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ZL - Chapter 1098- Axe-weilders

A few minutes later, the beautiful little miss returned. She transformed back into the goddess that she was and smiled, "I got the news and didn't spend any money at all."

"Where is Lanais locked up at?" I asked.

"She isn't even in all those caves. She is underground. Let's continue forwards over this mountain. There is a silver tree at the back and behind it is an entrance. After we enter, we can find Lanais."


Dong Cheng Yue looked at Lin Wan Er in shock, "Wow Wan Er, you can actually understand those Little Sickle Demons. I was not far and couldn't understand a single word!"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Didn't you see them waving their arms and using sign language to talk to me? Ah, they are so cute, let's not kill them in the future..."

I, "..."

I stopped bothering about my girlfriend and led the way. We were going to pass the mountain to find Lanais.


After climbing over, the other side was still a blood colored mountain range. As for that silver-white tree, it was really outstanding. Those Little Sickle Demons didn't lie to us at all.

We weren't stopped by anyone as we walked and that was quite unbelievable. Did they not care about where Lanais was? Dozens of Hybrid Demons were guarding the shapeshifters but this place was empty and there was nothing at all.

I held Butterfly and arrived behind the tree. I said horse hoof marks under a giant circular stone so I knew that there was definitely something behind it. I kept my swords and bent down to hold the circular stone. I shouted out and used all my strength but it was too heavy.

"Damn, it is so heavy!" I grabbed my sore arm.

Lin Wan Er was speechless, "You are so smart when you are smart but so stupid when you are stupid..."

He reached out and pulled the stone handle at the side. Instantly the circular stone split into two and revealed a black hole. It really was underground!


I pulled out my swords once more and used the five star god artifact light of Butterfly and Gan Jiang to light up the way. I led the four girls into the hole and what we didn't expect was that there was no one there at all. We headed to the deepest part of the cave in just 10 minutes. It got hotter and hotter and heavier and heavier.

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Finally, the area in front became brighter and it was lit up.

A giant hall appeared in front of us. It was still a blood pond and altar but Lanais wasn't in such a bad state. She was wrapped up in blood vines and she was hanging above the pond. Her eyes were closed and she looked exhausted. Her clothes were removed, fortunately, the leaves of the vines were covering her private parts.

"You finally found this place."

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A voice spread from the center of the altar and it was an axe holding general. He was dressed in armor and sitting at the center. He spoke in a sinister voice, "I thought that I would be lonely to death here, I didn't expect people would risk their lives for Lanais. Great, your arrival really brings me some joy."

He got up and his cape fluttered in the wind. He turned and looked at us. His old face was filled with determination.

His brows and mustache were both white but the light from his eyes made one's body shake. This fellow definitely wasn't so easy to deal with!

I got close and Lanais finally opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with happiness and excitement. She said with a weak voice, "Lanais... You must be careful... He is really strong..."

I held my swords and smiled, "Don't worry, I am stronger!"

Lanais burst into a laugh but she had no energy at all. Her body was just too weak and all her power was being absorbed by the blood pond. This situation looked like how a snake demon or scorpion raised a kid but they were developing a kid while Lanais had all her energy sucked away and she was turning into trash.

It seemed like it was impossible to rely on Lanais's strength to get out. She couldn't even protect herself. Blood Abyss Azure was so vicious and actually tortured Lanais so much, but... I had to thank him, after all, he didn't kill her!

As I moved forwards, I read this old man's stats and shared it with the party--

Axe-holder Luo Ming (4 star god tier)

Level: 207

Attack: 34500-44000

Defence: 31000

Health: 250000000

Skill: Whirling Battle Axe, Speed Jump Slash, Army Breaker, Rage of God

Introduction: Axe-holder Luo Ming, this old man was a senior of the king family of Ba Huang City. Luo Ming searched for the peak of martial arts and gave off his position in the family. He took the wrong path and his ambitions were made use of by Azure and he became his puppet. Although he became strong but he lost his conscience and became the claws and fangs of the Hybrid Demons. His experience was similar to Luo Lin.


"Another Luo Lin?" Lin Wan Er smiled.

I held my sword, "Luo Lin became a King Tier Boss while he is just a four star god tier Boss, the grade alone is a gap."

Dancing Forest said, "But we can't underestimate him. His attack is much higher than Lin Zhao's. In terms of skills, he shouldn't be on the same level."

"En, prepare to attack!"

I stepped on the blood pond and activated Wall of Douqi and Frost Armor. When I charged in front of the Boss I was already in my optimal state. My swords shone coldly as I slashed on his armor. Sparks flew and Luo Ming retreated. He lost a lot of health but he was still going to attack. He looked at me with arrogance, "Kid, if this is all you have then you are dead!"

I hated being threatened and used Wind Carrying Slash+ Strength of a Thousand Men right away.

After the skill light, Luo Ming had stepped forwards and attacked while laughing out loud. The war axe landed and he followed it up with a Whirlwind Battle Axe. He coupled that with another basic attack and then Army Breaker and then another basic attack. Army Breaker was really strong and the follow up basic attack forced me back. Damage numbers rose up and it was too frightening--







Not only me but even Darling Duck was terrified! Darling Duck and I healed but my Twin Dragon effect was still triggered. The Twin Dragons wrapped around me as I retreated. I saw Luo Ming jump up, he used Quick Jump Slash. He was just too quick!

I sunk down and used Blade Rush to dodge his jump. Darling Duck continued to heal me and I used Great Realm of Desolation+ Blade Spin to restrict the boss. I was shocked. This Boss's intelligence was far above other bosses. Those bosses would just toss random skills and their attack was high but they weren't able to kill me. But this Luo Ming was different. He would couple each skill with a basic attack and all this stacked up was really terrifying. like players, true experts cared about the details. Sometimes, good skills were important but high damage was what gave a person the win.

"This Luo Ming is a mechanical expert." Lin Wan Er held her daggers to cover me.

Dancing Forest used Scattered Shot to stun the Boss to buy some time, "We were too overconfident. If not for Twin Dragon, we would have been wiped out."



I didn't say anything and spent my effort on blocking the Boss's attacks.

"Kid, hand your life over!"

Luo Lin and Angela's old ancestor was so strong. After each axe hit, he would store up energy. His body sunk down and energy wrapped around him. He was about to use Army Breaker once more. I saw the chance to step in and knock his wrist. Gan Jiang's handle smashed into his shoulder and then I turned and swept him with both swords!


"Break success!"

Dancing Forest smiled, "Beautiful!"

My strength wasn't too much lower than the Boss and it seemed like the success rate of the break was high. Facing such a mechanical boss, one had to use mechanics to counter him. If I just defended, if he crits, I might get insta killed. Darling Duck's revive might revive me but it wasn't good to lose one level. It took 6-10 hours to get one level and I really couldn't afford to lose a level now.

Just like that, we attacked one another and we lasted until Luo Ming used Rage of God!

"Martial gods in the heavens be my witness, I will borrow your strength to kill the enemy. I use my blood as a contract to summon the gods!"

After saying all that, golden light descended from above and it increased his stats and Attack. Right away he attacked more fiercely. Whirlwind Axe Slash brought Lin Wan Er down to low health and also dealt 170 thousand damage to me. Lin Wan Er retreated but I couldn't. I could only rely on Wind Carrying Slash to heal up.

Luo Ming really was strong. Under such a situation he didn't forget about using basic attacks to wither me down. I felt like things weren't good. I activated Invincible Body and entered invincibility to tangle with the Boss.

Finally, another Boss could force me to use my invincibility.


What was most terrifying about Luo Ming was his explosiveness. Lin Wan Er was smart and summoned Little White to tank the damage. After Little White died twice, Luo Ming's health finally emptied out. He cried out and his glorious life had ended.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.