one he met after the reunion? Let’s put that to the test then.

Li Mingyue tried her best to leave the ballroom as discreetly as possible. She took the folders from her assistant’s hands and swiftly browsed through it. Slowly, her delicate eyebrows began furrowing tightly against each other. 

“This kind of matter…” She quickly pursed her lips to stop herself from saying anything more. 

It was too absurd.

How did Ji Xinxin manage to conceal such a blatant lie? Did the shallowness of the affair blindside Li Xiaoxing, causing him to let his guard down?

Li Mingyue clutched the two folders tightly as she considered her next move.

Her assistant quietly probed, “Do you intend to show these folders to Mr. Li?”

Li Mingyue didn’t answer the question. She looked at the banquet hall behind her, where laughter and cheery conversation could be heard. Who could have imagined the touching love story recounted just a moment ago was simply a lie?

But the engagement ceremony was already underway.

Li Mingyue didn’t need to reach for her phone to know that a public engagement like this would have already spread like wildfire on the internet. 

Millions were already aware of this engagement. It wouldn’t be an easy feat for them to annul it now. 

More importantly, Li Mingyue was unaware of Li Xiaoxing’s thoughts on the matter. 

How will he react when he finds out about it?

While Li Mingyue was still immersed in her thoughts, her assistant noticed a man walking out of the banquet hall and greeted him, “Mr. Song.”

The greeting sounded more like a reminder to Li Mingyue.

The latter quickly snapped out of her daze and acknowledged Song Shiyu’s presence with a nod. However, Song Shiyu walked up to her, eyed the folders in her hands, and then asked solemnly, “What’s that?”

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