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PBS - Chapter 2241 - Wuguang's Reincarnation

"Ancient Subduing Hand!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness stood out the most amid the chaotic battle.

The strongest cultivator of the Primary Upper Realm was living up to his name by driving back the experts around him and executing a secret art invented by a renowned Heaven Highness.

His right hand was covered in darkness. He weaved through the crowd and unleashed his will on the orb spirits which the Trio Warriors were being reincarnating through.

He was planning to claim five of them at once, but the formidable factions were all involved in the battle. He had no choice but to compromise and only target three of them.

"In your dreams!"

Ruler Huangyun, Ruler Miexiang, Ruler Duanmu, and other Rules of Dao executed powerful arts, including secret arts invented by Heaven Highnesses too.

Even Eternal Night Heaven Highness' impressive move had no chance of withstanding them all. It was soon overwhelmed by the rest of the arts.

The authorities of formidable factions fixed their eyes on Eternal Night Heaven Highness despite the confusion around them as if they had come to a mutual understanding.

A series of terrifying attacks headed in Eternal Night Heaven Highness' direction.

"How dare they all team up against me?" Eternal Night Heaven Highness' face darkened.

For many years, these Rulers of Dao had treated him with utter respect, yet they dared to attack him in a time like this.

However, he had long expected it because he had claim the top spot for a long time. It made perfect sense for everyone to target him since he was all by himself. 

The others only had a chance to claim the orb spirits after they had defeated him!


Eternal Night Heaven Highness displayed his outstanding strength. The Rules of Darkness had filled up the area like they were going to replace the Rules of the Eastern Region.

Unfortunately, no matter how overwhelming his darkness was, the authorities of the formidable factions managed to retain their brilliance like stars in the night sky.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' expression shifted. He cursed in his heart while backing away. He had no choice but to focus his aura on only one of three orb spirits that belonged to the Trio Warriors.

He realized if he insisted to claim all three of them, he would have to fight the formidable factions. He might end up losing everything.


Ruler Huangyun, Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the rest of the authorities immediately took an offensive approach after seeing Eternal Night Heaven Highness' reaction. They flew at the dragon-shaped altar like peerless swords and targeted the other two orb spirits of the Trio Warriors.

The Wang Clan, Li Clan, Zheng Clan, and the Mumen Sect had agreed to join hands prior to the battle. They were planning to use everything to secure one of the orb spirits with force.

The other formidable factions had also agreed to form their own alliances.

"Art of Shifting the Heavens and Earth!"

Ruler Huangyun suddenly performed a hand seal. A ripple appeared from one of the orb spirits of the Trio Warriors as if an invisible hand was trying to take it away.

A sword glow suddenly came out of nowhere and shattered the hand.

Ruler Huangyun's gaze sharpened. He saw Empress Feiyue approaching him with a sword in her hand, followed by Qin Nan and the authorities of the three Supreme Daoism factions who had sided with him.

The formation was as formidable as an unstoppable dragon even in the chaotic battle, especially with Empress Feiyue as the dragon's head!


The entire Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm was drowned in explosions.

The energy waves of the battle soon spread to the other regions. Every cultivator who stayed in the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm was overwhelmed by fear. Those who were below the Earth Immortal Realm were unable to lift their gaze, as their minds would sustain great damage.

An authority of the Xu Clan knocked back a few strong cultivators with a punch while the other secured the remains of a Heaven Highness and other valuables.

Apart from the five orb spirits, the competition for the remains of the Heaven Highness was the fiercest .

"We did it! Senior Brother, should we retreat now?" the second Ruler of Dao of the Xu Clan asked.

"No! If we retreat now, the others might be suspicious of us. We have to pretend like we are interested in the orb spirits too, but we don't have to involve ourselves too deeply in it," the first Ruler of Dao of the Xu Clan said.

Their men immediately knew what the plan was. They proceeded to execute their secret arts.

Meanwhile, the orb spirit on the left among those that belonged to the Trio Warriors started shaking vigorously. Golden runes were spreading from its bottom to its top.

A mystical aura began to spread too.

"What's happening?"

Many authorities who were in the middle of a fight frowned.

"Is it coming?"

The Eternal Night Heaven Highness' middle finger shuddered. He was constantly backing away as he was waiting for this moment.

"Qin Nan, the reincarnations of the Trio Warriors are coming!" Zhou Xundao transmitted his voice.

"Their reincarnations?"

Qin Nan was startled.

"It's very simple. When the Trio Warriors died in the past, Cang had only managed to secure broken pieces of their souls. Cang had merged them with the orb spirits to turn them into whole new entities."

"Normally, once their reincarnations reach a certain level of cultivation or experience certain incidents, they would awaken the memories of their past lives."

"However, entities like them could no longer do that. They were basically just some memory fragments or wisps of power."

"They would have to merge with specific cultivator who is destined to accept them. These orb spirits would then grant the person the memory they contain, allowing the Trio Warriors to be reincarnated successfully!" Zhou Xundao explained.

"I see, which means, something is going to..." Qin Nan finally understood.


At the same time, a tremendous ray of light flew at the dragon-shaped altar from the direction of the Southern Region.

Its speed had taken everyone by surprise. It also possessed a shocking aura that was able to ignore the formidable arts filling the area.

In less than two seconds, the ray of light went inside one of the three orb spirits of the Trio Warriors under the doubtful gaze of the authorities.


An imperious chime took place.

The illusionary orb spirit underwent tremendous changes. Its body parts began to materialize.

A moment later, a handsome young man appeared in front of the crowd. His body was covered in faint blue runes.

His aura was in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. His eyes sprang open with great astonishment.

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