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IGK - Chapter 66.2 A Different Treatment (2/2)

The hatred between the righteous and demonic sects was a natural given. Even if Wang Ke and Zhu Yan were also prisoners, the righteous ones still looked at them with murderous eyes.

“I’m the Parlor Lord’s grand-nephew. I demand a change of accomodation! I want to be in a different cell! I don’t want to stay here! I want a single cell!” Zhu Yan cried out.

Still, the demons outside ignored him. Instead, they gathered and gambled with dice. Cheers and laughter could be heard outside the prison cells. Zhu Yan was at a loss. Are all of you deaf?Can’t you hear me?I’m the Parlor Lord’s grand-nephew!

Zhu Yan continued to shout.

“Keep quiet. Any demonic disciple would claim to have connections and backgrounds. Who are you trying to deceive? Last time someone said he was the Demon Sovereign’s grandson! It was later proven that he was lying. Guess what happened? We beat him up so hard that he has yet to recover even to this day! Don’t interrupt our merry gambling! Or else I’ll slap you good!” The gambling demons shot Zhu Yan a stare.

Zhu Yan: “.........................!”I really am the Parlor Lord’s grand-nephew. Why won’t you believe me!Sure, my ancestral uncle is angry at me right now, but he still loves me. He will surely set me free later.

“Hey! I’m telling you the truth. I am Zhu Yan, Emperor of the Great Qing Empire. Don’t you know me? My ancestral uncle Zhu Hongyi, and I......!” Zhu Yan continued with his tirade.


There was a loud and crisp sound, and then a palm print was left on Zhu Yan’s face. He obediently went back to the corner where Wang Ke was.

Wang Ke had not said a word; he watched as Zhu Yan walked back to him, nursing the swelling half of his face. Thank goodness I stayed quiet, or I would have been the unlucky one!

Zhu Yan’s face was not the only thing hurting; his heart was also in pain. Damn it, I’m telling the truth!

“What are you looking at? Wang Ke, don’t you dare think about laughing at me because I was slapped. Humph, my ancestral uncle will release me soon, while you will go to your death! You’re a goner for sure! You’ll end up a hundred times worse than me!” Zhu Yan cursed at Wang Ke.

The demons outside the prison stopped their gambling at that moment. They looked with nervous eyes at another group of demons that had just arrived, the leader of which was Tong An'an. The top authority on the Divine Dragon Island had welcomed Zhu Hongyi at the docks!

“Quarter Lord, what brings you here?” the jailers asked, clearly nervous.

Tong An'an ignored them. His eyes scanned the whole place as he searched for someone.

Zhu Yan whispered to Wang Ke after noticing this, “See, my ancestral uncle ordered that person to take your life. Wang Ke, your time has come! I told you. You will end up a hundred times worse than me!”

Indeed, Tong An'an’s eyes lit up when he saw Wang Ke.

“Are all of you blind? This man saved our Parlor Lord, and you’re keeping him in such a lowly place? With this bunch of righteous prisoners? Must I slap your faces?” Tong An'an berated his subordinates.

“Ahh?” The demons were stunned and confused.

Zhu Yan’s face also froze. Something’s off…

“Quick, quick! Open the cell!” Tong An'an walked up to the prison cell where Wang Ke was in.

Tong An'an rushed into the cell the moment the jailers unlocked the door. He ignored all the confused eyes, as he directly grabbed Wang Ke’s hands and said, “Brother, sorry for making you suffer. I haven’t taught my subordinates well. Please forgive me!”

The demons: “................!”

The righteous sect disciples: “......................!”

Zhu Yan: “.............................”What is happening?

“I’m all right. You are…?” Wang Ke looked at Tong An'an in confusion.I don’t know him!Why is he being so courteous to me?

“Brother Wang, come, let’s speak outside. How can you stay in such a dirty and messy place? I already heard from the others that you saved lots of our disciples. You even saved the Parlor Lord! This has been a monumental contribution to our demonic sect! The Parlor Lord was just raging at the moment. He will surely promote you after he calms down! Quick, come. Let’s get out of here!” Tong An'an politely invited Wang Ke out of the prison cell.

The demons that Tong An'an had brought along also unlocked Wang Ke’s shackles.

“You bunch of blind people, take a good and hard look. This is brother Wang. I will flay whoever dares to mistreat him!” Tong An'an roared at the other demons.

“Please forgive us, Quarter Lord, we... We didn’t know about this!”

“Don’t ask me for forgiveness; ask Brother Wang!” Tong An'an reprimanded them.

“Brother Wang, please forgive us for mistreating you!” The demons quickly turned to Wang Ke.

“It’s okay, since you had no idea. I didn't suffer much; you were just carrying out official orders. There’s nothing to reprimand you for!” Wang Ke replied with a smile.

And so, the demons crowded around Wang Ke; they unlocked his chains, and allowed him to leave the prison cell. Some demons even served him tea after finding a nearby place to sit down. They did their best to make Wang Ke feel at home.

The righteous disciples were confused by the situation. Of course, the most bewildered was Zhu Yan.

“Wh… What is happening? Aren’t you making a mistake here? What about me? Why don’t you release me too? I’m still here!” Zhu Yan was about to vomit blood out of frustration.What happened to Wang Ke having it a hundred times worse than me?Darn it, how is it that he was suddenly set free?He was even treated to a massage and served tea?Why?What has he done to deserve that?Why!The Parlor Lord’s most loved grand-nephew is me!Why!

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.