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PBS - Chapter 2228 - A Deal

Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the Rulers of Dao did not mind the threatening.

They dared to target Qin Nan after learning he was Zhou Di's reincarnation. The First Immortal, Bai Zhongsheng was also with him too at that time. Why would they be scared of Cang's reincarnation?

Time had changed. It was no longer the same Cang in the past.

However, they did not doubt the Ancient Taboo's words.

They knew almost everything except for the secrets of the four Supreme Highnesses.

"Senior Brother, why doesn't the Ancient Taboo refine the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor itself?" a Master of Dao asked.

"It's very simple. Anyone can forcibly refine the spirit of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor except for the Ancient Taboo. Have you seen any servant that can claim the ownership of their master's belongings?"

"Besides, from what I can see, the spirit of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor must have sustained serious injuries. It's still in a deep slumber. Otherwise, it would have lent the Ancient Taboo a hand long ago," a Ruler of Dao answered.

They had gone through a lot. They could easily figure out the truth by observing the little clues that were available.

It was also the reason why the higher one's cultivation level was, the less significant their intelligence would be, since most people at their level were not stupid either.

Empress Feiyue seemed to have noticed something. She suddenly flicked her finger and fired a ray of light at the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor. It turned into golden runes encapsulating the orb.


Ripples began to spread in all directions with the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor in the center. They had spread over ten thousand li in less than a second, as if a gate leading to a new world had opened.

"Let's go inside," Empress Feiyue disappeared after transmitting her thought to Qin Nan.

"There's a change to our plan!" Qin Nan quickly delivered a message to Supreme Chang Xiao, Mo Xie, and the others before stepping inside the gate.

"Qin Nan has gone inside too!"

Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the rest of the authorities immediately transmitted their thoughts before following Qin Nan into the gate without any hesitation.

Many factions soon became restless!

The information regarding the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor had driven many people insane, especially when they learned Qin Nan only had Empress Feiyue by his side.

They might have the chance to take down Qin Nan too.

It was worth their time and effort even if they did not manage to claim the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor in the end.

"Since Second Brother has gone inside, there's no need for us to go there. We'll just make our moves when Cang's reincarnation shows up."

"There's no point going after the Ancient Taboo. If it's willing to take out the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, it must have a plan in mind. We won't be able to claim it before Cang's reincarnation shows up." 

"Go ahead and enter the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor! The situation is only going to get messier since Cang's reincarnation is about to appear. I'll try to stir up more chaos when the time comes. We just need to buy more time."

Every faction modified its plan accordingly.

The undercurrent was heading straight to the Thirty-Two Small Immortal Realm. A storm was already brewing!

Meanwhile, inside the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor...

Qin Nan stepped out of the rift and landed on the ground. The impact created a huge pit with a diameter of a few thousand zhang.

"Am I separated from Empress Feiyue?" Qin Nan did not pick up any presence around him. He tried to contact Empress Feiyue with the red string and the badge, but he did not receive any response.

Qin Nan's heart sank a little.

It seemed like the badges were not going to work in here.

The situation was slightly unfavorable to him.

After all, there were ten Rulers of Dao inside the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, including Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the others. More Rulers of Dao were going to come soon.

He would be in trouble if he stumbled into a peak Ruler of Dao.

Qin Nan quickly calmed his thoughts. He looked around him and was dazzled.

The sky, ground, mountains, and rivers were the same as the outside world, but there was no sign of Immortal Intent in here. There were only clouds of white mist drifting across the place.

Qin Nan tried taking a deep breath. The white mist immediately turned into a pure stream of energy and merged with the Master Force in his body, his flesh, his mind, and his soul.

Normally, absorbing a pure wisp of Immortal Intent would only improve the Master Force in his body or his flesh. It would rarely improve his mind and his soul, let alone improving them all at once. 

"Is this the Origin Force? Hang on, it's not the Origin Force, but it's closely related to it! If the white mist already has such effects, imagine the real Origin Force..." Qin Nan's heart burned with passion.

Not only would he be able to improve the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh, it would also strengthen the new power in his body.


Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Several figures appeared out of nowhere.

Those who entered the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor would be shocked to see them.

They were none other than Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, Ruler Miexiang, and Ruler Duanmu!

They had gathered at the same place instead of splitting up.

"I'm really grateful for your assistance!" a sinister voice spoke. The Ancient Taboo approached from the distance while clenching its teeth.

"Ancient Taboo, I know you aren't pleased with us, but you were going to take out the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor when the others found out where you are to save yourself. We were just doing you a favor," Ruler Huangyun said with a pleasant voice. It felt strange hearing her aged voice since she had the appearance of a young girl.

"Cultivator Huangyun really knows how to comfort someone," the Ancient Taboo mocked. It added, "According to the deal between us, I'll now tell you the rough location of the orb's spirit."

It presented a map.

The deal between them was simple.

First, they would send out their clones and will to help the Ancient Taboo when needed.

Second, Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the Wang Clan would not involve themselves when Cang's reincarnation showed up.

Third, if the Ancient Taboo's location was exposed, forcing it to use the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor as a bait, it would give them the rough location of the orb's spirit. In return, they would keep the Ancient Taboo's whereabouts a secret.

Fourth, if the Ancient Taboo did not have to use the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor as a bait, they would be allowed to enter the orb once after Cang's reincarnation successfully overcame his Tribulation.

"Happy working together!"

The three Rulers of Dao put the map away and brought their fists together at Eternal Night Heaven Highness before disappearing into the clouds.

"Senior Eternal Night, do you have something to discuss with me?" the Ancient Taboo looked at Eternal Night Heaven Highness with glittering eyes.

"The Army of Eternity makes me feel very unpleasant not long ago!" Eternal Night Heaven Highness placed his hands behind him. He said with a dark expression, "I want you to track Qin Nan down. I know you have a way!"

The Ancient Taboo chuckled, "If I can locate him, why would I need your assistance? However, I can try searching for him if he uses the power of the Undying Cycle Mountain and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern!"

"Also, I'm a great fan of you. I can't wait to see you conquer the scene with your outstanding strength!"

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