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TL - Chapter 111: Tan Jiao 15 (2)

Previously, Wu Yu told me that the Chengs usually stayed in Beijing, and Feng Yan had married Professor Cheng twenty years ago. This meant that they had been living together like this for a very long time.

It must be detrimental for the family to always be so on edge.

“What are you thinking about?” Wu Yu suddenly asked softly.

Though we were sitting together, there was still some space between us.

“Nothing.” I looked at him and smiled.

We looked at each other for a few seconds before he turned away without showing any expression. However, the look in his eyes caused my heart to race a little. It was as if there was something between us, but neither of us wanted to talk about it.

Around midday, the doorbell rang, and Tan Lanlan went to open the door. Her laughter sounded. “Zhiwei, you’re here. You brought so many things. Grandmother, Zhiwei is here.”

The man’s voice was deep, husky, and sounded somewhat joyous. “Thank you for your help. Mrs. Cheng, happy New Year.”

I never expected Zheng Baozhu’s boyfriend to be this handsome.

Zheng Zhiwei was about 1.7 meters tall. Although he was not as tall as Wu Yu, he was pretty tall for a southerner. He wore a black wool coat and a suit inside, looking very smart. His handsome face coupled with his smile radiated with positivity. Wu Yu had told me that this man’s wealth was inherited. Although his family was not super rich, they still owned a medium-sized company. That was why he was still compatible with the Cheng family.

He too would have died at the fire that broke out.

Zheng Zhiwei carried a few boxes of ginseng bird’s nests and handed them to the smiling Tang Lanlan. That smile grew even broader when she heard Zheng Zhiwei’s whisper. Then she went in with the gifts. Feng Yan wiped her hands on the apron after coming out of the kitchen and greeted Zheng Zhiwei with a smile.

Zheng Zhiwei replied pleasantly, “Yo, sister-in-law. Happy New Year. Where’s Baozhu?”


Glancing at the things he was carrying, old madam Cheng let out a slight smile and said, “Why buy these things? You know I don’t eat them.”

Zheng Zhiwei went over to the old madam and said, “This is a little something I prepared. I hope you don’t mind.” The old madam let out a dry smile and said nothing more about it. Zheng Zhiwei proceeded to chit-chat with the old madam. The old madam spoke to him in a calm and unhurried manner, but finally, she let out a genuine smile. All along, Zheng Zhiwei was all smiles.

Thinking about the way the old madam talked about Zheng Zhiwei yesterday, it seemed that this future son-in-law was not very important to her, but he was not someone too bad either.

Then Zheng Zhiwei looked at the two of us. “These two are?”

“This is your brother-in-law’s student and his writer friend. They came to visit us too this New Year.” Feng Yan introduced us.

Zheng Zhiwei immediately reached out with his hand and said, “Nice to you. You guys are welcomed here.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Then Zheng Zhiwei looked at me with a smile and said with his attractive, husky voice, “You’re a writer? I’ve never met a writer before.”

In truth, his words were rather normal. However, he looked genuinely interested in the conversation and you, especially when he fixed his gaze on you and smiled attractively. To my disappointment, my heart began to race, and I became somewhat shy.

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