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PBS - Chapter 2203: Reborning in Desperate Straits, Part One


In less than ten breaths, the will of Qin Nan's twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and the Rules of the Immortal Demon shattered and dispersed.

Qin Nan's face was extremely pale too.

The destructible force collapsed onto him without any mercy. It was crushing his mind and even his soul.

"No, I can't kneel, I will never kneel..."

It was the only thought in Qin Nan's mind that was in great chaos. He could accept death and everything else, but he would never drop to his knees in front of Xiang Hun.

Unfortunately, the reality was brutal.

No matter how fiercely he was struggling, the overwhelming force was devouring his everything like a savage beast. It was trying to overwhelm his will!

"Qin Nan, stop struggling. You are nothing but a mere ant. You will always be despite your efforts! You should know your place!" Xiang Hun uttered in a thunderous voice, like he was the Lord of the Heavens and Earth.

The thirteen rare phenomena behind him unleashed a greater force to crush Qin Nan's mind. 

It felt like everything had turned into a sea of darkness pouring down at Qin Nan.


Qin Nan let out a furious roar.

He might only be an ant in Xiang Hun's eyes as his talents and strength were nowhere close to Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue.


Even an ant had its pride!

He was unyielding. His pride was deeply carved into his soul. He would not allow anyone to trample his dignity no matter who they were or how strong they were!


An ancient will burst out of Qin Nan's body. Its terrifying aura caused the whole palace to shake violently! 

"Zhou Di's will?" Xiang Hun's expression froze.

He did not think Qin Nan had refined Zhou Di's blood too after claiming his memory. He had Zhou Di's remaining will and aura deep inside his body.

"You imbecile, don't you dare!"

Two furious roars occurred too.

Zhou Xundao's illusionary figure which was massive like a mountain and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern lying deep inside Qin Nan's Divine Sense appeared.

"HAHAHA, you two have finally shown yourselves. I was thinking that you didn't really acknowledge him as your true master, so you weren't going to help him!"

Xiang Hun burst out laughing instead of showing any sign of fear.

"But then again, how stupid are you two? Do you think Zhou Di's remaining will and your will are going to make any difference? Do you think you can stop me? Qin Nan couldn't even rely on the Undying Cycle Mountain or the Ownerless Heaven Pattern now!"

"You're actually doing me a favor. I won't have to waste my time looking for you two after I'm done killing Qin Nan!"

"You two will submit to me from now onward!"

Xiang Hun withdrew his smile. He grabbed forward imperiously, unleashing a brilliant sacred light into the surroundings. It turned into huge mountains, ancient swords, and many other things. 

It was executing a Dao Art with the indestructible Force.

"In your dreams!"

Zhou Xundao's eyes flickered coldly as he unleashed a magnificent force.

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern let out a loud chime as it unleashed a shocking ripple which surged upward like a tide.


Both Zhou Xundao and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern were in an unfavorable situation in just a single moment.

The Dao Art executed with the Indestructible Force was too powerful, not to mention that Zhou Xundao and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern were not able to fully unleash their power since Qin Nan did not summon them as Xiang Hun had mentioned.

However, they did not back away!

"You two will drop to your knees before me too!"

Xiang Hun took a huge step forward and threw a punch as if it contained the power of the Heavens.

Cracks began to appear on Zhou Xundao. The Ownerless Heaven Pattern was shaking vigorously too.

They were almost at their limits!

Qin Nan's body which was covered in blood shuddered in the nick of time. A new power burst out of his body.

His will which was devoured by the boundless darkness unleashed a shocking energy. It surged forward unyieldingly to clear up the darkness.

It revealed the chains inside the darkness which gradually broke into pieces.

His flesh, will, and soul instantly achieved a new level with a stronger aura.

"Keep breaking them!"

Qin Nan let out a roar, like a titan who was being crushed by the sky about to fight back by lifting it up slowly.

The reborn of the phoenix!

"Did he achieve the Master Realm?" Xiang Hun's eyes flickered with astonishment.

He did not expect a mere ant like Qin Nan was able to forcibly refine the Rules of the Immortal Demon and even break through to the next cultivation level while under such a great pressure!

"You have surprised me again! However, are you really that clueless about your current situation? Even if you achieve the Master Realm, you are still no match against me. Besides, do you think you can successfully achieve the Master Realm in front of me?"

Xiang Hun wore a disdainful look. The power his fist unleashed kept growing until it reached an unimaginable level. 

It was his final attack!

Little did Xiang Hun know, apart from the transformations Qin Nan was going through, a chaotic light also traveled a great distance and entered Qin Nan's Divine Sense.

The purple crystal fragments in Qin Nan's Divine Sense started glowing.

Mo Xie once mentioned that Qin Nan would awaken Huangfu Jue's memories once he achieved the master Realm.

However, judging from the current circumstances, he would only claim Huangfu Jue's memories when he was done with the process.

That being said, the chaotic light suddenly grew stronger as if it was influenced by Qin Nan's will. Its speed also increased too.

When Xiang Hun knocked Zhou Xundao and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern flying, the purple crystal fragments were completed.

It felt as if the whole place had frozen at that instant.

Both Xiang Hun and Li Yangfan's eyes widened as they sensed something.


A terrifying will broke the silence after bursting out of Qin Nan's body, turning the area within a few hundred thousand li into a demonic realm.

Another peerless figure had appeared too!


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