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AIP - Chapter 134: Alarm Gate Banner

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"Aaagh!" The dying man let out a miserable scream.

Everyone in combat turned their heads and saw Tang Jie slowly extracting his finger from that disciple's throat.

"Tang Jie!" Tu Baixiong's eyes shone with excitement. "Talk! Were you the one who killed Gu Changqing?"

"You don't say anything about your brother that just died, instead asking about Gu Changqing's location. The Heavenly Extinction Sect truly is callous." Tang Jie stood up, grabbing that golden light in the air. "As for Gu Changqing… yes, he's dead. His head is in this Mustard Seed Bag," Tang Jie said, patting one of the bags.

Gu Changqing was really dead?

Everyone grew excited and avariciously stared at that bag.

Tu Baixiong viciously spat, "Hand over the bag, and out of respect for the Basking Moon Sect, I won't kill you."

"Won't kill me?" Tang Jie chuckled. "If you don't kill me, how will you explain things to the Basking Moon Sect? Even if the Basking Moon Sect will only care about the head and not ask about how you got it, are you not worried that I, a disciple of Basking Moon, will seek revenge for being stolen from? Do you really need to try these childish lies on me?"

Tu Baixiong froze, and then his eyes flashed with killing intent. "You're just a student of Basking Moon, not a disciple, and you're already so arrogant. What does it matter if I kill you? My Heavenly Extinction Sect isn't a big sect like the Basking Moon Sect, but it's not completely powerless, and it's not something some random student of Basking Moon can destroy."

"Naturally," Tang Jie chuckled. "The Heavenly Extinction Sect does have some status in Sageheart. Otherwise, none of you would have dared to touch me. Even if something happens in the future, you'll just have to pay some compensation at most, which can't compare to the benefits trading in the head will give you. But it seems that your luck isn't that great, for the Heavenly Extinction Sect isn't the only one here…"

He glanced at the Jade Sword Gate group on the side.

Both sides had stopped fighting, and as each side had sustained casualties, they venomously glared at each other.

Upon hearing Tang Jie's words, that richly-dressed young master from the Jade Sword Gate laughed. "Young Master Tang is right. The Heavenly Extinction Sect is far too brash, even trying to steal from a Basking Moon student. That's no different from suicide!"

Tu Baixiong snorted, "It's not like you were doing anything different."

"At least we didn't plan to kill Young Master Tang," the young master replied. "Young Master Tang, my Jade Sword Gate wished to steal that head in your possession, and on this matter, my Jade Sword Gate has wronged you. Leng Xiyu treated you improperly, but I, Leng Xiyu, can promise you that this one never had any intention of harming Young Master Tang. Young Master Tang is a student of Basking Moon, so you should clearly understand the Basking Moon Sect's style: whatever is reported is what happened. The Basking Moon Sect will give the reward to anyone who can hand over the head, not necessarily the one who killed Gu Changqing. Thus, my Jade Sword Gate never had any intentions of silencing witnesses, for this is unnecessary. Moreover, my Jade Sword Gate is not as brash and arrogant as the Heavenly Extinction Sect, resorting to murder for everything."

This young master had been so proud that everyone in the world was beneath him a few moments ago, but now that Tang Jie had woken up, he had changed his tone and was no longer acting so arrogantly.

His words were also true. The Basking Moon Sect's style was such that if someone came to them with the head, they probably wouldn't ask any questions.

In truth, the Basking Moon Sect might have its own motives in allowing this.

The Sageheart Kingdom had numerous small sects, and the Basking Moon Sect had always been trying to control them so that none of them could grow large enough to threaten its position. This Five Energies Sovereign Essence Pill was a poison pill that could engender sectarian conflict.

To put it simply, in the eyes of Godhead Palace, everything was for the Martial Mirror, so Tang Jie was the target. In the Basking Moon Sect's eyes, the goal was to exterminate Godhead Palace's spies and weaken the power of its subordinate sects, so Tang Jie was just a chess piece. Their viewpoints were completely different.

Everyone understood this. Otherwise, why would they have tried to flagrantly steal from Tang Jie as soon as they spotted him? To speak frankly, it was because the Basking Moon Sect allowed it.

It was just that Leng Xiyu wouldn't say this openly, only imply it.

But now that Tang Jie was awake, things were different.

He had shattered a weapon with one strike and killed a man with one finger. This was proof that he had a certain level of strength, and besides that, he had the head. If he were pushed too far, he might destroy the head, and everyone would go away empty-handed.

The Heavenly Extinction Sect's people were bloodthirsty and had a habit of resorting to violence for everything. Thus, when Tang Jie woke up, Tu Baixiong had dared to threaten him, proving himself to be the typical idiot. Tang Jie had had good reason to say that it was a miracle this sect had survived this long.

But the Jade Sword Gate didn't have this problem. This richly-dressed young master Leng Xiyu had immediately confessed his wrongs and turned the ship around, trying to get in Tang Jie's good graces.

As he finished speaking, he threw a bottle of pills at Tang Jie. "Take this bottle of True Essence Pills as an apology from this one."

True Essence Pills were the best spirit medicine for assisting cultivation below the Mortal Shedding Realm, and Basking Moon Academy would only distribute a few each year. Tang Jie had only been able to get Essence-Refining Pills from killing Gu Changqing, with not a single True Essence Pill.

This Leng Xiyu was being rather generous, immediately giving him a bottle of True Essence Pills.

Tang Jie immediately put it away. "I suppose I can let the attempted theft of the head slide."

Leng Xiyu hastily said, "Young Master, thank you for your magnanimity. But this Heavenly Extinction Sect is truly vicious, daring to attack the young master. Why don't we work together and get rid of them?"

Tu Baixiong snorted, "The path of cultivation has danger at every step. Which one of us has not fought our way out of a sea of blood? Do you think my Heavenly Extinction Sect has been able to stand for so many years only because of the Basking Moon Sect's generosity? But since it's come to this, my Heavenly Extinction Sect will simply apologize as well."

Tu Baixiong immediately threw Tang Jie a bottle of True Essence Pills.

No matter how bloodthirsty the Heavenly Extinction Sect was, it knew that this wasn't the time to keep being unreasonable. Otherwise, they really could lose everything.

Tang Jie took the bottle and said, "The Jade Sword Gate merely wanted to steal from me, so one bottle was enough, but the Heavenly Extinction Sect wanted to kill me. Three bottles will be needed to resolve this grudge."

Tu Baixiong heartily laughed. "Alright, deal!"

Not even trying to negotiate, he threw over two more bottles.

Cultivators had their own rules. Since Tang Jie said that three bottles of True Essence Pills were enough to settle things, then if he tried to bring up this matter in the future, Tu Baixiong would simply ignore him, and not even the Basking Moon Sect would help him.

This was precisely why Tu Baixiong had given in so easily.

Tang Jie took the pills and really did say no more. It was as if all the fighting from before had nothing to do with him. He indifferently said, "I now understand what happened before, so let us discuss what happens afterward. Don't you all want Gu Changqing's head? This is simple. State your price. I'll sell it."

"'Sell'?" Both parties were startled.

The elder softly said, "This kid isn't simple."

When confronted by people who wanted to kill and steal from him, he not only did not try to get revenge, he tried to make money. A normal young man would never be so restrained.

A normal young man would have taken Leng Xiyu's proposal and started a fight with the Heavenly Execution Sect. But in the end, this would be simply making a wedding dress for someone else.

In contrast, by not taking a stance, accepting mediation, standing above the fray, and asking for bids, he immediately put himself in an impregnable position, easily resolving the crisis he faced.

"Correct. The Five Energies Sovereign Essence Pill is medicine used for breaking into the Celestial Heart Realm, but that's too far away for me. Nor do I have any need for a one-year exemption from tribute. Since you want all this, give me a price," Tang Jie said, taking Gu Changqing's head out from his Mustard Seed Bag.

If there were still unbelievers, they could now see the reality with their own eyes.

The Basking Moon Sect had spread Gu Changqing's portraits all over the place, and everyone was familiar with his appearance. When they saw his head, their eyes immediately burned with fervor.

"What do you want?" Leng Xiyu immediately asked.

"Cultivation medicines, natural treasures, wondrous techniques, valuable magical tools—any of that is good. Money isn't necessary, for I don't lack money," Tang Jie said, patting his Mustard Seed Bags.

Tu Baixiong immediately said, "Three Heavenbane Lightning Pearls!"

Heavenbane Lightning Pearls were one of the most vicious magic tools used by the Heavenly Extinction Sect. These lightning pearls had immense power, and a single one could shatter mountains. It was through these that the Heavenly Extinction Sect had gained dominance. The sect dared to be so arrogant mostly because of these domineering magic tools unique to their sect.

Even Tang Jie couldn't help but be tempted at Tu Baixiong's offer of three of them.

Leng Xiyu grimaced. If Tu Baixiong was willing to hand over three Heavenbane Lightning Pearls, didn't that mean that he was carrying that many on his person?

If true, the Jade Sword Gate was bound to lose in battle.

But Tu Baixiong then awkwardly added, "But I have to return to the Heavenly Extinction Sect before I can hand them over."

Leng Xiyu immediately erupted in laughter. "I was wondering why you were still willing to negotiate with us when you had three Heavenbane Lightning Pearls. It turned out you didn't have them on you at all."

Tu Baixiong's face went red. "Three is too much, but I do have one. I was originally planning to use it on Gu Changqing, but Gu Changqing is dead. If you keep provoking me, do you think I won't use one pearl to blow you up?"

With a flip of his wrist, a red pearl appeared in his hand.

Everyone turned nervous at the sight of this pearl.

Tu Baixiong savagely smiled. "If I wasn't worried about destroying the head, I would have already thrown it over. You think I would still be trying to make this deal? Kid, you want it or not? Three lightning pearls for Gu Changqing's head is very worth it!"

Tang Jie calmly said, "The Jade Sword Gate hasn't made its bid yet."

Young Lord Leng Xiyu of the Jade Sword Gate warily glanced at the lightning pearl in Tu Baixiong's hand before saying, "While the Heavenbane Lightning Pearls are excellent items, they're one-use-only, and Young Master Tang would need to go to the Heavenly Extinction Sect to get them. I'm sure Young Master knows the risks of this without me saying it. I have a treasure here that Young Master Tang can use right now."

He took out a small banner from his Mustard Seed Bag.

Tu Baixiong trembled at the sight of it. "The Alarm Gate Banner? So you had one of the Eight Desolation Banners."

"The Eight Desolation Banners?" Tang Jie was startled.

He had heard of the Eight Desolation Banners, a set of eight art relics in the form of formation banners. When all of them were gathered, they could massively boost the power of a formation.

In truth, they could not be considered art relics. Their power had been equal to a divine treasure. But for some reason, they had been lost and scattered.

He hadn't expected this Young Lord Leng Xiyu of the Jade Sword Gate to have one of them.

Although this was only one of the formation banners, as the formation banner that governed the Alarm Gate, it could massively boost the power of the Alarm Gate when used. The Alarm Gate was concerned with confusing the senses, so this banner was perfect for illusion formations.

This Alarm Gate Banner was truly just right for Tang Jie. He was skilled in the Dao of Formations and was also a body refiner, so what he needed wasn't various combat art relics, but treasures like this that could assist him in other aspects. Moreover, unlike the Azure Light Sword or Soul-Seizing Claw, which were extremely demanding on the cultivator, the banner could be used while in the Spirit Platform Realm. It was perfect for him.

"Yes, it's not bad." Tang Jie nodded. "But there's only one banner."

"Who would trade with you if they had the entire set?" Leng Xiyu said with a laugh. "How is it? Is my Alarm Gate Banner not just as valuable as his Heavenbane Lightning Pearls?"

Tang Jie nodded. "It truly is a good offer."

Both of the items offered were good, but their values were actually much lower than that of Gu Changqing's head.

But this was normal. Who would be willing to make this trade with Tang Jie otherwise?

As far as Tang Jie was concerned, he would have to hand this head over eventually to maximize his profit from it, so he could accept this value.

Tu Baixiong scornfully commented, "It's just a shabby banner. What does it matter if the Alarm Gate can confuse the senses? My Heavenbane Lightning Pearl's power is boundless. You're dead no matter where you hide!"

"If we can't get it, then no one will leave with it!" The Jade Sword Gate elder grunted and took out a flying shuttle.

"The Moon Lightning Shuttle?" Tu Baixiong grimaced.

The Heavenbane Lightning Pearl was a large-scale weapon, whereas this Moon Lightning Shuttle was a single-target treasure. A person at the Mortal Shedding Realm who provided this weapon with enough spiritual power could even piece through the True Astral Barrier of a Celestial Heart Realm cultivator.

These people were all after Gu Changqing, so they had naturally come with their own trump cards.

Seeing the situation, Tang Jie quickly said, "I'll take the Alarm Gate Banner."

"Tang Jie, you dare!" Tu Baixiong harshly said. There was no changing his old habits, and he felt his murderous intent stirring when he saw that Tang Jie wanted to trade with Leng Xiyu.

But Tang Jie wasn't even trying to negotiate. He threw Gu Changqing's head over to Leng Xiyu. At the same time, a golden thread flew out of his hand and swept up the Alarm Gate Banner in Leng Xiyu's hand.

Once he had the Alarm Gate Banner, Tang Jie rapidly retreated with Yiyi and the tiger cub, shouting, "The deal is done. If you want to fight, it's between the two of you. Don't get me involved."

He moved very quickly, finishing the trade with the Jade Sword Gate before Tu Baixiong could cause trouble. This meant that Tu Baixiong would target Leng Xiyu now, allowing Tang Jie to run.

With a furious bellow, Tu Baixiong roared, "Leng Xiyu, hand over the head and I'll spare your life!"

His Heavenly Extinction Sect often resorted to murder, but they loved to shout that they would spare the lives of others. It was truly odd.

Tang Jie chuckled as he turned aside and looked for a place to hide.

"What are you doing?" Yiyi asked in confusion.

Tang Jie sinisterly said, "You need to ask? I'm naturally looking for an opportunity to kill them."

"But you already agreed that things were settled between you and them."

"Of course we settled things," Tang Jie replied. "Thus, this isn't revenge. I'm just killing them and stealing their treasures… What they can do, I can do too."

hypersheep325's Notes:

Tang Jie makes the trade, and leaves the other two parties to deal with the aftermath!


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