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100000PSI - Chapter 78.1: I Love You Too (1)

Li Mingyue’s quiet appearance shocked Ji Fanyin, but it made perfect sense when she noticed the lambskin flats on Li Mingyue.

Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense would choose to wear a pair of comfortable shoes over stiletto on such an exhausting day.

“Looks like she has done a good job hiding the truth.” Cheng Lin crossed her arms and snorted. She turned to Li Mingyue and continued, “Why wouldn’t she? She’s still counting on marrying into the Li Family to lift her social status!”

Li Mingyue was unfazed. She calmly looked at Cheng Lin and replied, “It’s only been a month since my brother brought Ji Xinxin home. I admit that I don’t know her well. Can’t you share more details with me?”

Cheng Lin’s expression froze up, which amused Ji Fanyin. The latter chuckled unapologetically.

Cheng Lin had always been weak to soft tactics. She couldn’t find any reasons to reject the calm and polite request coming from Li Mingyue. 

Cheng Lin directed a sharp glare at Ji Fanyin, but it didn’t look very intimidating. She then pursed her lips and asked with a provocative tone, “Ji Fanyin, what do you think? Should I reveal everything to the Li Family?”

“Today is an important day for them. Let’s not be wet blankets,” Ji Fanyin replied with a smile.

She had already booked a VIP seat to enjoy the upcoming drama. It would be interesting to watch them get onto the same boat and drag each other down. She wouldn’t want Li Xiaoxing and Ji Xinxin to sever their relationship now and ruin the show. 

After all, she had already booked the VIP seats to enjoy the upcoming drama.

However, Ji Fanyin’s reply agitated Cheng Lin. “That’s the thing about you! Don’t you know how the two of them ‘met at the nursing home’?”

These words were a huge hint. 

Ji Fanyin put up a finger to hush Cheng Lin. She then walked forth to grab her arm to stop her from revealing anything more.

Despite looking like a valiant soldier prepared to march to the battlefield, Cheng Lin froze up on Ji Fanyin’s touch. “Ji Fanyin! What are you doing… Why the bloody hell are you leaning on me? Let’s talk peacefully and not resort to violence… Don’t you have any bones?!”

“Don’t ruin my plans.” Ji Fanyin forcefully dragged Cheng Lin off while directing an apologetic smile toward Li Mingyue. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Li Mingyue frowned at their exchange. She asked, “Is it inconvenient to reveal the details?”

“Yes, it’s better not to talk about it,” replied Ji Fanyin. 

For me, that is. I can’t say the same for Li Xiaoxing though.

Those words got Cheng Lin gritting her teeth. She dragged Ji Fanyin forward with her and exclaimed, “Why not? Don’t you know that a person of Li Xiaoxing’s stature won’t be able to easily annul an engagement once the ceremony goes through? If you do not reveal the truth now, when do you plan to…”

Cheng Lin suddenly widened her eyes and stared at Ji Fanyin incredulously. “It can’t be that you don’t even know why Li Xiaoxing likes Ji Xinxin?!”

“I know.” Ji Fanyin tightened her grip around Cheng Lin’s arm, silently pressuring her to lower her volume. “But we don’t have to expose her now.”

“... When do you plan to reveal it then?”

“When Li Xiaoxing can no longer back out,” replied Ji Fanyin.

Ji Fanyin had never been worried about being outplayed by Ji Xinxin. What interested her more was how Li Xiaoxing would react when he learned of the truth, after the deed had been done. That was the only thing she was uncertain about.

These were the kind of things that piqued her interest, making her want to see to the end of things. 

But if one thing was for sure, Li Xiaoxing definitely wouldn’t abandon Ji Xinxin right away.

He had already invested so much into Ji Xinxin. Regardless of whether it was out of anger from being scammed, or to recoup his investment, Li Xiaoxing wouldn’t let Ji Xinxin go that easily.

But what about after that?

Ji Fanyin was secretly hoping that he might transfer her eight billion dollars out of guilt and self-reproach. 

… I’m also fine with seven billion too if that’s too much. 

Cheng Lin fell silent. She pulled her arm out of Ji Fanyin’s grasp and then snorted in disdain, “You’re hopeless. I’m an idiot for worrying about you.”

She raised her chin haughtily and marched off to the table assigned to her, not wanting to interfere in this matter anymore. 

Ji Fanyin’s invitation was from Li Xiaoxing, so it was only natural for her to be seated amongst Li Xiaoxing’s guests. Despite being a foreign face to Li Xiaoxing’s associates, no one dared to belittle her. 

After all, Secretary Fan had taken special care to greet her within a minute of her settling down in her seat. 

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