Chapter 2240 - The Appearance of Various Treasures
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2240 - The Appearance of Various Treasures


The authorities of formidable factions, Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, and others were in disbelief.

"What's happening?"

The Ancient Taboo, in particular, felt its mind buzzing as if a great clap of thunder had just occurred in it.

Why were there five orb spirits?

On top of it, three of them were the Trio Warriors who were in the middle of their reincarnation.

It did not end there either!

The dragon-shaped altar unleashed a strong absorbing force, causing the Immortal Intent within a few hundred thousand li to pour into it in the form of illusionary dragons.

Its light grew stronger with every dragon of Immortal Intent it absorbed.

In the end, the altar was lightning up the sky and the ground as the eleventh moon.


An enormous mountain over a hundred thousand zhang tall suddenly exploded like it had just received a tremendous blow, revealing a huge immeasurable hole.


A blinding blue light soared into the sky from the hole and quickly approached the altar.

It was an ancient fan written with mysterious ancient words on it. There was also a drawing of a hundred birds worshiping a phoenix. A few parts of it had already broken, yet it still possessed a formidable aura.

It was an ancient Dao-Seeking Weapon which was once owned by a Patriarch in the Heaven Highness Realm!


The ancient fan served as a beginning, as more mountains started collapsing and lakes started evaporating in less than a second. All kinds of lights immediately flew out of them.

There were ancient Dao-Seeking Weapons, pills, manuals, scrolls, and all kinds of valuables!

Among them, a corpse with only half of its body left encapsulated in a white light was flying out of an ancient Forbidden Area. It landed close to the altar.

Even the Great Dao shuddered as the corpse unleashed its aura. The Rulers of Dao who were nearby tensed and sensed a great pressure.

"The...the corpse of a Heaven Highness!"

The hands of the Rulers of Dao from the Xu Clan trembled.

"So many valuables have appeared!"

The authorities of formidable factions opened their eyes wide. It felt like they had just dug up the tomb of a Heaven Highness.

"Tsk tsk, who would have thought that Cang would merge the souls of the Trio Warriors with the orb spirits to reincarnate them. The Trio Warriors have also taken an interesting approach. They must have prepared all these valuables in the limited time they had before they were merged with the orb spirits," Moxie exclaimed.

He was in a great mood.

Even though he did not necessarily hold a grudge against Cang, he did not think highly of him either.

Cang's subordinate, the Ancient Taboo was trying to be clever, but it ended up ruining Cang's plan. 

Another light flew out of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

Empress Feiyue and Qin Nan appeared in front of everyone in a shocking manner.

The look in her eyes did not shift because of the valuables around her. Her eyes remained fixed on the five figures on the altar. She proceeded to reach her hand out.

The Heavens and Earth within a few thousand li underwent tremendous changes.

"Feiyue, do you really want to fight me?"

An imperious voice sounded as Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the others flew out from the tiny crack on the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

The whole place fell into utter darkness which even the light emitted by the ten moons were unable to penetrate.

The Heavens and Earth fell into chaos as the terrifying auras descended.

Any Master of Dao who happened to be in the area would sustain severe injuries.

"Fellow seniors and cultivators, we must eliminate those three blurry figures and claim the other two! If we can't secure them, we'll have to destroy them too..."

Qin Nan quickly transmitted his thoughts to Progenitor Mingchu, Progenitor Linghuang, Ruler Qingyu, Progenitor Shuangdao, and the others. 

"We must secure at least one of them!"

Ruler Huangyun and the rest of the authorities swiftly gave their orders to the people of the Wang Clan, Li Clan, Zheng Clan, and the formidable factions.

"We don't have to compete with them. We just have to secure the corpse of the Heaven Highness!"

The two authorities of the Xu Clan soon made up their minds.

"Do it!"

The entire Thirty-Two Small Immortal Realm shook vigorously in less than five seconds.

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Every formidable faction took out their ancient Dao-Seeking Weapons which tore through the rift with overwhelming power.

The Rulers of Dao also displayed their terrifying strength while traveling across the rift. Some of them instantly arrived at the altar.


An epic, unimaginable battle which most people had expected to happen took place right away.

If anyone was observing the Thirty-Two Small Immortal Realm from other places, they would notice its Eastern Region falling into destruction in less than ten seconds.

It simply meant the Great Dao maintaining order in the region had been forcibly destroyed by greater powers.

It could be considered the highest-level battle in the Primary Upper Realm!

"My master, please be patient, we will strike when the right time comes!"

Moxie slowly took off his black robe after transmitting the message. Demon Emperor Wutian cracked his neck while the eyes of the demon cultivators behind them turned bloodshot.

It felt as if their excitement and lust for blood were about to materialize.

Those who were led by Huangfu Jue completely vanished after the battle in the past. They had never exposed themselves for over ten thousand years.

Even though those who came were only less than three-tenths of Huangfu Jue's men, it was also the first battle they took part in after ten thousand years.

They would be telling everyone that the Huangfu Tribe was still around!

However, no one noticed the light of the ten yellow moons had strangely turned blood-red. 

Their red light gradually darkened over time, as if a supreme being had slowly draped a red veil over the chaotic Small Immortal Realm.

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