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PBS - Chapter 2245 - Cang's Reincarnation, Part One

Qin Nan froze like he had turned into a statue. He could not hear a single thing.


Progenitor Mingchu, Progenitor Linghuang, and the others immediately realized something was not right.

"Who's that?"

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian who were hiding in the dark frowned.

"It's our chance!"

The authorities of the Zheng Clan, Han Clan, Mumen Sect, and other formidable factions were enlightened. They directed their attacks which they were executing by performing hand seals at Qin Nan.


Empress Feiyue forcibly unleashed the power of the Art of Ten Lifetimes to trigger ten ancient rare phenomena. They stood above Qin Nan like a majestic palace to defend him.

"Qin Nan!"

"Now is not the time to be lost in your thoughts!"

"It's most likely a conspiracy. You should take him down for now. You can worry about and handle the rest later!" Empress Feiyue transmitted her voice. It sounded a little stern instead of her usual emotionless and cold voice.

Qin Nan shuddered.

The few words cleared his thoughts like a peerless sword.

If it was before, he would never be able to accept the truth!

Cang was his enemy of life and death. If Tang Qingshan became Heaven Highness Wuwang's reincarnation, wouldn't it mean he would have to fight Tang Qingshan?


Qin Nan collected his thoughts in the nick of time. He unleashed the new power in his body which took the shape of a sacred pagoda before crashing onto the figure.

Progenitor Mingchu, Progenitor Linghuang, and the others let out sighs of relief.

Luckily, Qin Nan did not react too late!


A shocking sight took place following a loud blast. An invisible force appeared above Tang Qingshan and stopped Qin Nan's pagoda in its track.

"Does it mean..."

The authorities were dumbfounded.

Even though Qin Nan was not trying to kill the figure, but his attack was equivalent to the strength of a Ruler of Dao in the early stage. It was nothing the remaining energy of the dragon-shaped altar could withstand.


Tang Qingshan's eyes suddenly sprang open.

His eyes had nine different colors unlike before.

A shocking aura burst out of his body like a sacred sword slashing across boundless darkness and lit up everything in the Eastern Region.

The Rulers of Dao immediately sensed a great pressure.

"The aura of the Heaven Highness Realm?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' heart skipped a beat.

"That aura..."

The Ancient Taboo who had been wearing a pale face throughout the battle with an empty mind shuddered.

"How many years...has it been?"

Tang Qingshan spoke. His voice was loud like stacks of thunder. Not only was it deafening, it had a great impact on their minds too.

"Only a Heaven Highness? Everyone else is just a Ruler of Dao? Which Small Immortal Realm is this? Why is the Power of Rules so weak now? Tsk tsk, the Primary Upper Realm has really declined by a lot!" Tang Qingshan looked ahead and exclaimed.

"Are you Heaven Highness Wuwang? Only a wisp of his will?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was the first to react. He asked with a loud voice.

Heaven Highness Wuwang had died thoroughly in the past. It was almost impossible for him to come back to life. Even if Cang did make it possible, there was no way Heaven Highness Wuwang's cultivation would still be the Heaven Highness Realm. 

He would only be a Master of Dao at most!

"Are you really asking that question?"

Tang Qingshan's eyes flickered with disdain. He did not take another glance at Eternal Night Heaven Highness. He looked around him with cold eyes instead.

Wuxia and Wuguang were not with him!

It was obvious that some other factions had taken them away!

However, he was good at controlling his emotions. He looked at Qin Nan instead of being influenced by his emotions.

The glow in his eyes grew rapidly following a quick glance.

He had never seen any power like the one Qin Nan was unleashing. For some reason, he was able to tell that the power was outstanding in essence even though it was extremely weak for the time being.

Most importantly, he also sensed a familiar demonic will and an aura which he greatly despised!


Tang Qingshan did not waste any second, nor did he do anything extra. A terrifying force burst out of his body like a tsunami and surged forward, like it was trying to destroy everything.

He did not know who Qin Nan was, but as long as the guy was tied to Zhou Di, he had more than enough reasons to kill him!

Qin Nan's expression shifted. He felt an overwhelming sense of danger.

"Wordless Heavenly Book!"

Empress Feiyue came down the sky with a book in her hand. Countless words appeared from it and poured down like a great tide.


The two attacks clashed fiercely.

"A mere Ruler of Dao in the Greater Success Stage dares to stop me?"

Tang Qingshan released an imperious aura and summoned a giant hand grabbing forward.

Ancient chimes immediately sounded between the Heavens and Earth which unleashed the outstanding Power of Rules.

Empress Feiyue remained calm and collected. The ancient words formed a sword of ice in her hand.

The sword's light sprang forward and devoured everything in its path like a dragon.

Tang Qingshan's eyes widened slightly. He exclaimed with a slight hint of surprise, "It's quite a surprise to see someone like you in this fallen era."

As soon as he finished the sentence, the Power of Rules he unleashed was shattered. Empress Feiyue thrust her sword at his forehead with a tremendous aura.

"HAHA, you are very strong indeed, but now isn't the time for me to fight you!"

Tang Qingshan burst out laughing. His body suddenly broke into countless light dots to dodge the stab.

He soon reappeared at the end of the sky below the ten moons in the Eastern Region.

He was emitting a strange aura under the light of the ten blood-red moons.


Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the authorities immediately realized something.

The Trio Warriors were reincarnated right before Cang's reincarnation...

Heaven Highness Wuwang's reincarnation had retained a wisp of his will.

"The Great Order, the Unusualness of Dao!"

"Ten moons rising into the sky, dying the world with their blood-red light. The Heavens and Earth are reversed and the Yin and Yang are toppled!"

Tang Qingshan uttered an ancient curse. His voice was not exceedingly loud, yet it had spread across the whole Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm.

His hands were performing different seals too.

The cultivators in the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm clearly felt energy surging from the ten moons in the sky.

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