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ZL - Chapter 1073- Rising from ashes

"Prepare to attack!"

In the distance, a level 182 cavalry pulled out his sword and launched another attack on Fan Shu City. The truth was that after Sky Rose died, Iron Skull City's attacks were at least 50% weaker. Most of the troops had retreated. However, after all Sky Rose wasn't a true god and wasn't able to give orders to all players. So, some of the guilds wouldn't be willing to give up and wanted to try to see if they could take down Fan Shu City.

"Are they no willing to give up?"

Meng Yao's face had a bit of the ashes from the Dragon Crystal Cannons. She frowned, "Brother, Fan Shu City doesn't have many troops left, let's use the Cliff Dragon Cavalry?"

"En, that is all we can do..."

I sighed helplessly. I looked at Fan Shu City's troops. After 5 days, there were only 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers left and 15 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry. As for Heavy Flame Archers, we had tens of thousands but now there was only 11 thousand. At least 80% of Fan Shu City's Dragon’s Den troops were killed this time!

Royal Army wasn't any better and over half was lost. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, Xia Ye etc were all injured. Moreover, one could see injured and crying soldiers all around. The NPC camp had lost more than the players.

But there were still millions of enemies outside. I had no choice and could only order the Dragon’s Den troops to face the enemy!

"Furnace God Cavalry, get off the walls!"

I held the bloody Butterfly and jumped off the walls. I summoned God Dragon Horse and said, "Prepare to charge from the south wall. All Furnace God Cavalry head out. We are tired but so are they, let's see who can last to the end! Sky Rose is killed. Let us see who else in Iron Skull City can block us?"

Zhan Long moved out and many of us leapt off the walls. We summoned the Furnace God War Horse. As we lost too many people, we could only gather 2000+ Furnace God Cavalry but it was enough. The players outside weren't much stronger so 2000 Furnace God Cavalry was a decent force.

"Han Yuan, open the city gates!" I raised my head and looked at Han Yuan that was wrapped up like a dumpling.

"Yes, general!" Han Yuan was the gate guarding general and he personally opened the gate.

In the next moment, I led the way. Bai Qi, Meng Yao, Tang Heart etc followed me out. There were a bunch of Berserkers ouside. I waved my blade and everywhere I passed was an ocean of blood. 2000+ Furnace God Cavalry were all the elites. With the strong Flying General+Quickness, the Iron Skull City players were all killed.

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Outside the city was an ocean of players. The 2000+ of us were like an iron warship, turning everyone that stopped us into corpses. Dong Cheng Yue, Lian Po etc damaged and supported us. The Dragon Crystal Cannons assisted us intermitently too. After 5 days, the Fan Shu City cannonball storage was nearly used up. This was our final strike and it was best if we could force them back. If not then we would have to fight with blades. But most parts of the outer wall had collapsed and if they attacked, there would be no place that we could defend.


"Pu pu pu..."

The sounds of arrows piercing into flesh and blood was really ear piercing. A few more Furnace God Cavalry beside me were killed and I panicked a little. Even if I killed many of them, could I turn the tides of this battle? I probably couldn't,

there were too many of them.

Meng Yao held Nuwa Stone and slashed out to kill the enemies. However, there wasn't a smile on her face and instead, she looked really worried, "Brother, this won't do, in just an hour these 2000 will be finished."

I obviously knew that but I could only continue waving Zhen Yue Sword into the crowd. Butterfly was wrapped with the Blade Spin light as it sliced in the crowd, causing my achievement points to rise.

Unknowingly, 20 minutes had passed. Only 1200+ Furnace God Cavalry remained. Right at that moment, killing shouts spread from the Flaming God Mountain Range in the south. Shortly after, a dense crowd charged down, there were around 100 thousand of them. Moreover, there was the red five star flag in front of their IDs, they were one of our own!

My heart shook and I was so touched that I nearly cried. At such a time, there was actually someone who was willing to assist Fan Shu City?

"Brothers, let's go receive them!"

I used Wind Carrying Slash into the crowd and led the 1200+ Furnace God Cavalry towards the south. We were all bathing in blood and was in such a terrible state that we couldn't get any worse. However, there were a still Warriors that held Zhan Long's flags in one hand to raise the morale of everyone. These people were really going all out.

When we saw the reinforcements, I was stunned. The person was actually Furious Milk. She rode a white horse and held a sword. She led Six Palace Pink and their allies down from Fire God Mountain and she broke through the locks of the Iron Skull City players.

"Prepare to turn around and kill our way back!" I ordered. At the same time, I looked at Furious Milk and smiled, "Furious Milk, it is actually you!"

She killed a chasing Iron Skull City cavalry and smiled, "If not who would you think it was? Did you think Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Fang Ge Que etc will waste manpower to assist your Fan Shu City?" Don't forget, they all want to be the MVP so naturally they would use all their resources on themselves. Tian Ling City is best to earn achievement points now!"

I looked at her, "Then why are you here?"

"For my ally!"

"Okay, it was a good decision to make friends with Six Palace Pink. How many did you bring?"

"We gathered 210 thousand but it was really tough and we met many battles. Around 30% of them died. I heard that Fan Shu City is nearly lost?"

"It is still okay, we are just about to lose it..."

"Okay, after we finish this can you treat me to a meal?"



Zhan Long's players were all really excited. Furious Milk's arrival was a miracle. With this new force, Iron Skull City's confidence would waver once more. At least, that meant that China Region was unwilling to give up on Fan Shu City. Fan Shu City was surrounded by five days but it showed how resilient we were. The American and Russian servers were probably shocked by us. Who was willing to fight such a tough cookie and end up losing one's teeth!

Moreover, the 9 dragon cavalry led by Qing Luo were still resting in Fan Shu City's dragon nest. If I ordered them, they would still be willing to fight for Fan Shu City. That would make things much simpler.

The city gates opened and Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "Ah, the reinforcements are here. Come in quick!"

I was speechless, "You are making it so obvious that we have a guest?"

Dong Cheng Yue's face flushed red, "Right, sir is here again today? Pick me pick me, I am cheap. I will go home with you tonight too!"

I didn't know what to say, Dong Cheng was just too invincible. She was just too shameless and knoweldegeable. Moreover, she had good looks and a fiery body. It was such a bad decision to fight with such a girl.


Close to 150 thousand people entered the city. Furious Milk personally split the troops to defend the city but she also pouted as she looked at Fan Shu City, "Xiao Yao, do you know what I think about when I look at the current Fan Shu City?"

I had a bad feeling, "What?"

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"Like a pile of shit that dozens of dogs had fought for..."

Fan Shu City had been hit so badly and was riddled in holes. She was right, I had nothing to reply to that!


I observed the safety of the walls and noticed that 200 meters of the south city wall had collapsed. It was not possible to repair it now as most of the stone had been used up. The smiths had nothing to do so I ordered them to slice off the trees in the gardens to block the holes. With a pile of thorns and random pieces of stone and wood, they wouldn't be able to burn it and it would be tough for them to enter too.

What made one happy is that the 10 thousand Dark Moon Elves from the Royal Army were maintained perfectly. Most of them were on the arrow towers and shooting. They were the biggest portection of the city. Queen Fiona's troops were just too reliable. Their strength and loyalty were all first rate.

A while later, the east gate of Fan Shu City opened. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Song Han etc revived. They had dropped to level 170+ and Death God's Elegy who had died many times was just level 168. He dropped from 183 to 168 and had lost 15 levels. He died 4 times but still chose to revive!

Zhan Long was going all out so how could those outside of the city siege us?

A total of 40 thousand Zhan Long players had revived and we had strong defensive strength. When Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian etc stepped on the walls again, Iron Skull City, Swirling Abyss City etc players retreated like a flood. They had given up!



Song Han sat on the walls and said, "Damn, they finally stopped?"

I looked at his bloodshot eyes, "Little Wolf, how long have you been online?"

"48 hours..."

"Are you trying to die? Go offline and sleep!"

"En, understood brother Xiao Yao!"

The players had retreated so Fan Shu City was safe. We went offline. Exhaustion covered my body. It was time to have a good rest.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.