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ZL - Chapter 1096- Law

We weren't disturbed along the way. Lin Wan Er was disguised as Lin Zhao so no one dared to stop us. Lin Zhao was probably like the emperor here and Wan Er's acting skills were really good, maintaining the arrogance and aura of Lin Zhao. Until we headed north out of the city gates, no one noticed something was up. Who knew what was going to happen once they found Lin Zhao's corpse. Probably at that time, it would be tough for us to bring Lanais back. Players like us could use the city return scroll but Lanais had to remain here. We had no choice, we had to take Lanais away.

God Dragon Horse stepped on the dirt. I realised that I was thinking too much, the first thing was how to save Lanais.


4am, we were still moving in the Blood Mountain Range. But more level 7 Demon Hall Crossbow and level 8 Two-winged Demons and Courageous Hell Spearman were spawning. Dong Cheng Yue and Dong Cheng Yue were panting and this wasn't a country war so we didn't need to rush for time. I said, "Let's go offline to rest? We will come online 10 hours later at 3pm. Eat something good before coming online and we will complete the quest at once. How about that?"

Darling Duck nodded, "I support!"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Okay, I wanted to mention that long ago, I am so tired..."

"Then find a safe spot to go offline!"

I pointed at a high piece of stone, "No monsters are spawning there. I will bring you up, it is safer to go offline there."

The stone was 20 meters above the ground and it was wide. I activated Icy Wings and hugged Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest up. Lin Wan Er didn't summon Little White and just waited for me to hug her. When I carried the four of them up, it was time to head offline.


Early in the morning, I went offline and ate something. I lay on the bed and looked at the lights on the streets. I wasn't that tired so I picked up the laptop to look at the Destiny forums!

There wasn't anything much on the china region forums, it was just Legend recruiting people, Hero Mound Hundred Abyss Cavalry entering Ice and Fire Plains and being stopped by the Indians. Apart from that, there were many Vietnamese, Philippines etc players that were near Frost Flame City and Fish City. They weren't happy that their city was stolen and wanted to do things but were hunted by Judgement and Flying Dragon. Ye Lai led 10 thousand Judgement cavalry to kil them. Drunken Spear took 2000 heavy cavalry and along with 5000 cavalries from Flying Dragon, he killed the enemy players in the forest. Although this wasn't the country war period, but people liked killing and gaining equipment.

I looked at other countrys' forums. Korea, Japan, Vietnam etc forums were bubbling. Everyone was rubbing their fists and waiting for the next country war. They had all become allies but weren't too united. Some wanted people to attack Fish City and Frost Flame City while some think that they should cause trouble in War God River so that China region players couldn't level in peace. That would help slow down the gap in equipment and levels between both sides. Some felt that they should gather troops to attack Fan Shu City. Since the country war hadn't started, they would wipe out the NPC troops in the city.

Anyways, everyone spoke up on the forums but no one stood out to make a decision. ven Korea's king Lee wasn't strong enough as the Vietnamese didn't care. They blamed the Koreans for them losing Fish City.

on the other side, Frost Forest and Demon Moon recommended buying tokens from Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City and then gathering troops to take down the player cities near Tian Ling City and Flaming Cloud City. They will weaken the players between the country wars.

Actually, the Japanese had a good idea and it made me feel some threat. Flaming Cloud City was already ours during the first country war and the 27 player bases were all occupied by us. Zhan Long even occupied one of them. We relied on them to cut off their economic sources such that the guilds developed really slowly.

In the future country war, if we wanted to conquer cities, we had to face enemies 3-5 times our number. Each one of us had to be strong and had to care about our skills, equipment and levels. After all, mechanics and tactics had to do with talent and one couldn't train that.

Another thing was that Heaven Planning Hall had organised a meeting.

Yan Zhao Warrior suggested being sincere and letting Zhan Long's core members enter. Everyone saw clearly during the country war that Zhan Long's elites were so strong. If Zhan Long and Heaven Planning Hall worked together, China's commanding would be good and our combat strength would increase.

Rumor agreed with Yan Zhao Warrior's opinion and was willing to show his sincerity too.

But when Fang Ge Que told him my conditions, Rumor objected. Mine was to remove the ranks and then raise 100 people to vote. The first person would be the Great Battle Axe, the 2-9 would be Battle Axe etc. This meant that Rumor would lose his power. How would he even do that?

Things weren't easy to handle when there were more people. Rumor wanted Heaven Planning Hall to help him rule the world. As long as he continued holding power, I wouldn't agree to join. I had enough of being restricted in it country war. As long as I had men and troops in my hand, why would I want to get controlled!

I shall let Heaven Planning Hall do what they want, what I considered was when Mocha would return. Once she enter Zhan Long, Waterfront City would be given to Portugal's Purple Wind Flute and 7K. Cold Winter and 7K would lead Waterfront City to deal with Nine Heavens City. Then we will have more energy to face the enemies in the west.

I thought about it for a long time and only went to sleep at 6am.


I slept a full 8 hours and after bathing, the chef had cooked at 2:30. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue weren't up yet. These fellows, they were still sleeping after 10 hours, were they sleeping for their lives?

"Dong dong dong..."

I knocked on Lin Wan Er's door but there was no sound.

"Dong dong..."

I knocked once more and there was still no reaction.

I was anxious and twisted the handle. She didn't lock it. When I walked in, I noticed that she was sleeping soundly. Summer was here so she didn't wear a lot. Her bottom half was covered but her snow white leg still stuck out from her blanket.


I laughed and touched it. Then I helped to cover her body with the blanket, "Wan Er wake up, it is time. Quickly."

She opened one eye and then closed it lazily, "Honey, what time is it?"

"2:30, we still have half an hour. Quickly, Dong Cheng is not up yet, I will call her."


When I called Dong Cheng Yue, Lin Wan Er jumped into my arms and the phone had her voice in it, "Wu... What is up?"

"Time to wake up, if not what."

"Oh, can I sleep another 10 minutes."

"No, wake up right away."

"Okay, so fierce."

I lowered my head and looked at Wan Er who had fallen asleep again. I kissed her lips and moved my arms around her waist. After being shocked, her breathing became rushed and her face flushed red. When I grabbed her peaks, she opened her eyes and left my lips. She was embarrassed, "Jerk, you are so naughty in the morning!"

I looked at the sunlight and said, "It is the afternoon already. Get up if not I will teach you a lesson."

She laughed and covered her peaks with her dress. She smiled, "Just this? Bring it on, I want to see how..."

Tang Qi's voice spread in, "Ah, time to eat, it is so fragrant..."

My heart sank, how was I going to do anything. With Tang Qi's cultivation, once my aura became rushed, he would notice it.

I slapped Wan Er's butt, "Come up, I will head out to wait for you."



I rushed lunch before heading online!


I went online at 3:11pm and noticed that Darling Duck and Dancing Forest were sitting on the stone and were so bored that they were playing scissors paper stone. Any later and the two of them would be playing mahjong.

"Ah, you guys are finally here!" Dancing Forest looked at me, "Why so late?"

"Those two woke up too late." I was helpless.

"Scoff, I thought you were going to wake at 3, finish one round and then come online!"

"How is that possible, we are all so pure..."

"He, is that so?"

Right at that moment, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both got online. We could begin our journey to save Lanais.


The mountain became hard to climb as it got higher and higher. Many Two-winged Demons and Sword Spirit Cavalry were flying about in the sky. The Hybrid Demon Territory security was really tight. If it was human NPC's AI, we would have been noticed long ago.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.