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PBS - Chapter 2227 - Constructing the Universe Inside the Orb

"Anyway, you better try your best to secure the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor. Even though there's only one here, and it's not even complete, you can still use it to obtain the Origin Force!" 

"It will speed up the process of refining the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity. If you're lucky, you might be able to repair a part of the Ownerless Heaven Pattern too," Zhou Xundao said.

"Oh?" Qin Nan collected his thoughts.

It turned out that repairing the Ownerless Heaven Pattern would require the Origin Force. No wonder Zhou Xundao had asked him to focus on achieving the Ruler Realm first.

After all, the Origin Force was extremely rare in every Small Immortal Realm of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Masters of Dao had no chance of claiming it without the help of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

"However, there's one thing you must keep in mind."

"The Ancient Taboo is willing to take out the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor not only because it was left with no other option, but it's trying to distract you from focusing on Cang's reincarnation."

Qin Nan said, "You mean, if we are to fight for a month or two here, we might miss Cang's reincarnation as a result?"

Zhou Xundao nodded and said, "Exactly, it doesn't matter much to the other factions, but it matters a lot to you since you have to kill Cang's reincarnation with your own hands."

"Even if the other factions were to kidnap Cang's reincarnation, it would result in great consequences for you."

"Therefore, if you are planning to make a move on the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor, you will have to figure out a way to subdue it first. If you can't subdue it, you will have to destroy it."

Qin Nan nodded sternly.

He knew Zhou Xundao was willing to explain everything in detail to him because of his fear of the Orb of the Heavenly Empire and Cang's reincarnation.

Qin Nan finally realized how serious the situation was.

Zhou Xundao reminded as he thought of something, "The Orb of the Heavenly Emperor is neither pure nor evil. It might have something to do with Cang's power, so you must be cautious around it if you managed to secure it, in case..."

Zhou Xundao suddenly thought of the Nine Dragons Seal inside Qin Nan's soul.

Perhaps even if Qin Nan had collected all thirty-three Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor, they might not have the power to threaten the Nine Dragons Seal. 

"Forget it, you don't have to worry about it," Zhou Xundao said and ended the conversation.

Qin Nan was still a little confused. Meanwhile, the will and clones of Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the others were shattered into pieces by Li Posheng and his crew.

Their figures turned into rays of light and chased after the Ancient Taboo.

"Are we going after the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor?" Empress Feiyue asked. Her eyes were fixed on the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor.

In the past year, she had tried to bring Master Shehuang and the others back to life with the same method that Qin Nan had used to bring Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan back to life.

Even though she had no idea what Xiang Hun did to help Qin Nan, but she was sure that it had something to do with the Origin Force.

"Of course we are!"

As soon as Qin Nan nodded, he sensed a tremendous aura rising from the glamorous woman before he had the chance to explain the background of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor to her. 

Her aura reached a terrifying level in the blink of an eye!

Even Qin Nan could feel a great pressure standing beside her.


A magnificent force poured down on Qin Nan and brought him across the barrier of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm. He found himself hovering above the valley in just a few seconds.


Li Posheng, Zheng Di, and the others were startled. Empress Feiyue had gotten a head start over them!

"Suppressing the Heavens with One Hand!"

Empress Feiyue made her move right away. The mysterious power of the Ten Lifetimes burst out of her body and turned into a giant hand grabbing at the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor!

The orb remained still as if it was unaware of what was going on around it.


The ground shook vigorously.

Something shocking followed. The Orb of the Heavenly Emperor which was around the size of a fist shook violently for a while and became still.

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

He was the closest to the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor. He had a feeling Empress Feiyue did not land her attack on an orb, but a whole world instead. It was the entire Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm!

Empress Feiyue made her move again. She performed a hand seal and summoned a sword to her. It emitted a tremendous glow and slashed at the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor with a strong Power of Rules.

A series of explosions took place.

The Orb of the Heavenly Emperor was knocked a few dozen zhang back this time.

However, it did not make any difference.

"Haha, as expected of Empress Feiyue, you were able to knock the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor back when you are only in the early stage of the Ruler Realm! However, you are merely wasting your energy," the Ancient Taboo grinned.

However, before it could finish, Empress Feiyue suddenly thrust the sword at it instead. 

The Ancient Taboo shivered in fear!

The second attack was only a feint. Empress Feiyue had decided to take down the Ancient Taboo first when she realized she could not do anything to the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor!

"Refining my own flesh inside the universe!" the Ancient Taboo yelled while performing a hand seal.

Its body turned into countless light dots and flew into the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor. The slash ended up missing.

Empress Feiyue came to a stop. She stared at the orb and fell into deep thoughts.

"Empress Feiyue, you are truly terrifying. I might be done for if I wasn't prepared!" the Ancient Taboo's voice came out of the orb.

"Even the Empress couldn't break the orb? How are we supposed to claim it?"

Li Posheng and his crew had already arrived from the distance. They were both relieved and confused.

"I believe we are all sensible here. It's obvious what I'm trying to achieve when I took out my master's belonging."

"Therefore, I will make it straight."

"This Orb of the Heavenly Emperor is already tied to the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm. It's impossible to refine it with force. Even if you all join hands, you can only inflict serious damage on it at most."

The Ancient Taboo continued in a sinister tone, "If you want to claim it, you will have to enter the orb. The orb has a world in it which is still ownerless at the time being. Whoever finds the Orb Spirit in it and refine it will become its new master." 

"However, a piece of advice from me, this thing belongs to my master, so if anyone dares to refine it with force, my master will pay you back when he returns!"

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