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IGK - Chapter 63.1 Wang Ke Saved Us (1/2)

Outside the Qing Capital!

The flock of cranes sped toward the Qing Capital. The leading crane was multiple times bigger than the rest.

“Crane King, can you fly faster?” Zhang Li'er urged on the back of the gigantic crane.

Crane King flapped his wings and created an airstream that boosted the cranes’ speed even further. Each crane was carrying a Golden Crow disciple; all of them threw angry and anxious looks toward the person on one of the normal cranes.

That person was Zhang Zhengdao. He had been tightly tied up, and thus he had an aggrieved appearance.

“Come on! I’m telling the truth, I’m innocent. Wang Ke deceived me into eating crane meat. I wasn’t planning on doing it… Why would I go to the Golden Crow Sect to seek my own demise? I was trying to rescue your juniors. I’m innocent!” Zhang Zhengdao aired his grievances against how they treated him.

He tried to help by sending the rescue message to the Golden Crow Sect. But in exchange, he was being treated that way?

“Zhang Zhengdao, if you dare to lie to us… you will suffer death by a thousand cuts!” Zhang Li'er stared back at him.

“There’s no way I would dare! Wang Ke, you really are a troublemaker!” Zhang Zhengdao was furious.

They could already see the Qing Capital far in the distance. They could see a massive barrier enveloping the whole city; they also saw countless thunderbolts exploding within the barrier.

“The Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array? And... that’s the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror?” Zhang Li'er’s eyes glistened.

They flew ahead even faster.


At the Great Qing Palace!

The endless thunderbolts engulfed all the demons. There were already countless casualties in that short span of time. Almost half of the demons were dead.

“No, I don’t want to die! No!” cried the demons in despair.

Alas, it was to no avail. All the demons would surely die as long as She Miejue continued to control the array.

Zhu Hongyi fell dead in She Miejue’s trap. That was a tragic day for all demons.

It seemed as though Heaven itself was trying to exterminate that demonic mob. While only despair pervaded within the lightning array, numerous cranes began to appear outside the array.

“Eldest apprentice-sister, and the Crane King!” all the imprisoned disciples burst out in joy.

“Wang Ke didn't lie to us. He really helped us inform our eldest apprentice-sister?” a disciple said, pleasantly surprised.

He was elated to see his sister outside the barrier. The ups and downs of those few days had been just too horrid. Am I finally being rescued?

The righteous disciples were elated, which accentuated the demons’ despair.

The Demon Slaying Heavenly Lightning Array had already crushed their hopes. It was even worse since numerous righteous cultivators had just arrived.

“Heaven wants us dead!” the demons lamented.

The lightning array suddenly came to a stop with a loud sound, and lightning no longer came down. The surviving demons were instantly safe.It stopped?Why?


Not only so, but the barrier also began to crack; countless fracture lines crawled all over the dome, which was about to break at any moment.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is the array unstable? Something happened to the caster?”

“Did something happen to She Miejue? Is she dead?”

“No, someone must have attacked her. Did someone save us?”

“Who? Who is trying to save us?”




All the demons looked toward the Empress' Residence in gratitude. Some demons slowly recovered their mobility as the array crumbled and the Immobilizing Radiance Mirror’s power diminished.

Suddenly, the mirror soared into the sky and flew toward the Ten-thousand Great Mountains.


All the demons could again move.

“We are saved!” Some demons were shedding tears of joy.

As they wept joyfully, some of them waved their sleeves, and a gust of wind cleared the smoke and dust shrouding the Empress' Residence. What happened inside became immediately clear for all to see.

They saw Wang Ke holding the hilt of the sword piercing into She Miejue’s heart. He killed She Miejue?

The demons ran through the many rescue possibilities in their minds, but never did they expect the one who killed She Miejue to be a stranger. No, actually, he wasn’t considered a stranger. They had already recognized him. It was one of theirs? Wang Ke?


At the Great Qing Palace!

Smoke and dust shrouded the Empress' Residence. She Miejue struggled to endure with her weakened body as she limped into the building. She thought that Princess Youyue was still tied up, which would make for an easy target to kill, no matter how weak she had become.

But right when she stepped into the main hall, she was stunned.

“Ahh! Stop it! Ahhh! Ancestral uncle, save me!”


Howls of pain came from the pillar. Zhu Yan? Zhu Yan was tied up to the pillar and was being struck by lightning bolts. The chain provided some cover for him, or else he would have already died. Even so, he was covered in blood. How miserable!

“Zhu Yan? Why... Why are you tied up? Where is Princess Youyue?” She Miejue asked in confusion.

“Immortal Qing, please save me. I don’t know where Princess Youyue is either. I was poisoned the moment I arrived. I only took my ancestral uncle’s golden-silk gloves. I’m innocent. This has nothing to do with me! Immortal Qing, please save me!” Zhu Yan cried out.

She Miejue: “?????”I do know about the golden-silk gloves. You let the princess go?And then you tied yourself up?Is something wrong with Zhu Yan’s brain?

“Cough, cough... Where is Princess Youyue??” She Miejue interrogated Zhu Yan with a threatening voice.

Zhu Yan was still being struck by the lightning bolts. That meant that he had been demonized. She Miejie would never rescue him since he was a demon now.

“I don’t know. I don’t know! Save me!” Zhu Yan cried out in agony.

“Save you? You willingly stepped into the demonic path. You deserve it!” She Miejue raised her sword and slashed at him.


The sword Qi wasn't too powerful, and the Hongyi Chain took the main brunt of the impact. At the same time, the remaining power sent the just-awakened emperor back into unconsciousness again.


The lightning bolts kept bombarding him. Zhu Yan woke up and then fainted over and over again. It was quite the ordeal for him.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

She Miejue coughed due to her weakening state. She was at the end of her life and could no longer use spells to search the place. Still, she instinctively sensed that someone was drawing close to her.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.