Chapter 2243 - Inside Information and Danger
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2243 - Inside Information and Danger

"Sword Art of the Nine Songs Sea!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness let out a roar. The Rules of Darkness combined into a powerful black sword in his hand. As he swung it around, the sound of waves echoed in the surroundings.

Terrifying sword intents permeated every inch of the rift.


However, the sound of the waves weakened significantly in a few seconds. The sword intents were shattered too.

The authorities had flanked Eternal Night Heaven Highness at first to display their attitude, but they were truly going all out now by surrounding Eternal Night Heaven Highness with deadly arts.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' expression shifted. He was forced to back away despite his unwillingness. The enormous hand he summoned switched target to another orb spirit instead of the beautiful woman.

He knew he no longer had a chance to claim another reincarnation of the Trio Warriors.

Even so, he insisted to claim another spirit of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

"Light of Ten Lifetimes!"

Empress Feiyue seemed to have predicted Eternal Night Heaven Highness' intention. She summoned an ancient mirror. A mystical light burst out of it and shone on Eternal Night Heaven Highness.

The latter froze instantly as the enormous hand was broken into pieces.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The authorities did not back away because they were afraid of Eternal Night Heaven Highness. They continued to lash out fierce attacks.

They knew Eternal Night Heaven Highness would lower his guard after securing an orb spirit. Knowing his personality, he would not risk his life to secure another orb spirit.

If they continued to pressure Eternal Night Heaven Highness, they would force him to give up.

"Damn it!"

As they thought, Eternal Night Heaven Highness cursed and glared at Empress Feiyue before turning into a ray of black light and flying into the distance decisively.

He chose to retreat instead of competing further for the orb spirits.

The eyes of many authorities glittered after he left. They went from working together to fighting fiercely among themselves.

There were two main threats in the battle. The first was Eternal Night Heaven Highness, and the second was the other formidable factions.

The forces competing for the orb spirits had split into ten as the formidable factions began to fight for themselves, making the situation even more chaotic!


The battle further intensified instead of calming down.

Fighting battle was the best way for every cultivator to improve, including Qin Nan.

He had risen to a new level after the battle with Xiang Hun. He was growing rapidly as he fought the authorities of formidable factions. He also gained a better understanding of their strength and moves.


Ruler Huangyun, Ruler Duanmu, Ruler Miexiang, the three authorities of the Wang Clan suddenly exchanged glances and performed mystical seals to summon an ancient altar from the rift.


Li Posheng and the authorities of the Li Clan were long prepared too. They took out an ancient artifact and unleashed its power to fire rays of light and the altar.

A loud thud echoed in the entire Eastern Region.

The rest of the authorities sensed a great pressure as the ancient altar transformed rapidly into an enormous being in just a few seconds.

It had the body of a whale, the back of a bird, and a pair of sacred wings!

It was the ancient sacred beast, Kun!
{TL Note: Kun is a legendary giant fish that could transform into a bird.} 

"Is that Heaven Highness Haikun's artifact?"

The eyes of the authorities widened.

Heaven Highness Haikun was a brilliant existence during the era of the four Supreme Highnesses. He was one of the two Beast Highnesses with outstanding strength.

His natal artifact was different from other Heaven Highnesses'. He had refined it with a skeleton which he had invested a lot on for it to evolve, the ocean heart of three different oceans, and many valuables to grant it incredible power.

To everyone's surprise, it had fallen into the hands of the Wang Clan.

"Change of plan!"

The authorities of the Zheng Clan and the Mumen Sect communicated with their Divine Sense before taking out ancient talismans.

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The ancient talismans erupted into flames on their own and unleashed great energy which combined into thirteen illusionary figures with formidable auras.

These Heaven Highness Talismans were also known as the Thirteen Emperor Talismans! 

However, the two factions did not fight the Wang Clan and the Li Clan for Heaven Highness Wuxia's reincarnation. They were targeting another orb spirit instead.

It was not like they were not interested in Heaven Highness Wuxia's reincarnation, but they would have to pay a huge price if they decided to compete for it, and there was no guarantee they could claim it in the end.

They were preserving their strength to take on Cang's reincarnation!

"Huangyun, it's not going to happen!"

"HAHA, as if you think you are going to get your way!"

The Han Clan, Wu Clan, Supreme Daoism factions, ancient clans, and Rulers of Dao who were rogue cultivators did not back down either.

"These formidable factions, especially the seven Heaven Highness Clans are truly terrifying!" Qin Nan exclaimed.

He was a little relieved. If Zhou Xundao did not remind him in time to stop him from trying to claim all three reincarnations of the Trio Warriors stubbornly, he would suffer great losses in the end.

The blood-red light of the ten moons in the sky grew stronger. Many authorities had noticed it too.


The authorities of the Wang Clan and the Li Clan overcame every obstacle in their way. Qin Nan, Empress Feiyue, and their men did not stand on the side either. They tried to stop the two clans with the other factions, yet the two clans managed to fight their way through.

Ruler Huangyun ended up inflicting serious injuries on the beautiful woman and forcibly took her away.

"Back off!"

The authorities of the two clans knew their place. They immediately left the battlefield instead of being greedy like Eternal Night Heaven Highness.

On the other hand, the Zheng Clan, the Mumen Sect, and the other factions in their alliance had yet to achieve their goal.

Qin Nan, Empress Feiyue, Progenitor Mingchu, and the others began to reveal their fangs.

The last figure of the Trio Warriors started shaking too with golden runes spreading from it. Its light was even brighter than the orb spirits tied to Heaven Highness Wuguang and Heaven Highness Wuxia's reincarnations.

"Heaven Highness Wuwang is about to be reincarnated!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness who had gone into the distance squinted. Black flames were burning in his eyes.

He did not give up yet.

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