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ZL - Chapter 1088- Pregnant if we fail the quest

"I still have two parts of the set that I do not know where they are."

I pointed to my chest and legs and said, "The armor and leggings are empty. Frost how are you planning to help me find them?"

She placed her snow white hand confidently onto my back and it felt warm, "Each god artifact has its own mind and the set pieces of equipment can sense one another. After cultivating for so long, I have found out some of its secrets. As long as I have one, I can help you sense where the other parts are at."

I was delighted, "Really, can we try now?"


Frost closed her eyes and her eyebrows trembled. Golden light shone around her arm. After a short while, she opened her eyes and said firmly, "The armor and leggings are both in Hybrid Demon Territory. The leggings are on Blood Mountain Range and are guarded by Lanais and the already dead Blood Giant. The armor is even harder to get, it is within the God Demon Well and is guarded by Dalun and Sif."

I was shocked, "The sets are with the Hybrid Demon lords? Does... That means I have no chance?"

Frost smiled, "Don't worry, Sif and Dalun are close to god tier and won't carry these items around with them. I can sense that they are being kept by Hybrid Demon generals. What you have to do is to find the two of them and kill them."

I sucked in a deep breath, "To kill people under the eyes of Sif and Dalun, that would be difficult."

"You can bring a few helpers over!"

Frost said, "Moreover, I need people to enter Blood Mountain Range and find Lanais to send a message."

"Find Lanais?"

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"En, based on my aura, Lanais is getting weaker and weaker. She is trapped in Blood Mountain Range and if I am right, Azure did it."

Frost took out a blue dagger and said, "This is a Dragon Crystal Dagger and is an artifact refined from the essence of a dragon. It can break all evil seals and curses. Call another 4 partners and head into the mountain range. Move away from the Hybrid Demon and help me save Lanais. I know that she has a conscience and after this lesson, we might be able to make her join our side."

I frowned, "She is a Hybrid Demon Lord, will she really work for humans? The chances aren't high. Lanais kill people so easily, she isn't a fairytale princess."

Frost laughed and smiled, "Don't worry, I just need her to serve me, I won't make her the human's lackey. You just need to save her and bring her back."

She smiled and said proudly, "Azure is so despicable so I will make him pay the price. Even if he has the strength of the ancient demon god, it won't be so simple!"


System notification: You have accepted Super Main Quest, Blood Mountain Range's Disaster!

Quest details: Form a 5 men party and enter Blood Mountain Range to find the location where Lanais is imprisoned. Use the dragon crystal dagger to save her but be careful. The general guarding her is sent by Azure and is really strong. Your party must be well coordinated to win them.After saving Lanais, you will receive huge rewards!


I got the quest!

Frost smiled, "Close your eyes.

I was shocked but I still closed my eyes. Did she want to kiss me? That was impossible. There were many here and she was recognised as a goddess. She won't be so shameless right! That was the case. I felt warmth above my eyes as she used her palm to cover my eyes, "I have handed your eyes god power. You will be able to see who has the Overlord equipment. go, be very careful. I will wait for you here in Dragon City."

I opened my eyes, holding the Dragon Crystal Dagger and nodding, "Don't worry, I won't disappoint you!"

Frost smiled, "En, you have never disappointed me."

On the side, Odelia said, "Actually, I am best at such quests. Why not send me along with Li Xiao Yao? I won't spoil the plan. Moreover, a girl can reduce loneliness, what do you think Little Li? If there is a need, I can. Do you know? Don't make me say it, I am shy!"

I was a little helpless, "I have no need, next time Odelia..."

"Scoff, you brat. Don't let me meet you outside or I will beat you up!"

Frost stopped her, "Odelia, don't tease him. You can't follow him there, I have a more important quest for Queen Zhi Shu and you."

"Oh, what is it?"

"Igoras has brought many giant dragons over to the Shura World to defend. I heard that Iron Skull City's emperor brought many adventurers over and are planning to occupy that land. Azure has just recovered and he cares about his own things. He recognises Shura World as his land and won't let humans enter. This is also what gives us a chance."

Frost heaved a sigh and rested on her chair. Her twin peaks relaxed and just when my eyes opened wide, she continued, "It is time to steal more dragon mounts. After a few battles, our 15 Dragonriders are down to 12. After Azure woke up, we need more Dragonriders with God Weapons to defend Dragon City and the humans. There are many dragon eggs in the wild dragon race's territory. Since Igoras is not there, this is our chance. The three of us will head out. Dragon City has trained at least 100 people that can become Dragonriders, we just need eggs."

Queen Zhi Shu smiled, "As expected I have a tough job, I actually have to do such a thing."

Frost smiled, "I am going with you, what are you unhappy about."

"Okay, long live the queen, we will head out tonight!"


Since the discussion was done, I headed out to find friends.

Only 5 people could go if not I wouldn't be able to trigger the quest. Moreover, the Blood Mountain Range was deep in Hybrid Demon Territory so there would be many dangers. I had to find the 5 top Zhan Long players. In a party battle, we had to have a healer so Darling Duck was chosen. One of the range players was definitely Dong Cheng Yue. Dancing Forest helped control and with Aisha's Staff and Huangzhong Bow, the damage wouldn't be a problem. There was one more spot. En, just Wan Er then. She had Silver Dragon Little White and could tank and stun.

I pulled the four of them in and didn't say why. All of them looked really shocked---

Dancing Forest, "Wu, what are you doing to us? We are helping One Second Hero do a quest!"

Darling Duck, "There is definitely a quest."

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Piggy, what quest is it?"

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Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "Probably one where if he fails he becomes pregnant..."

I was speechless, "Dong Cheng your desire to get pregnant will really hurt so many hearts. You are a goddess level girl so you need to hold on!"

Dong Cheng Yue continued to tease, "Then I can just do it without getting pregnant."

I, "..."

Things weren't going to get bad and Wan Er was going to kill me so I shared the quest to them, "Come, gather in Dragon City. Prepare all the potions that we need."

"Wa, Super Main Quest?" Dancing Forest squinted her eyes, "I sense that we can get god artifacts. I want a whole body of them!"

"Then work hard, you can't just dream and not do anything!"



I looked on at the watchtower on Dragon City. This was the place where Frost loved to cultivate. After 10 minutes, a dragon surged over towards Dragon City. A few Dragon City Warriors pulled out their crossbows and shouted, "Who are you? A giant dragon? !"

I said hurriedly, "Don't fire, one of us."

I was the Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider and was only less powerful than Frost and Qing Luo. The warriors placed their crossbows down respectfully, "Yes sir!"

The wings of the dragon swept up snow as it landed in the city. It was the silver dragon Little White. This was a true God Dragon and was the weapon that Lin Wan Er relied on most now. Due to Little White, Lin Wan Er would be able to rank in the top three in Tian Ling City. At least Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior etc won't have much chance of defeating her. Fang Ge Que could barely do so. Mocha was a cavalry player so she didn't have much of a chance. Out of everyone, probably I was able to threaten her.

Lin Wan Er knelt on the dragon's back like a cute doll. Behind her was Darling Duck, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest. As expected from a god dragon, it was able to carry so many people.

"Head out?" Lin Wan Er smiled.

"En, I shall lead the way."

I kept Butterfly and Gan Jiang and jumped up. Ice wings appeared on my back as I headed towards the north. Lin Wan Er gave an order and Little White flapped its wings to chase.

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