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ZL - Chapter 1083- Whoever gets hit gets pregnant

After the first notification was another one but this time it was related to Fan Shu City--


 System Notification: In this server war, Fan Shu City has suffered the most deaths and Fan Shu City was the focus of all attention. All damages have been recovered, city defence has increased by 50%, troop numbers have increased by 100%. City production has increased by 70% and the city is rewarded with 10 million gold. The top player in the map Xiao Yao Zi Zai has obtained additional rewards Overlord Cape (Deity Tier Artifact), second player Cang Yue has obtained Blood Mage Jewelry (God Artifact 3 star), 3rd player Dancing Forest has obtained Cursed Arrow (God Tier), the 4-10th ranked players have obtained rewards too.


 Surprises came one after another. Apart from the country war reward, there was actually a city defending reward for Fan Shu City. The system gave Zhan Long face. But, this was the deserved reward for defending Fan Shu City for five days. After all, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Meng Yao etc all died many times. Although only 10 million people guarded the city, but along with the revival numbers, there were 30 million of us. We even killed more people here than those at Tian Ling City. So from that, one could tell how intense it was.

 I looked at my level, I was already level 192. I was second in Tian Ling City and first was the country war MVP Fang Ge Que.

 I opened my bag and the Overlord Cape laid inside and was waiting for me to copy a skill--

 Overlord Cape (Deity Tier)

 Type: Heavy Armor

 Defence: 5050

 Strength: +540

 Stamina: +535

 Agility: +530

 Magic Attack: +520

 Bonus: Raise user's magical resistance by 125%

 Bonus: Raise user's health by 25000

 Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 70% and Attack Speed by 40%

 Effect: Windstepping, raise movement speed by 100%

 Effect: No level restriction

 Effect: Overlord, Courage of the Gods, raise user's Strength by 3000

 Effect: Copy, can copy the stats of a gear of similar tier

 Set equipment: Overlord Set Cape

 Introduction: During the ancient era, a king swept the continent and his courage was unparalleled. Many people followed him and tens of thousands of years later, god blacksmiths collected his soul and melted it into a top treasure. These were the Overlord equipments and legend had it that people who completed the set could command the world. Obtain one part and there is a chance that other parts drop when killing high grade monsters, unique set

 Required level: 200

 Required Charm: 1000


 There was no need to think much. My current cape was just a Demon Harvest Tier equipment and it wasn't enough but its Twin Dragon effect was decent and was a passive that could save me from death. I used the copy effect to copy Twin Dragon and then I wore the new cape. The white cape and the blood on my body were a huge contrast.

 Now, I had gathered the helmet, cape, bracers and boots. The third line in the set stats started to shine.

Raise user's Attack by 200% and health by 100 thousand. My health became a terrifying 370 thousand. A Deity tier set was already so strong. I even suspected that if I mixed five star god artifacts, it wouldn't have such strong stats.

 I continued to look. Apart from the Overlord Cape there was a sword, Gan Jiang...

 At the corner of my bag was a black sword that laid there. On it was words from the ancient warring states which shone a light gold. The sword body was reforged and it looked really beautiful. One touch and one could sense the killing intent within. I held up this five star god weapon and my wrist shook. Instantly, its stats appeared in front of my eyes. It really was strong!

 Gan Jiang (5 star God Artifact)

 Attack: 17000-22500

 Strength: +770

 Stamina: +755

 Magic Attack: +740

 Agility: +720

 Bonus: Raise user's attack by 205%

 Bonus: Raise user's attack speed by 140%

 Bonus: Ignore 70% of defence

 Special effect: 70% chance of triggering, deal lethal blow to the target

 Effect: 30% chance to deal an excellent hit

 Effect: Overord, when your attack is defended, 5% chance to destroy target's shield and weapon's 100% durability

 Effect: Perfection, reduce level requirement by 40 levels

 Unique effect: Twin Water Dragons, top god weapon can threaten opponents, reducing the weapon damage of targets within 100 yards by 30%

 Introduction: Ancient god blacksmith Gan Jiang crafted two god weapons with his wife Mo Xie, one male and one female sword. Male was Gan Jiang, the female was Mo Xie. They could slice gold and break jade. The descendants dug out Gan Jiang and it flew into the water. Two dragons circled around it as it laid at the bottom of the lake but no one dared to take it. Legend has it that the one who gets Gan Jiang would have strength to unite the world.

 Required charm: 1200

 Required level: 220


 I looked at Gan Jiang's stats and sucked in a deep breath!

 Any sword user desired to get Gan Jiang. Although Gan Jiang was lost in history and it might only be a legend, but to be able to hold one of the two swords meant that I had no more regrets in life. Moreover, its stats was worthy of the name of a famous sword. Its Attack was higher than Butterfly and its unique effect Twin Water Dragon could weaken the opponent's strength. This was a secondary weapon that was custom-made for me!

 With a "keng", I switched Zhen Yue Sword off. Finally, I was a true dual wielder. Moreover, one hand with Butterfly and the other with Gan Jiang. These were god weapons in game and I really felt like... No one could stop me! !

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However, by changing, Zhen Yue Sword was not used anymore. I looked at the core Zhan Long players who were sitting in the ruins and enjoying their rewards. I held up Zhen Yue Sword, "I don't need this anymore, whichever one of you wants it then tell me."

 Li Mu, Wang Jian etc were stunned. Song Han said, "Sister Mocha just returned and her weapon doesn't look good. Why not give it to her?"

 Mocha said right away, "No need. I deleted my account and lost the Lion King Shield. Now how will I dare to get a country weapon. Don't give it to me, I am not worth it!"

 I smiled, "Okay, Zhen Yue Sword is just too overbearing and isn't suitable for girls. You few guys, who want it?"

 Li Mu held the Flame Scorching Sword and said, "I don't want it."

 Wang Jian said too, "Broken Ocean Sword is still new."

 One Second Hero looked at the Zhangba Snake Spear, "I like the thick Zhangba Snake Spear."

 None of them wanted it and in the end, it landed on Death God's Elegy. I said firmly, "You don't have any good weapon, I shall just give it to you?"

 He was stunned, "But boss... This is a country weapon, it is worth at least a few million, you are giving it to an outsider?"

I laughed, "I have never treated you as an outsider? You have led the brothers and done so much for Zhan Long. Moreover, the moment you joined us, you are already one of us. Why say such things? Moreover, after this country war, I am planning to add two more people to Zhan Long Hall. One is Little Demon and one is you."

 Death God's Elegy was shocked, he jumped off and took Zhen Yue Sword from me. He was so excited that his voice was shaking, "In the old words, this feels... What should I say?"

 "Giving a blade to a hero?" Mocha laughed.

 Wan Er said, "Soldier willing to die for his boss?"

 Li Mu said, "Being a dog and a horse..."

 Death God's Elegy laughed, "Right that is the one. Since Guild Leader treats me so well, I am willing to sacrifice my life to Zhan Long and be a dog and horse!"

 I nodded and smiled, "Good, what did the rest of you get. How is it?"

 Everyone all said that it was decent. Dong Cheng Yue hugged Dancing Forest's shoulder and said, "Dancing Forest's skill is really strong, a god tier skill, it is just so rare!"

 I asked, "What does Cursed Arrow do?"

 Dancing Forest was delighted, "I will mark a target and within a set time, my shooting range of him will be 1000 yards. Moreover, the shooting damage will increase by 100% and it will ignore blocking and defence."

 "Damn..." I was terrified, "So overbearing, 1000 yard range, that is so terrifying!"

 Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "Basically this move is one where whoever gets hit will get pregnant. Let's see if anyone dares to offend Zhan Long in the future. "

 "En, good luck."

 I looked at the exhausted group and smiled, "Let's go offline and wait for Fan Shu City and Tian Ling City to refresh. We have been online for so long and are all tired. Let's go offline and eat."



 I looked as the Zhan Long members went offline one by one but I remained in Tian Ling City. In the distance, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Rumor, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai etc were still here. I walked over and said towards Fang Ge Que, "Congratulations Fang Ge, you are the MVP this time."

 Fang Ge Que smiled humbly, "I relied on my status to get it, there is nothing to congratulate. If I were to congratulate, it would be that you got a good weapon."


 Rumor glanced at me, "Li Xiao Yao are you sure you are not willing to join Heaven Planning Hall? If you join, Heaven Planning Hall's country war planning would become more perfect."

 I smiled politely, "No need, I am used to it and don't want to be restricted. Heaven Planning Hall has nothing to do with me but you don't have to worry, if you need me you can contact me. As long as it is not too much, I won't reject."

 Rumor nodded gratefully, "That is good, thank you Zhan Long's guild leader."

 Further away, Wang Zecheng held his spear and behind him were three beautiful players. They all looked at me.


 I didn't say much more. I summoned the system elf and went offline!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.