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PBS - Chapter 2235: The Location of the Orb's Spirit

"We'll stop looking for the orb's spirit for now. You should follow the guidance and track down the reincarnations of the Trio Warriors. You must eliminate them at all costs!"

Qin Nan nodded sternly.

The Trio Warriors were formidable enemies. If they had reincarnated as Rulers of Dao, their strength would be utterly shocking. They would bring him serious trouble in the future if he did not eliminate them now.

The timing was too much of a coincidence too.

Was the reincarnation of the Trio Warriors prior to Cang's return part of his conspiracy?

"Wait a second, is there a chance for the Trio Warriors to reincarnate as the Empress?" Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat as the thought crossed his mind.

"Impossible, the Empress is cultivating the Art of Ten Lifetimes. She has once summoned eight of her past lives, her present life, and her future life. Even though she did not obtain their memories, she would have sensed something with her current level of cultivation," Qin Nan was relieved after he denied the thought.

He was not afraid of facing formidable enemies, but he did not want to fight people whom he cared about.

"Qin Nan, let's wait for the three swords to react again. If it's the same as before, we'll leave immediately," Zhou Xundao suggested.

"Got it."

Qin Nan waited patiently.

Two days later, the three swords reacted again. Qin Nan used the art on them and had the same outcome.

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and left the palace.

Qin Nan did not forget to cover up the faint aura which the palace was emitting as a precaution.

The place he sensed was a great distance away. He only knew the rough direction instead of the exact location.

Qin Nan went north while maintaining a low profile.

As usual, Zhou Xundao discussed a lot of things with him.

The Trio Warriors were Heaven Highness Wuwang, Heaven Highness Wuxia, and Heaven Highness Wuguang. It was Cang who came up with the titles for the two men and a woman. Heaven Wuwang was the leader among them and was also the strongest. He had slain many Heaven Highnesses in the past.

Heaven Highness Wuxia and Heaven Highness Wuguang were good at tricking their enemies and conspiring respectively. 

Zhou Xundao also told Qin Nan their extraordinary path of cultivation in detail, including the battles they had fought.

It was to prepare Qin Nan so he would know how to handle them when he found their reincarnations.

"The question is, why was the Nine Dragons Seal willing to help Qin Nan after it had remained silent for so long?" Zhou Xundao fell into deep thoughts.

Three days later...

Qin Nan was hiding in the rift. His pace had slowed down.

A few hours ago, he had already arrived in the area which the art had guided him too. The three ancient swords had gone from reacting once every two days to once every hour. Their glow and vibration were a lot stronger too.

In addition to it, Qin Nan also sensed formidable auras flying past him into the distance at a shocking pace.

Qin Nan rarely bumped into any Rulers of Dao before coming to this area.

There must be a reason why the Rulers of Dao were here.

"Qin Nan, someone is coming!" Zhou Xundao suddenly warned.

"Who is it?"

Qin Nan tensed. He too had a feeling that someone dangerous was coming.

A blue light flickered in front of him, followed by a figure landing beside him. A familiar voice without any emotion said, "It's me."

Qin Nan turned to his side and saw Empress Feiyue in a long blue dress. Her hair was tied up, revealing her pale neck. She looked even more astonishing than her usual appearance.

"How did you find me?" Qin Nan blurted out in joy.

"Even though I wasn't able to transmit my voice to you, but I could still sense the Red String of Three Lifetimes on your wrist when you are within a certain distance," Empress Feiyue said. She then asked curiously, "How did you find this place?"

She had killed two Rulers of Dao and injured one of the three authorities of the Wang Clan, Ruler Duanmu to learn about this place.

Qin Nan quickly told her about the Trio Warriors.

Empress Feiyue was not fussed about how Qin Nan was able to find the palace in the first place. She said with a frown, "If that's the case, things are a little complicated."

"What do you mean?"

Empress Feiyue pointed ahead, "Do you know what this place is?"

She said after Qin Nan shook his head, "It's where the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor's spirit is."

Qin Nan and Zhou Xundao were stunned.

They had spent a lot of time searching for the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor's spirit, but their efforts were in vain.

And now, they had found it just like that?

Qin Nan and Zhou Xundao soon frowned.

They were well aware that there was no such thing as a coincidence in this world, especially at their level.

What did it mean that the Trio Warriors' reincarnations were located in the same place as the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor's spirit?

Could it be that the Trio Warriors did not reincarnate through Rulers of Dao?

Would they learn other secrets in the area ahead?

Empress Feiyue waved her hand and scattered icy glow in the vicinity. She said, "I've picked up the presence of Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, Ruler Duanxiang, and three other Rulers of Dao who had stumbled into this area by accident."

"It's too risky to go there now. We should observe the situation from here."

Empress Feiyue performed several hand seals.

"Eternal Night Heaven Highness is here too?"

Qin Nan frowned even more. It seemed like Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the Wang Clan had come prepared.

"Copper mirror, be careful," Qin Nan said.

It was extremely risky for her to spy on the only Heaven Highness in the Primary Upper Realm when she was only a Ruler of Dao.

Empress Feiyue remained silent. As usual, she did not show any expression on her face.

However, Qin Nan did not notice her raising her brows by a little.

Without her knowing, the boy who was as insignificant as a dust particle had made his way to the highest level over time.

Even though his cultivation was not particularly outstanding and was still quite a distance away from hers, he was now able to endure hardships with her.

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