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100000PSI - Chapter 77.2: Why Didn’t You Reply to My Text? (2)

Ji Fanyin went back into the walk-in wardrobe and rummaged through the drawers, trying to find where Bai Zhou kept his accessories.

She was in the midst of pulling out two drawers when Bai Zhou, who had been standing by the entrance with his tuxedo in hand, suddenly rushed forward and blocked the drawer that she was going to open next. “It’s not here!”

Ji Fanyin raised her hands in resignation. “Then tell me where they are.”

Bai Zhou pointed in a direction and exclaimed with a furious blush. “It’s there. Don’t touch any of the other drawers!”

Ji Fanyin couldn’t be bothered to find out what was hidden in the mysterious drawer. For all she cared, it could be a kinky device or some intimate apparel. She quickly picked out a set of accessories to complement the tuxedo and tie without looking back.

It was already 2 PM by the time they set off for the hotel where the engagement party was being held.

It could be out of consideration for Ji Xinxin, but Li Xiaoxing chose to hold the engagement ceremony in her hometown. 

Right as they were about to arrive at the destination, Ji Fanyin noticed a nursing home located mid-hill.

It somehow looked familiar to her, so she gave it a second glance.

Bai Zhou noticed her action. “I heard that you were hospitalized there when you were younger?”

Realization struck Ji Fanyin. “Yes.” 

Turns out there was a special reason why Li Xiaoxing chose to hold the engagement ceremony at this hotel.

“Was your condition severe then?” Bai Zhou asked. “You never give me a proper response whenever I raise this topic.”

“I was in a vegetative state for a few weeks, but I don’t remember it being painful.” replied Ji Fanyin with a smile “It felt like a long nap. I might have even gotten something good in return.”

“Something good?” Bai Zhou was puzzled.

Ji Fanyin laughed. “Yes, something good.”

Li Xiaoxing booked the entire hotel for the engagement ceremony, so every single detail in the venue was meticulously set up.

Even from the periphery, one could already spot an archway of white multiflora roses lining the entrance of the hotel.

Bai Zhou snorted in disdain, “What a show off. My wedding ceremony will be much grander than this!”

“Sure, sure,” Ji Fanyin replied perfunctorily. “But don’t you think that the happiness of the groom and the bride is more important than the size of the venue or the number of guests?” 

Those words seemed to remind Bai Zhou of something. He grumbled with a pout, “You’re right.”

Bai Zhou followed the directions of the hotel staff and parked his car. He glanced out of the car window and remarked, “Is it raining?”

Ji Fanyin passed the umbrella to Bai Zhou, thinking that she would just brave the rain since it was just a short walking distance.

I’ll just consider this umbrella my birthday present to Bai Zhou, even though it is slightly inauspicious.
(Umbrella is a homonym with ‘parting ways’ or ‘break-up’)

Bai Zhou quickly alighted from the driver seat and sprinted over to the passenger seat. His umbrella arrived in time to shield Ji Fanyin, who had just opened the door to step out of the vehicle. 

Not a single drop of rain landed on her.

She looked at the youth carrying the umbrella for her and revealed a brief smile. “Happy birthday, Zhouzhou.”

Bai Zhou was puzzled. “Didn’t you already wish me…”

The countdown timer suddenly rang at this moment. Bai Zhou’s muscles instinctively tensed up, only to relax two seconds later. “Let’s go our separate ways when we are out of the rain! After all, I still have to return the umbrella to you, right?”

Ji Fanyin responded with a shrug, allowing him to do as he wished. She lifted her skirt slightly and stepped out from the car before making her way to the hotel’s main entrance under Bai Zhou’s escort.

Along the way, Bai Zhou even cautioned her. “Puddle.”

Looks like the little dolt has learned well over the past few months. He’s almost ready to graduate. There’s only one lesson left.

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.