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100000PSI - Chapter 80.3: Ji Fanyin, Let’s Leave This Place (3)

“…” Cheng Lin fell silent for a brief moment. There was a pensive look in her eyes as she asked, “Are you familiar with web novels? Or novels similar to Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio?”

“Pardon me, I’m usually preoccupied with work, though I’ve read Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio,” replied Li Mingyue indirectly.

“… I’m saying that you can just go ahead and take a look at it. There’s no need to ask her for permission. It’s meaningless.” Cheng Lin pushed the door open. “I’m heading out for a puff. I’ll be back soon.”

Li Mingyue waited for Cheng Lin to leave before turning her sights back to the guest room. The only ones left in here were her and Ji Xinxin, who was still despairing on the floor. 

She walked over and helped the bride-to-be onto a chair. “Take a seat here and calm down. I’ll handle the situation in the banquet hall.”

Ji Xinxin suddenly grabbed Li Mingyue’s wrist, “I’m begging you, don’t tell uncle and auntie about this. They are already advanced in age. I don’t want to put them through such a huge shock. If something were to happen to them, I’ll…”

Li Mingyue lowered her gaze and looked at Ji Xinxin intently. Despite the latter’s frail appearance, she was brazen enough to deceive Li Xiaoxing for five whole years and even become his fiancée. She didn’t dare underestimate what Ji Xinxin was capable of. 

“My parents have weathered through huge storms over the years. They won’t collapse at little setbacks like this,” replied Li Mingyue placidly. She slipped her hand out of Ji Xinxin’s grasp and instructed her assistant to get her a cup of water. 

Right before Li Mingyue left the guest room, she took one last glance at Ji Xinxin. She had curled herself into a ball, looking miserable and pitiful. 

However, Li Mingyue didn’t feel a shred of compassion for her. She quietly instructed her assistant, “… Keep a close eye on her. Don’t allow her to leave the room until my brother or I return. If needed, call security over.”

“Understood.” The assistant nodded in acknowledgment.

Having ensured the arrangements were in place, Li Mingyue made her way toward the smoking corner where Cheng Lin was taking a puff, ready to take a good look at Ji Fanyin’s diary. 

Ji Fanyin was taking her first sip from a glass of icy cola when Bai Zhou suddenly approached her. 

“What?” Ji Fanyin gave him a sidelong glance.

Bai Zhou squatted down beside her and spoke with a suppressed voice, “You shouldn’t get involved with what’ll happen next. Let’s go.” 

“The ceremony is still underway.” Ji Fanyin was glued to her seat.

She had noticed Cheng Lin and Ji Xinxin arguing earlier on, only for Li Mingyue to rush over moments later to break them up. The group of them then hurriedly left the scene. The entire incident was over in two minutes, so it didn’t draw much attention from the guests.

“I already know about it.” Bai Zhou paused for a brief moment. “Soon, Li Xiaoxing will too.”

“Now is a good time for him to learn the truth,” replied Ji Fanyin.

Bai Zhou fell silent. With an even more suppressed tone, he asked, “Is this revenge?”

“Shouldn’t Ji Fanyin exact revenge?” she asked back.

“… Just come with me.” Bai Zhou didn’t harp on the issue and instead chose to reiterate his earlier request. “It’s my birthday today. You still owe me an answer.” 

Ji Fanyin continued sipping on her cola as she subconsciously glanced at a certain someone seated not too far away—Mrs. Bai—and the latter was looking at her too. 

God knows how long she has been looking at us!

The two of them ended up exchanging gazes for a brief moment. In the end, Ji Fanyin stood up with her cola and said, “Let’s talk outside.”

Bai Zhou sprung to his feet and followed her. 

Minutes later, Secretary Fan arrived at Ji Fanyin’s now empty seat with Li Xiaoxing. He asked the guests seated on the same table about where Ji Fanyin had gone. 

“Miss Ji?” One of the guests pointed in a direction. “She left with the young master of the Bai Family not too long ago.”

Her son merrily chirped in, “That beautiful big sister owes that big brother an answer!”

The guest hurriedly covered his son’s mouth and flashed an awkward but polite smile at them. 

Secretary Fan quickly took out his phone and made a call. A moment later, he bent down and whispered in Li Xiaoxing’s ear, “They are just outside.”

Li Xiaoxing hadn’t even noticed how tightly he had been gripping the wheelchair’s hand rest all this while. “Let’s go.”

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