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PBS - Chapter 2242 - Taking Turns to be Reincarnated

The young man was Luo Chengliang whose title was Seven Swords Supreme.

Luo Chengliang was just a rogue cultivator. His parents and every member of his clan were murdered by their enemy when he was only an Earth Immortal. He had taken little steps to reach his current level of cultivation just to avenge them.

He had no idea what just happened to him.

He initially planned to take hold of the opportunity to claim some of the successions to achieve the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. How did he show up in the center of the battlefield all of a sudden?

How did he merge with the mysterious treasure which so many authorities were competing for?

His heart was pounding heavily under enormous pressure. He tried to move, but he realized he could not control his body.


It felt like a lightning had flashed across his mind.

A lot of memories poured into his mind like a river, causing him to scream as his will and mind were emptied.

At the same time, the blue runes on him emitted a brilliant light. Countless talismans spread outward from him, followed by an outstanding will.

The Gamma Ursae Majoris in Empress Feiyue's hand let out a huge buzz. It would surely fly out of her hand and return to its master if she did not strengthen the seal on it.

"The will and the Gamma Ursae Majoris' reaction. That young man must be Heaven Highness Wuguang's reincarnation," Zhou Xundao said.

"Heaven Highness Wuguang?"

Qin Nan's gaze sharpened. He was ready to make his move.


Zhou Xundao said, "Qin Nan, there's no need to rush it. The other factions are now involved. It's almost impossible for you to destroy the three orb spirits of the Trio Warriors and secure the other two."

"I think you should not worry about Heaven Wuguang's reincarnation. You should work with Empress Feiyue to destroy Heaven Highness Wuwang's reincarnation in advance."

"Most importantly, Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the rest of the factions were not going to give up on Heaven Highness Wuguang or Heaven Highness Wuxia's reincarnations, so it's unlikely for them to be reincarnated successfully."

"If you attack that young man now, you will definitely clash with the other factions. Not only will you end up empty-handed, you will suffer serious losses too."

Heaven Highness Wuwang was obviously the strongest among the Trio Warriors!

Qin Nan immediately understood where Zhou Xundao was coming from. He halted in his track and transmitted his thoughts to Empress Feiyue, Progenitor Mingchu, and the others and notified them the change of plan.

"Why was Heaven Highness Wuguang the first to be reincarnated?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness also realized Luo Chengliang's identity in no time. His expression darkened a little as he flew at the young man like a peerless black dragon. 

Heaven Highness Wuguang would do!

He must take down the young man first to avoid any unexpected turnout!

"One of the reincarnations has appeared!"

The authorities of the formidable factions were not familiar with the situation like Zhou Xundao and Eternal Night Heaven Highness, but they immediately realized what happened. They quickly made their moves with burning passion in their eyes.

If they could take down Luo Chengliang and suppress him with secret arts, they might have a chance to claim one of the Trio Warriors' memory and power!

"Still trying to compete with me?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' aura rose gradually. The power of the Rules of Darkness bursting out from his body was aiming to immerse the entire Eastern Region in boundless darkness.

His eyes were icy and intimidating too.

He had already compromised despite being the strongest cultivator of the Primary Upper Realm. Now that he had the advantage of a preemptive strike, how could he possibly fail to secure Heaven Highness Wuguang's reincarnation?

An epic clash took place in the blink of an eye. Eternal Night Heaven Highness completely had the upper hand in it. The authorities of the formidable factions were one step slower.

However, the authorities showed no sign of giving up.

They did not care if they were going up against the strongest cultivator of the Primary Upper Realm.

They must secure the great opportunity before them no matter who they were against!


The authorities were startled.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was completely unstoppable. He nullified the attacks of the authorities and summoned the same ancient hand to grab at Luo Chengliang.


The dragon-shaped altar finally unleashed a brilliant light to stop him.

However, it had already consumed most of its power. The barrier had failed to last for more than a second.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' gaze sharpened. A tremendous force burst out of the hand and inflicted serious injuries on Luo Chengliang. He was soon covered in wounds and blood.

Dark words crawled onto the blue runes and forcibly suppressed the Luo Chengliang's light.

The reincarnation was interrupted. The memory stopped pouring into Luo Chengliang's mind.

"I did it!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was overjoyed.

Something unexpected immediately took place.

A pink light was approaching from the Thirty-First Small Immortal Realm. It went right through the barrier and entered the second orb spirit of the Trio Warriors.


A chime sounded once again. The illusionary orb spirit swiftly took the appearance of a beautiful woman with long hair.

The woman's aura was nowhere close to Luo Chengliang's aura. She was only in the Peerless Ruler Realm.

The woman's face was extremely pale. She was supposed to be teaching her child in the Thirty-First Small Immortal Realm. How did she end up here all of a sudden?

"Perfect timing!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was overwhelmed with joy.

The woman was obviously Heaven Highness Wuxia's reincarnation.


Eternal Night Heaven Highness swiftly made her move and executed a mysterious art. It stirred up a black curtain sweeping everything in its path.

He purposely enlarged the coverage of his attack to target the other three orb spirits and prevent the others from approaching them.

"In your dreams!"

Ruler Huangyun and the others were long prepared for it. They quickly executed several powerful arts to slice through the black curtain.

Qin Nan, Empress Feiyue, Progenitor Mingchu, and their men had also finished their preparations. Their attacks spread like a huge net before pouring down at Eternal Night Heaven Highness.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness found himself being targeted by everyone in an instant!

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