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ZL - Chapter 1076- I can fly


A crisp sound as the head of an eagle was sliced off by me. Fresh blood splattered over my body as that happened. The silver dragon Little White opened his mouth and bit onto the body before chewing on it. Moreover, during this battle, the silver dragon had eaten many eagles. These eagles were hunters of the sky but when they faced a god tier dragon like Little White, they ended up as a delicious meal.


When I charged through the cloud layer, Tian Ling City's situation was right in front of us. Numerous trebuchets, siege chariots, cloud ladders etc were used to attack the city. The walls were burning. Moreover, many Dragon Crystal Cannons were set up on the walls and firing at the players outside of the city. However, with the numbers disadvantage, things didn't look optimistic at all.


Little White dove down towards the sides of the city. Before getting close, Lin Wan Er shouted, "Little White, shoot out flames now!"

Little White hollered and the scales on its necks swelled up. The frost flames could be pretty much seen before they were fired out of it. Magma fell towards the people that were climbing. At the same time, Lin Wan Er used the blood merger to control Little White's flight path. She flew along the walls while spitting out flames. Instantly the pressure on hundred meters around was reduced.

I left Little White's spine with the blade in my hand and started flying with Icy Wings. I smashed into a siege chariot. In the instance that it broke, one could see many players and NPCs flying out of the sky. But right at that moment, I heard a mechanical sound as a trebuchet tossed a giant stone towards the city!


The giant stone was huge, it was a stone piece from the cemetery?

Thinking about that, my heart shook. Pearl's tomb was there, was her tomb destroyed?

Rage rose up in my heart as I opened my palm to use Heaven Control. I controlled that piece of stone and tossed it back, turning the trebuchet into rubble. At the same time, some of the surrounding NPCs were smashed. The NPCs of small cities were just too weak!

Short use of Heaven Control wouldn't tire me out. Moreover, the situation wasn't worth me using Heaven Control on a large scale. Even if I wanted to use it, there wasn't a good chance. The attacking Dragon Crystal Cannons were too far and Heaven Control couldn't sense them so naturally, I couldn't control them. Like Lin Wan Er's heart reading, she could only use it on people 10 meters away.

I flew around and killed the players that tried to climb up. Sword energy pelted down and no one could get close. After all, there weren't many experts like Sky Rose, Lee, Brown Eyes etc. Moreover, the four walls of Tian Ling City were so long that it was too difficult to meet such an expert. One must know that every expert loved such a battlefield as one could just kill noobs around them. Who would be so bored to fight experts that might threaten their own life?

Just like that, Lin Wan Er and I fought on the south wall of Tian Ling City. I used Icy Wings to fly about and kill people while she relied on Little White and her own skills to slay the enemies. Outside of the city, balls of dragon flame and frost shone in the cloud layer, adding an illusionary feeling to the battle here.

Although Zhan Long didn't join in, but our appearance increased the confidence of the China players around. One should never underestimate the influence of top experts.



Right when I was killing Japanese players climbing the cloud ladder, a ball of flames exploded. A Dragon Crystal Cannon hit my back and gave off a bright light on my cape and God Killing Armor. A cannon took away 80 thousand of my health but it didn't matter much as I had 200 thousand health. Moreover, I could lifesteal unless three Dragon Crystal Cannons fired at the same time!

When I thought about that, another two balls of flames attacked. They were really here!

I turned around and dodged at my fastest speed. Along the way, I used Blade Rush to move about. Those two Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded on the walls. Fortunately, the walls had a layer of white iron and its defence towards Dragon Crystal Cannons was much higher than any other metal. Lochlan had also ordered all the outer city walls to be doused in white iron. He was really smart, like this kid predicted that Tian Ling City would be attacked.

"Aim at Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

A Japanese ARcher shouted and aimed his bow at me, "This fellow took Green Rock City away!"

I laughed and opened my palm. He was shocked and before he could react, he was swallowed by Great Realm of Desolation. I dove down and slashed into the crowd, no one could stop me at all. Actually, I saw that there were no players here over level 180 so killing these people was just so easy. It was just to earn contribution points.

In the sky, dragon flames exploded. Little White was a Saint Dragon tier dragon member and its resistance towards the Dragon Crystal Cannons was really high. Its healing ability was terrifying too, even if it was hit by dozens of dragon crystal cannons, it wasn't under much pressure.


After two hours of killing outside, I finally got tired. I was focused too much and my armor was burning red. I jumped back into the city to repair my equipment first.


When I landed on the south square, I noticed that Yan Zhao Warrior was there. Moreover, many Prague cavalry was here, at least ten thousand of them. Yan Zhao Warrior looked at me and laughed, "Xiao Yao, you have also entered?"

I nodded, "Uncle, what are you doing?"

"We can't let the wall be under pressure for so long." He cupped his fists and smiled, "So I have joined hands with many guilds and are preparing to send a million cavalry out to reduce the pressure on the walls. I believe that we can still hold on for 24 hours."

I agreed, "That is a good idea. Good luck, I shall repair equipment!"

"En, do you want to join us?"

"No, I can fly... Why will I even bother to eat dust on the ground like all of you..."



The repair shop wasn't far and when I repaired it, I noticed there was a golden armor, that was... Emperor?

I frowned and asked the blacksmith, "What is going on there?"

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The blacksmith saw my badge and said respectfully, "Tian Ling City has been attacked, his majesty has decided to personally command the battle. Did you not know? His Majesty set up a military meeting hall in the Great Sage Hall."


I was speechless and walked over. As expected, the guards troops were surrounding the Great Sage Hall. All of them were solemn. Tian Ling City was surrounded and that caused our NPC army to be united.

I wasn't stopped, after all these NPCs recognised me. When war came, I automatically became the marshal whose words were of the highest power.

When I stepped in, I heard Lochlan's firm voice talking about having to defend Tian Ling City.

"Master Li!"

When he saw me, his eyes were filled with emotions. He hugged my arm and said, "Marshal Li, you are finally back, that is great!"

I smiled, "Tian Ling City is my home so why won't I be back?"

Lochlan nodded, "It is good that Marshal Li is back, come listen to their opinions!"


Purple Spirit Army General Huyan Li cupped his fists, "Marshal Li, I have set up a flawless defence around the city, I believe that they won't be able to take Tian Ling City down!"

Zhu Hai laughed coldly, "Based on the intel I got, they have three times our numbers and have four times more Dragon Crystal Cannons. Tian Ling City is strong but it is not strong enough. I think we should send the Guards Army and Fire Dragon Army out of the north city gate to send His Majesty out to Jiu Li City. Jiu Li City is easier to defend!"

Lochlan looked at me, he was unable to retort Zhu Hai's words.

I smiled, "Ocean Duke is right but your majesty is Tian Ling Empire's ruler and Tian Ling City's emperor. You are the king here. Moreover, even if the enemy is strong, there is no need to give up on Tian Ling City. Without Tian Ling City how can we collect taxes to make armor and weapons, where can we get grain to feed the soldiers? If we make one wrong move, every move will be wrong. Doesn't Ocean Duke understand such a simple theory?"

Zhu Hai said, "Marshal Li is treating the situation too simply?"

I said calmly, "I am The Executor so I decide this. There is no need for you to talk so much!"

Zhu Hai was stunned and his face turned green. However, there is nothing he could do to me.

I looked around, "Since this is a war meeting, apart from his majesty, those without power move aside!"

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My situation was clear, I was targeting all the officials and mainly Zhu Hai.


He waved his sleeves and left. Lochlan couldn't help but laugh.


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.