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ZL - Chapter 1097- Shapeshifter

We spent the next three hours of the afternoon hunting in the mountain range. We killed numerous monsters and traveled about in the forest. We dodged the units in the sky and gained large amounts of experience but we were still unable to find Lanais.



Dong Cheng Yue pointed into the distance and we saw many holes in the mountain range. People with a fear of holes definitely couldn't stand this place.

On the map, the area in front was the reddest. I said, "If we are right then Lanais is in this mountain body."

"But, there are so many holes, which one is she in?"

"I don't know about that..."

I counted and there was a total of 49 caves. Blood colored light shone from within. Who knew which one Lanais was in? Moreover, each cave was guarded which made things more difficult.

"This quest is just so sick." Dancing Forest held her bow and squinted her eyes, "No matter how we look we won't be able to find out, what should we do?"

I held Gan Jiang and Butterfly, "Forget it, let's search one by one from the most left one. How about that?"

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"Okay, we have no choice."

Damn, even if we had to search all 49, we had to find Lanais. After all, she was imprisoned because of me.


Outside the cave were many level 7 Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen, there were a total of 20+ of them. As they were level 7 Hybrid Demons, we didn't have to be too careful. I charged forwards and use Ghost God's Dance +Trampling Thunder to attract all the monsters over. I then used Wind Carrying Slash and Sword Tempest to slash. Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest loved such battles too and tossed their skills out. Instantly, many Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen were killed.

Enter the cave!

This cave entrance was no higher than 2 meters so one couldn't ride horses in. I used Icy Wings and then stepped in using the walls to guide me. The light inside was decent. I walked carefully at the front and Lin Wan Er followed behind. Little White roared outside as he was unable to be kept into the pet space by Wan Er.

"Be careful, there are monsters in front." Dancing Forest's sensory ability was the strongest out of all of us.

As expected, there were flames. The tunnel started to open up and a giant being appeared. It was a spider bathing in flames. It was huge, its body was over 3 meters. Before it got close to me, I shared its stats into the party--

Flame Widow (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 205

Attack: 21000-33200

Defence: 24000

Health: 4200000

Skill: Poison Stab, Silk, Scorch Pond

Introduction: Flame Widow, a poisonous being living in the magma layer. This spider has lethal poison and few it attacks can survive. Moreover, it could make a strong web to bind its opponent. It could also spit out a flame pond to burn its target. Legend had if a married guy meets the Flame Widow, his wife would also become a widow.


"Good good... Flame Widow..." Dancing Forest smiled, "Guild Leader,

you go!"

I charged forwards with my swords and used Great Realm of Desolation+Blade Spin. The spider cried and its body shook. A poison needle from its spine flew towards me. I saw it and used Blade Rush to dodge it. At the same time, many golden star patterns smashed onto the spider's body.

Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest started to attack. Right at that moment, the spiders started to fight back. It opened its mouth and spat out some white silk!


The web was sticky and really damp. It wrapped my legs. No, I should have the special skill so why would I get hit?

I thought about it. The spider web wasn't a stun, confusion, sleep or poison. It was just a physical wrap. For example, if I fell into a canyon, and a bunch of vines wrapped onto me. Naturally, Hero's Heart wouldn't help me break free of the vines.

Luckily, this wrap only lasted for 2 seconds. But the spider had started to use Flame Pond below my feet. My boots started to feel hot and my health started to drop.

I waved my swords to heal up and in just a short while, this Flame Widow was dealt with. It was just so-so!



The spider didn't drop any equipment or gem, instead, it dropped a red card. I looked at the stats, eh, a decent consumable--

Flame Widow Card: Add a poison effect for the user, when used and one attacks a target, his defence is reduced by 7%. The target will also lose health for 3 seconds. Level required 180, lasting for 120 minutes.


I waved the card and said, "Dancing Forest, do you want this?"

Dancing Forest shook her head, "Nope, I have a darkness archer card that gives me 20% ranged attack and 5% critical strike rate, it is slightly better than this."

"Okay then I shall use this."

I opened my palm and the card turned into a buff for me. Anyways I was a close combat player and had to touch monsters. I used the card and both Gan Jiang and Butterfly shone red. Was this the effect of the poison? It did look good.

We killed Flame Widows all the way and after 10 minutes, we were at the deepest point. When we passed a wall, what we saw shocked me--

This was a giant Blood Pond Altar and Lanais was pinned on the center totem. Her arms were pierced by iron rods and a giant sword stabbed between her peaks. The fresh blood dyed her shirts and her legs were wrapped with iron chains.

On the side, 10 Courageous Hell Spearman and 1 Blood Wolf Guard were in charge of defending her. Their combat strength looked decent.


Lanais sighed. She was still alive and wasn't dead yet.


Rage rose up in my heart. I pointed my sword forwards, "Attack!"

It wasn't too tough to deal with the 11 level 8 Hybrid Demons. After Wall of Douqi broke, we killed them all. It didn't take longer than 3 minutes. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest all felt angry about Lanais's situation and they went all out too.


My boots stepped on the pond and I walked to the center while causing ripples. I grabbed the sword in Lanais's chest and pulled.

Lanais raised her head, her eyes were filled with no energy at all.

I waved Butterfly and Gan Jiang to slash Lanais's chains off. She fell into my arms and looked at me. She had no energy at all, "Thank you, adventurer..."

Lin Wan Er said anxiously, "Piggy, be careful!"

I was surprised too. Lanais recognised me so she would call my name. She definitely wouldn't call my adventurer unless her memories were wiped out. But that was impossible.

Right at that moment, Lanais's expression turned ugly and spikes appeared from her chest. Her palm turned into a blade which was sent into my chest. It dealt 70 thousand damage. She gave a high pitched laugh, "Thank you for coming here to die, hahaha..."

I retreated and kicked her aside. I looked at the wound on my chest and laughed coldly, "Sneak attack? You are so weak, you can't even kill me like that!"

This thing finally revealed itself. Its body was covered in spikes, it was a human shaped porcupine.

Shapeshifter, level 205 one star quasi God Boss.


"This is a new type?" Darling Duck raised her hand to heal me. She smiled, "Azure's appearance is really giving us many surprises!"

I waved my swords and smiled, "Let's end this quick, kill him!"

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In just five minutes, this shapeshifter Boss fell to my sword. As he was too ugly so Lin Wan Er didn't want to use the ring to replicate im. That made sense, the ring could only make 10 copies so we had to be careful.

But when we walked out and entered the second one, it was still a shapeshifter. This meant that we wasted a lot of time.

49 holes, even if we were effective and finished one cave in 30 minutes, we would need 24 hours. That was too long.

"How, we can't search them one by one right?" Dancing Forest said.

I looked at the monsters in the distance and had an idea, "Look over there, aren't there a bunch of Little Sickle Demons moving corpses and food? Based on what I know their status is really low and they are under huge pressure. They love money too, why not... Wan Er turn into Lin Zhao with gold and find out where Lanais is at. Then it would save time for us."

Dong Cheng Yue clapped, "Good idea!"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Great, all of you wait here for me."



We ambushed in the bushes and waited. Lin Wan Er turned into Lin Zhao once more and walked out with the spear flag. Those Little Sickle Demons all stopped and screeched towards Lin Wan Er. They looked respectful and warm. I could even see Lin Wan Er smile awkwardly. Who knew whether or not she understood what they said.

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