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NETS - Chapter 175: Seven Star Palace

When Lu Ping heard Qi Zi-Cai talk about Ouyang Wei-Jian, he said, "I’ve also heard about this person several times before. They say he’s a rare genius. If he can kill Peng Chang-Qing, he’s certainly not weak."

Qi Zi-Cai thought about it and said, "He indeed deserves the name of genius. He’s similar in age with Junior Brother Yin, but his cultivation base has already reached the Eighth Layer. I’ve heard he’s preparing to break through to the Ninth Layer. And his swordsmanship is excellent. Junior Brother Yin fought him before, so he’d know best."

Even though Yin Zi-Chu’s face remained expressionless, after hearing Qi Zi-Cai’s words, a cold light flashed in his eyes. "He has magnificent swordsmanship, I’m no match for him. He practiced Xuan Ling Sect’s true heritage, the [Dissolute Delightful 18 Swords], into the stage of “Formless Wind” and attained Sword Intent. He can make eighteen Drifting Wind Sword Lights in an instant and there are already signs that the sword lights can merge into one."

Lu Ping's face turned solemn.

Xuan Ling Sect had seven true heritages, the most important cultivation method being the [Nine Firmaments Skyrocketing Godly Art]. In Xuan Ling Sect’s history, only two ancestors had cultivated this method and reached the True Spirit Realm.

The [Dissolute Delightful 18 Swords] was the most famous sword art contained in the [Nine Firmaments Skyrocketing Godly Art].

Lu Ping asked Yin Zi-Chu to describe Ouyang Wei-Jian's appearance, which let him confirm that he was the white-faced Xuan Ling cultivator who attacked him from the back in the monster race sea.

He also asked about Young Master Jin, and it was Qi Zi-Cai's turn to look solemn.

She glanced unnoticeably at the middle-aged cultivator behind her and said, "He should be a monster Enlightened Master who sealed his cultivation base. I heard of an Enlightened Master Jin Li in the monster race, who is also the Golden Jiao Island Lord's godson. I wonder if he’s the same person."

To the side, Ji Zi-Xuan also had a rare look of seriousness. He continued after Qi Zi-Cai, "This Young Master Jin’s swordsmanship is more skilled than that of Ouyang Wei-Jian’s. Although suppressed in the Blood Condensation Realm, he’s forced two Enlightened Masters to unseal their cultivation base and be teleported out of the Heaven of Seven Stars. He rarely engages in battle, but even when he does, he always stops after making one sword attack. Aside from those two Enlightened Masters, there have been no survivors."

Naturally, Lu Ping wouldn’t brag about his escape from Young Master Jin’s attack as he’d never lost so badly at the hands of anyone before.

And thanks to Young Master Jin’s sword attack, Lu Ping finally understood the State of Intent and attained his Sword Intent. Hence, in his heart, this Young Master Jin had become someone he must surpass.

Qi Zi-Cai watched Lu Ping's complexion change and she giggled, "I heard that Junior Brother has also offended Golden Jiao Island. This time, their crocodiles have also come to the Heaven of Seven Stars. The Seven Star Palace is about to open soon, so Junior Brother should be careful."

Lu Ping was stunned by her words and he quickly replied, "Thank you for the warning."

At this time, Senior Brother Cao returned and nodded to Qi Zi-Cai. "Found a few hideouts belonging to the Ocean Overturning Gang. But this person is only an insignificant minion, so he doesn't know much."

The other middle-aged cultivator behind Qi Zi-Cai said, "We can't be the only ones doing this job, we should disclose this information to the other sects. I know many of them are interested in the items the Ocean Overturning Gang robbed."

Qi Zi-Cai smiled and said, "Senior Brother Sun has a point. This junior sister will take care of the following matters."

Suddenly, a low rumbling sound came from afar, and the ground underneath the crowd started quaking nonstop.

Qi Zi-Cai looked in the direction of the sound and hurriedly said, "The Seven Star Palace has opened. Inform all the brothers and sisters to rush over there immediately and to secure an advantageous position."

Soon, more than twenty Zhen Ling cultivators rushed towards the commotion.

As they moved, Lu Ping suddenly realized that the other Zhen Ling cultivators were all in the Eighth and Ninth Layers. Only Ji Zi-Xuan, Yin Zi-Chu, and himself were in the Seventh Layer, which made them very eye-catching amongst the crowd.

Not long later, the sight of a magnificent building hovering in the middle of the Heaven of Seven Stars appeared before them.

The Zhen Ling cultivators were amazed by the palace’s grandeur appearance, and its durability in withstanding the chaotic battles of the five True Spirit cultivators. They couldn’t help admiring the ingenuity of the Great Ancestors who built the Seven Star Palace.

Although the Seven Star Palace was termed as a complete building, it was actually made up of seven palaces. These were the dojos of the seven Great Ancestors who opened Seven Star Palace to preach their teachings.

The seven palaces were aligned in the pattern of the Big Dipper and served as the core of a great array formation within the domain.

The Zhen Ling cultivators arrived at the same time as the other sects and monster cultivators. They surrounded the Seven Star Palace at a distance of a couple thousand feet.

The Zhen Ling cultivators occupied the northeast corner and formed a simple formation. It allowed them to secure a large area while keeping a safe distance away from each other. This way, they could intercept the treasures erupting out from the palace more easily.

Similarly, Xuan Ling Sect occupied the northwest corner.

Other than them, there were also cultivators from the other sects and small groups of rogue cultivators at the scene. 

Lu Ping spotted Ouyang Wei-Jian; he was indeed the man who attacked him before.

Ouyang Wei-Jian’s keen senses noticed someone looking at him and he immediately turned towards Lu Ping while spreading out his divine sense.

Lu Ping wasn’t perturbed. The auras of all the cultivators were heavily mixed together, so it wasn’t possible for Ouyang Wei-Jian to accurately spot Lu Ping’s presence. And his appearance was disguised thanks to the mask given to him by Enlightened Master Yang Xuan-Mu.

Sure enough, Ouyang Wei-Jian withdrew his gaze in confusion a moment later. However, Lu Ping then felt a chill on his body, as if he was being watched by a fierce beast. He turned his head and saw Young Master Jin looking at him with a smile from the south corner. A hideous-looking brawny man was saying something to him.

Lu Ping fearlessly looked back at Young Master Jin, not caring about the latter’s status as a Core Forging Enlightened Master.

Young Master Jin gave Lu Ping an appreciative look and turned his head to reply to the brawny man beside him.

It was then Lu Ping realized that the other man was the oldest of the four Primal Giant Crocodiles, who had set up the ambush on the North Ocean cultivators in the monster race sea. He was also the eldest son of the Lord of Golden Jiao Island.

Right now, this Primal Giant Crocodile no longer had a long crocodile mouth and looked no different from a normal human being. It was clear that in the past two years, he had successfully formed his Golden Core and advanced into the Core Forging Realm.

Just as the Zhen Ling Sect had finished getting ready while more cultivators were rushing towards Seven Star Palace, several cultivators were seen approaching on their flying swords.

These cultivators looked down mockingly at the cultivators below who were waiting for Seven Star Palace to open. Many monster cultivators saw them and also followed them to fly in the air, as if they were afraid of being left behind and having the treasures snatched by others.

Behind Qi Zi-Cai, Senior Brother Sun sighed and said teasingly, "These self-righteous brats are everywhere. It’s understandable that some monster cultivators' brains are slow and senseless, but how is it that even human cultivators lack intelligence nowadays?"

With this scornful remark, they could hear screams coming from above.

Lu Ping looked up and saw broken arms and bodies raining to the ground. He quickly spread out his divine sense but didn’t find any array formations or even fluctuations of energy.

"It’s a Great Void Array Formation!"

Senior Brother Sun, as if noticing Lu Ping's confusion, explained, "This is a field of study that only the Avatar Realm Great Ancestors are capable of understanding. But to set up any array formation in this field, it would require more than just one Late Avatar Realm Great Ancestor."

Lu Ping nodded, his mouth agape. He couldn’t put his shock into words!

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