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100000PSI - Chapter 76.1: None of My Business (1)

On the 10th of March, Ji Fanyin headed into the film set to check on their progress. Before heading out, she sent a message asking them if there was anything they would like to eat.

When she finally arrived at the World Studios, she encountered a wild Cen Xiangyang.

“Did you say something to her?” Cen Xiangyang got straight to the point and questioned her. “Why did she suddenly break off communication with me?”

Since she was waiting for the members of the film set to come over and carry the takeout boxes anyway, Ji Fanyin decided to humor Cen Xiangyang. She leaned against her new Ferrari and replied, “Are you that worried about letting others know about what you did?”

“So you were the one behind it!” Cen Xiangyang narrowed his eyes sharply. “You must have played a part in her sudden engagement with Li Xiaoxing.”

“You could always attend the engagement ceremony and ask Ji Xinxin in person.” Ji Xinxin pulled up her sunglasses and rested it on her head. “… Ah, I nearly forgot. Did you receive an invitation letter?”

When it came to engagement ceremonies, the groom and the bride would usually send out their invitation letters separately since both parties usually had their own social circles.

What was particularly fascinating about this was that the invitation letter Ji Fanyin received came not from Ji Xinxin but Li Xiaoxing.

I wonder who Ji Xinxin would send her invitation letters to.

Given Li Xiaoxing’s temper, he would have probably sent an invitation letter to all of the love rivals he knew of. He didn’t mind the extra postage fee, as long as he could infuriate his love rivals.

It’s not as if he lacks money anyway.

“Of course I’ll be there.” Cen Xiangyang eyed Ji Fanyin intently. “I won’t give up that easily. It’s nothing but an engagement. Even if she really got married, she can always get a divorce afterward.”

“You intend to play the third party?” asked Ji Fanyin curiously.

Cen Xiangyang did have the influence to pull that off, but that was only possible if Li Xiaoxing left Ji Xinxin on loose reins, which was extremely unlikely to occur…

… if the two of them even got to that step at all.

“Did you think that I would hand you another blackmail material to use against me?” Cen Xiangyang shook his head. “Ji Fanyin, you’re much viler than I thought you were.”

Ji Fanyin thought that there was something really wrong with his head. He was one of the few people in the world who didn’t have the right to claim someone else was evil. There was actually a point in time when Ji Fanyin considered him a potential candidate to be Ji Xinxin’s husband.

“Shall I forward you the proposal you sent me, to jog your memory?” asked Ji Fanyin.

Cen Xiangyang’s complexion turned awful for a brief moment, but he soon burst into laughter and said, “Did you think that I’ll keep falling for the same trick?”

“What’s important is that it works.” Looking at Cen Xiangyang, Ji Fanyin altered her voice to sound pure and innocent, as if she was an angel unsullied by the material world. “Isn’t that so?”

Cen Xiangyang’s smile vanished. He stared at Ji Fanyin’s face in a daze and reached for her, “Xinxin…”

Ji Fanyin only maintained her work persona for a brief instant before sidestepping to dodge Cen Xiangyang’s hand. “Well, it could just be my imagination… but are you thinking of engaging my services if Ji Xinxin really gets married?”

Cen Xiangyang looked at her without the slightest trace of embarrassment. “Isn’t that what you do for a living?”

“I needed money back then, but my pockets aren’t as tight now,” replied Ji Fanyin. “The market conditions have changed. My rates have risen from 100,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars per hour. Director Cen, can you afford that?”

Cen Xiangyang burst into laughter. “Who do you take yourself for? An A-list actress? Do you know how much it costs for them to accompany a person for a night?”

“Do they have the same face as the person you fancy?” Ji Fanyin answered with a question.

It was at this point that the staff members of the film set finally arrived. “Hm? Director Cen is here too?”

“He was just passing by,” said Ji Fanyin as she opened up the trunk for them. She casually waved Cen Xiangyang goodbye, indicating that the conversation was over.

She wasn’t in need of money anymore, and she believed more in quality instead of quantity when it came to her clients. There was no need for her to drag Cen Xiangyang out of the rubbish bin just to add him into her client list.

His final destination had already been decided anyway—jail.

Advising him not to commit a crime? Not only is it a waste of time, I don’t feel obliged or inclined to do that for him either.

As if that lunatic would even listen to me.

Ji Fanyin toured around the film set and ensured that everything was proceeding smoothly before taking her leave. While driving off, she shot a glance at Cen Xiangyang’s film set through her rearview mirror.

She had a feeling that Cen Xiangyang was going to make a move soon.

Based on what she knew, while Cen Xiangyang had little qualms in kidnapping Ji Xinxin, he wouldn’t go to the extent of killing her. Thus, she wasn’t too concerned about him.

Ji Xinxin should have already anticipated such a possibility when she chose to approach Cen Xiangyang feigning an innocent little lamb back then.

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