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ZY - Chapter 383- Fracturing Armor

 "It leveled!"

    Light Lantern was delighted, "HAHAHAHA~~ It increased, it really reached the legendary SSS Tier! Damn, I have not even done one so far, feels good!"

    "Not bad~~~"

    Lin Xi squinted her eyes and looked at me, "Now we can really bathe and head to sleep. Okay, let's stop and head out. We shall find the NPC to submit the quest. Pay attention to the meteors!"


    We checked our equipment. After a full day of leveling, we were all drained. Especially for me, my armor durability had reached 20% and it was all red. Light Lantern and Lin Xi weren't any better. The three of us tanked the damage during the PK and we suffered so much damage.

    Thus, we headed out of Fracturing Canyon happily.

    A lone figure continued to move in the wilderness, it was Imperial Paladin Lei Jin. When Lin Xi led us over to talk to him, his face was filled with excitement, "Fan... Fantastic, the spirits in Fracturing Canyon have been wiped out. Thank you for completing this task. Come, this is your reward. I hope that all of you can continue to protect the honor of the human race!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing the main quest Fracturing Canyon (SSS), obtained rewards: 50% current level experience, reputation +14000, charm +3, gold +10000, obtained extra rewards: Fracturing Armor (Legendary Grade)!


    What? Super orange armor?

    I was filled with joy and quickly opened my bag. As expected, an armor lay in one corner and it shone orange. I picked it up.


    Lin Xi noticed it and opened her mouth slightly, "Lu Li you got extra rewards?"

    "En a Legendary Grade armor!"

    Light Lantern laughed, "I got a level 90 Unique Grade leggings, not bad!"

    An Archer said, "I got an S Grade skill book,

hahaha, I am rich. Shen Mingxuan and I can fire about in the future!"

    Shen Mingxuan rolled her eyes, "When do I randomly fire..."

    Light Frost laughed, "There are many lucky people, some others got Unique Grade equipment too! But it seems like Lu Li is the luckiest? A piece of super orange equipment actually dropped. Look at the stats, we can enjoy all of this and then head to bed. So tired!"


    I nodded and waved, instantly the Fracturing Armor's stats were shared in the guild channel--

    Fracturing Armor (Legendary Grade)

    Type: Armor


    Strength: +275

    Agility: +269

    Stamina: +265

    Special Effect: Damage absorption +12%

    Effect: Dodge +20%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 8000

    Effect: Defence, raise magic resistance by 110%

    Skill: Calamity, consume 100 special skill value, summon a meteor rain on a 50x50 area, dealing huge damage. Last for 7 seconds, 120 minute cooldown

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 110%

    Bonus: Raise user's defence by 108%

    Introduction: Fracturing Armor, a famous general from the Fractured World that crafted it, contains really strong powers. One can even summon those powers to launch a meteor strike

    Required level: 90


    "Maybe this is what they call legendary equipment!"

    Light Lantern praised, "This is just so strong, it is a god equipment at the current stage!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Such a piece of god equipment is such a waste on this fellow. If it was Lin Xi, her explosiveness and survivability would be 10% more!"

    I coughed and looked towards Lin Xi.

    "Don't look at me."

    Lin Xi smiled, "I won't steal your gear, moreover, no one is allowed to. This equipment is yours and after you wear it, you won't only be a milk cavalry. You will be our explosive cavalry. Whoever is unhappy with you, just use the meteor rain to smash them!"


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    I nodded my head. The instance I checked the equipment, I had silently adjusted my level to 90. Now I could equip it. Thus, I switched it off for my original purple equipment. I started to shine orange. The Fracturing Armor's stats were really good and instantly my combat strength reached 3000+. It was really high!

    "Okay, return to the city and go to bed."

    Lin Xi yawned, "Let's sleep in tomorrow, then we shall begin guild activities in the afternoon."

    "En en!"


    We shattered the City Return Scroll. Lin Xi and I were the last and after ensuring that everyone was back safely, Lin Xi turned around and smiled, "Okay it is safe, let's head back together."

    "En, one two three, together."


    Light wrapped around us. Lin Xi looked at me with her smiley eyes and I looked at her too. A string on my heart was being plucked at and it started to pound quickly. Lin Xi's eyes seemed flustered too and she lowered her head.

    "Shua shua!"

    We appeared at the teleportation formation and Shen Mingxuan said, "Okay go offline. Lin Xi I will send you to your room, Lu Li you go back yourself!"

    "Oh, I don't need you to send me!"

    "Hahah, who wants to send you!"

    After going offline, I carried my helmet out of the pavilion and Stareye's confirmation voice appeared in my ears. Lin Xi's flustered gaze appeared in my mind and my heartbeat quickly. Lin Xi... Did she like me?

    I had no idea and couldn't confirm it.

    Logically speaking, I should be an ordinary person? I looked decent but I wasn't as handsome as someone like Feng Canghai. If not, I would have many girls interested. Why would Lin Xi be interested in an ordinary person like me?


    I sighed and pushed my door open. There was no need to think so much about some things. Lin Xi was such an exceptional girl so why would she be interested in me. Maybe her expression was just because I was strong and had become her right hand man. It was a gaze of trust and she wasn't flustered.

    I was standing in my room like a simp, I was like a deer in headlights.

    No, I couldn't become such a guy. I was a guy that was going to save the world!


    Bathe, brush teeth, sleep!

    I looked at the moonlight and couldn't help but recall what Light Lantern said. If the moon doesn't sleep I won't sleep, I am a bald headed baby. Sleep, I didn't want to be bald!

    Thus, I closed my eyes. In the end, my mind was filled with Lin Xi. I struggled like that and two minutes later, I snored and went to bed.


    The next day.

    Noon, I woke up at 11:30. I was well slept and filled with energy. I picked up my phone and saw a message in the With You group chat. It was from Shen Mingxuan, "Eat at 12, I have ordered the meal. When you see it, reply 1!"

    At 10+, Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi had replied.

    I replied 1 and then went to brush up. After dealing with everything, I wore a dry shirt and headed upstairs. Shen Mingxuan had taken everything up. This time it wasn't from a private kitchen but crab. Just the smell alone filled me with an urge to eat. I picked up my chopsticks and started to battle with everyone.

    "Are you following us in the afternoon Lu Li?" Lin Xi asked.

    "No need."

    I shook my head, in my mind was about leveling the Assassin's Poison Refining Technique. I was near to the next level and would probably reach it before night. The level 4 poisons would make me a king! Like Ah Fei's inscription technique, low level inscriptions were just decorations. Those that were really strong were still the higher grade production skills. But I still smiled, "I have a quest to do, Lin Xi you lead them."


    She nodded, "Go do your own stuff. For a Paladin, the level is important. When we face bigger party battles, you will be important. You are even irreplaceable!"

    "Eh ah..."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Lu Li is becoming more and more important. Like yesterday, without his Self-sacrifice, Lin Xi might have died five times."

    "Without him, we wouldn't have even survived the first wave."

    Lin Xi giggled and didn't hide anything, "After all, Breaking Dawn aren't noobs. In With You, only Lu Li's health, healing and damage reduction can tank the first few waves, the other paladins... Allow me to be honest, none of them can tank it all. "

    "Lin Xi."

    I looked at her deeply, "Don't praise me like that, I will become arrogant."

    She smiled, "It might not be bad, my mentality in game is always to be arrogant and proud!"

    I nearly spat out the coke in my mouth!


    After lunch, before the guild activity, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and the others recruited people on the square. With You was now a level 2 guild and we could recruit 200 members. By recruiting everyone, we would have more people to gain experience so recruiting people was the most important. Fortunately, many people had asked us in advance so we had 150+ people already.

    Forget it, I had more important things to do.

    I switched accounts and headed towards Hundred Poison Forest. In a few hours, I should be able to get level 4 Poison Refining Technique!

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