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100000PSI - Chapter 70.1: What a Small World (1)

“I only fell for you because I wasn’t clear-headed.” Song Shiyu’s eyes remained firmly on the road ahead. “All you wanted to do is control me. Are we even friends?”

“… Stop the car,” Ji Xinxin said with a quivering voice.

Song Shiyu eyed the roadside and replied, “There’s no place to stop here.”

“Song Shiyu, stop the car right now!” Ji Xinxin slammed the glove compartment in front of her, causing the documents inside to scatter all over the ground.

Something sharp nicked Ji Xinxin’s legs, causing her eyes to become teary. “Song Shiyu, have I ever mistreated you? What have I done to deserve such humiliation? Are you regretting having fallen in love with me now? Have you forgotten that I was always the one turning you down? I never asked you to like me!”

“But the kindness and intimacy you showed misled me into believing that you were simply in a tight spot.” Song Shiyu tightly gripped the steering wheel. “You have been leading me on all this…

Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by Ru.